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Will anyone take Ray Emery?
Fri, June 20, 2008

The Senators are saying goodbye to goaltender Ray Emery.

In the wake of several incidents involving both the team and member of the public over the past couple of seasons, Emery has been served with a buyout notice by the club and has been placed on NHL waivers.
Full story: Sens cut Emery loose

Will anyone take Ray Emery?


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Take a good look at all the injured players that the Sens had this year and you will find the reason for the bad loosing string.When everyone is back to 100% watch out.Murray will go far with a healthy team.
nogame, 2008-02-29 20:02:23

The Senators are a low class operation from the top down - a brief history:

Butt head Spezza hits a Penguin with a butt end and wonders why he gets 5 minutes and a game - pick up a rule book and have a look. He and Brian Murray could read it together.

Dead eye Alfie fires a puck at the opposing captain in the Stanley Cup Finals last year motivating the Ducks to bury the Sens in 5. Real classy!

Havlat's kicking episodes are well known - what a coward.

Melnyk commented earlier in the season that he wished the Leafs were more competitive - Leafs 12 Sens 2 in the last three meetings - is that competitive enough for you numb nuts?

Heatly kills his friend in the ultimate act of stupidity - who drives a car at 160 km. per hour in a residential area?

Emry the whiner.

Hossa swings his stick in a most irresponsible way and Berard just about loses and eye for his efforts.

I could go on.....

And now my point - Paddock was the least of the problems that the Ottawa Senators face - they're all a bunch of head cases!

Roland, 2008-02-29 16:28:14

Vince in Ottawa, when you say "This Ottawa bunch has been behaving very immaturely. They whine about lack of enough ice time, they come late to practices; they miss the plane, etc." who, exactly, are "they?" As far as I can determine, only Emery falls within your rant, and for the record I agree with the views expressed elsewhere that he should have been cut loose a long time ago - or unceremoniously sent to the minors. If he balked and refused to go - they were off the hook for his salary.

Having said that, I do agree that their season is spiraling down the toilet, and it wouldn't surprise me to see them return from the upcoming West Coast swing fighting for 8th.
George O'Leary, 2008-02-29 15:07:01

It wasn't necessary to fire him with the record they have.Every team goes through a slump during the season,even the Red Wings.It just shows how insecure ownership is when the team isn't blowing hte doors off other teams.The focus should be to have the team rested,healthy and ready for the second season.(playoffs).
John B, 2008-02-29 11:57:28

When you get right down to it...honestly, the senators should not have change one damn thing from last year. ya know why? cause they GOT to the stanley cup final. They kicked ass getting there. so what if there were a couple of bumps in the road and they didn't win the cup...they still got there. Now, with Bryan back behind the bench, if this idea doesn't work then the team is going to need a whole new approach. the goaltending right now is average, but the defence is lacking cause as one of my buddies pointed out...where the hell are the brutes? I don't see neil or McGrattan there. And when Gerber is giving the evil eye to the defence...huh, there's a clue for ya. But all around the team needs to buck up and win games now (including scoring more from the heatley.alfredsson-spezza lineup) or the team is finished as far as expecting to be in the cup this year...they are no contenders right now for sure.
Gerry Madden, 2008-02-29 10:28:52

there was obviously no control from tthe coaching level .... players have to respect not be yes this will be a change for the better players know what Murray is about and if they don't embrace it they won't be part of in two weeks
Tim, 2008-02-29 07:13:07

Any way one looks at the Ottawa Senators' situation, they are dead in the water.

Poor goaltending, poor defence, poor attitude, etc. Bryan Murray is no miracle worker. This Ottawa bunch has been behaving very immaturely. They whine about lack of enough ice time, they come late to practices; they miss the plane, etc.

What the heck do the Ottawa players think that this is, House League Atom hockey?

Their season is now officially toast!

The Ottawa fans should ask for a refund of their tickets or a discount for next Season.

Vince in Ottawa, 2008-02-28 17:44:58

It's always good to see Ottawa in turmoil. Panicking b/c of losing a few games, sad.

With Emery playing like shit, but clearly the favorite to play all the time, and Gerber warming the bench the hopes of a Cup are disappearing fast.

The competition for the Pens is quickly becoming a joke.

Unless they can magically turn it around.
someone, 2008-02-28 17:06:05

Yes, because it works occasionally, just like pulling the goalie during the last minute of a one goal game. You've got to do everything that you can to win.

I think that the shock value alone ought to be enough to motivate a few players (read: Emery). The reminder that nobody's untouchable should help to light a couple of fires under some players.

Lastly, it might be a confidence booster to hear the same voice behind the bench that was calling the shots during last season's playoff run. The psyche of the professional athlete is a delicate thing and anything that instills confidence is a good thing whether it be a playoff beard, a lucky charm or a pre-game ritual.

Let's hope that Bryan is this team's Good Luck Charm once again.
Ojay, 2008-02-28 16:08:25

Humiliated last year in the playoff,s and all they can do is fire the coach? Saying Alfie and Spezza and Heatly are worn out from playing to much; I dont think so, 2 meadiocre goalies is just one of the problems with this team, another is a bunch of prima donnas on skates.Play with some passion and desire.
ozzy in ottawa, 2008-02-28 11:08:52

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