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What's your reaction to NHL trade deadline day?
Mon, February 25, 2008

Aside from a December deal that saw Anaheim move Andy McDonald to St. Louis for Doug Weight in a salary-cap related move, the four-player transaction between the Ottawa Senators and Carolina Hurricanes mercifully gave hockey fans a trade that actually had some serious news value.

The question is, will Monday's deal kickstart more moves between now and the Feb. 26 trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

Will the NHL trade deadline be very busy?


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Fletch did all he could with the hand he was dealt by the fraudster/imposter JFJ who apparently pitched up on TSN as an analyst. JFJ should be behind bars not on TV! Did he really say that if he hadn't given players no-trade clauses other teams would? Lets phone Ken Holland and check that one out. Players that JFJ gave no-trade clauses too such as Tucker and McCabe and Sundin are the same core guys who lead the team out of the playoffs. JFJ is truly a loser who can't tell a hockey player from a bagel.Is JFJ really scouting for Team Canada? If he has anything to do with decision making he will poison that pot also.

Fletch is on the right track. Play the youngsters, AHLers, Rayburn for the rest of the season. Put Kubina, Tucker and the other multimillionaires on the shelf. They'll get the message and follow JFJ into oblivion over the summer. The draft, a new scouting staff and 4 years will be the answer. Incidentally read an article where the Leafs' scouting staff holed up together in a TO hotel room last the weekend so they could be together to work on trades. Well this same scouting staff put together such a great team that there was no interest in anybody but three big, gritty unskilled players. There were no skilled players of interest to any other team. One TO scout's name was mentioned in the article I read and when I googled it and added hockey, there were no hits. But when I added JFJ's brother inlaw. Bingo. Fletch did a good job of isolating them and bagging a few draft choices on his own. Fletch has to get some scouts who know talent asap. I saw the draft when Calgary got Phaneuf. One look at that tough looking guy and you knew he was a hockey player. Saw Carlo get drafted and it looked to me like he was too delicate and too fond of mom's cooking to be a hockey player.

Why didn't Sundin go to another team now and then resign with the Leafs over the summer? It is a tragedy that Leafs got absolutley nothing for him in the rebuilding process. We can thank the smug, arrogant JFJ for his wonderful work on that no trade contract FOR WHICH HE IS STILL PATTING HIMSELF ON THE BACK!

If someone has JFJ's e-mail send it to me please.


ron, 2008-02-27 15:25:32

I always liked Gainey's conservative, build for the longterm approach to trading, but this time I think he should have upped the ante to get Hossa. Montreal is a good team, but only so through hard defensive play and good goaltending. If one of them fails, Montreal will lose. And in the playoffs, where other teams start to play D, Montreal's current advantage disappears.

I think a shot in the arm of offense would have made Montreal much more formidable, and I don't see how one extra body or draft pick might have hurt. Despite his play this year, Ryder is a much more established player than the guys that Pittsburgh sent to Atlanta so they couldn't have been that far off. Heck, Ryder might be next year's Ribeiro. I'd like a bit more excitement and Hossa would have delivered. As it is, if an opponent checks Kovalev hard and gets under the skin of the two young goalies (hard to do with Price), Montreal won't last too long this postseason.
Rick W., 2008-02-27 14:26:21


By keeping Roleson on the bench not playing, is the disrespectful part in my mind. If it was up to me I would send him where he would get some play time even if the team got the poorer end of the deal. After all he did that for hen pecked Pronger. Maybe he would be able to sweeten the Roloson deal and send Suray with him for free. He was injured most of the year I know but when he did play I really wasn't impressed. Too slow on his skates and not physical enough.
Dwain, 2008-02-27 14:23:14

Pete, I don't think he will this time, at least, all of us Edmonton fans HOPE that he has learned his lesson. If he were to move Stoll or Staios this summer I wouldn't be too sad and possibly Roli, although he would get almost nothing in return for Roli due to his contract size. Edmonton fans know hockey and are willing to be patient for a team to mature.(unlike fans in other cities, not naming names). Im still of the opinion that Penner will be worth it in the end, he just needs a little more seasoning.
Norbit, 2008-02-27 14:03:25

Sometimes it's the trades that don't happen that turn out best.

The reality is that no one will really know why.

Rumor and speculation go with any sport when trade dealine day comes along.

For all you Leaf fans, the guys that decided to stay should now put-up and put out and bring the buds to the playoffs - or die trying.

For you Ottawa fans, what exactly is going down there?

Jekyll and Hyde but right now it's more like HIDE!!!

As for Hossa - been there done that!

For the HABS fans;be happy Gainey did not empty the tank to get someone who's been merely ordinary in the playoffs. They can still sign a top 6 forward over the summer.

Cristobal Huet was decent enough, but not a true #1. Price's pedigree is worth the chance.

And as for the Pittsburgh comment - The playoffs are a matter of survival. Goals

and goals against and wins are determined usually by who's hot, who's not and who's injured.
Andy V., 2008-02-27 12:53:00

Norbit, lets just hope Sather, oops I mean Lowe does not make any more of the moves he made last summer. I agree that the team is frought with young talent, however given the draft this year we didn't need to give away a first rounder for Penner. That being said it didn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that they would not finish to high this year. It was a bad move and hopefully he learned his lesson. Sorry about the Sather dig, I couldn't help myself.
Pete, 2008-02-27 09:42:56

To Fletch's credit, trading Kilger, Gill, and Belak will test the No-Trade 5's commitment.
JS Ford, 2008-02-27 07:30:44

I think Fletcher did what he could with the roster that was given to him. The NTC "5" blocked any and all trades I am sure Fletcher had on the table. So you can't blame Fletcher for that. I think things will be blown up in the summer and if fletcher's comments at the news conference are any indication than this team will be blown after after the season is up. He sees the culture in the locker room and the influence these 5 players have, and I believe most if not all of the 5 will be gone.

So Leaf fans patience is the key. No stanley cup any time soon, but I think with strong leadership in the front office this team will find it's direction once again.
Mark, 2008-02-26 23:10:35

Actually, Fletcher made the most of the situation he had to deal with.

Getting the draft picks for what they gave up was smart.

You can't blame him for all the no-trade contracts and the players not wanting to leave.

Fletcher is going to make some big moves in the off-season when he can trade Kubina, buy out Tucker and Blake, etc.

Good things are coming because Toronto has changed their approach to the future.
gordholio, 2008-02-26 21:35:00

If Sundin wants to stay in toronto,why didn't they arrange to trade him and then sign him back next year when he becomes an unrestricted free agent?
Charles, 2008-02-26 19:16:05

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