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Are the Sens better with Stillman and Commodore?
Mon, February 11, 2008

The Ottawa Senators have shaken things up.

Ottawa acquired forward Cory Stillman and defenceman Mike Commodore from the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday for forward Patrick Eaves and defenceman Joe Corvo.

The Senators lead the Eastern Conference and have made very few changes from the team that lost to Anaheim in last year's Stanley Cup.

Does this deal address problems in the Senators lineup? Are the Sens a better team following the four-player trade? Have your say in our forum.

Sens pull off a big deal


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Hey Blue.....no disrespect but I think that there is a fair amount of poop left in your diaper? What a load of drivel.

People that know a bit about hockey, will always tell you that the most important position is goaltender.

In bygone playoff years, the Leafs were a much inferior team to the Senators....except in nets. Belfour stoned the Sens while Lalime laid an egg.

Unfortunately, the Sens never had a topnotch goalie. Lalime, Rhodes, Tugnutt (wankers all), now Emery (?) Gerber(?).....

As for the Leafs......see the boot....look way up.....what do you see? 29 other teams. Sure was a riot last night to listen to that wiener Greg Millen and the infantile, giggling fool,.. Joe Bowen......I guess that they have to appeal to the lowest common denominator......but is their audience also those with the lowest I.Q. in the country. Appears so.
Goober, 2008-02-15 15:46:53

Blue in the Valley, what the hell are you talking about. I'm not a Sens fan yet I take offence to the crap you spew. My six year old has a better command of the english language than you. The Sens have a great team, they have some holes yes. If Alfredson was a true leader, when he was hurt he would have someone take up the slack for him! what the hell does that mean. The true leader would have stepped up, Alfredson cannot make anyone else a leader, clown. By the way what have your Blue Shirts won lately. Funny, you win won cup in what, 60 years and you have the balls to comment on Ottawa's success. Your Blue Shirts probably won't even make it to the playoffs, yet year after year they have one of if not the largest payroll. Talk about leadership, your past hero, captain, leader, was probably the most overrated player of all time. Nothing more than the american media needing a poster boy, Brian Leetch, please. You are a clown. You should shut up.
Pete, 2008-02-15 14:17:58

Sens fans are "traitors"? Traitors to what? And brainwashed by a radio station as well? Look pal, we're talking about sports here, not politics and psychology. Take a pill and relax.

before you faint from the burden of the pride you feel for the "blueshirts" let me remind you that they have won the Stanley Cup ONCE in the past 68 years, and if mark messier hadn't decided that he wanted out of Edmonton you wouldn't even have the distant memory of 1994 to recall.

So Shut your yap! lmao
Steven, 2008-02-15 14:12:28

Blue in the valley, I see you've set aside this special time and place to once again to humiliate yourself in public with an inarticulate, meandering, rant.

So basically, what you're saying is "Ottawa - as a location - can never win the cup." Doesn't matter what changes they may make, it's the location.

See, it's this way - in order to win the cup you have to get through 4 playoff rounds. Ottawa did that by winning the first three rounds in almost minimal games - 15 instead of 12. Then they lost to a better team in Anaheim. That's the way it goes. But the point is, they GOT there. And Alfreddson - that "clown" as you so eloquently put it - won the playoff scoring. Not bad for a loser.

It really begins to take on a pitiful (that's the correct spelling by the way) look when all you can do is dredge up the same sorry old cliches like "Alfie The Clown" - based, I suppose, on a hairdo he had a few years ago - yuk yuk - and the fact Toronto beat the Sens in 4 straight playoff series. But that's history.

So are the Canadiens' glory days - which I miss - but reaching into the past to paint a picture of a team today is just a complete waste of time.

And speaking of "shutting yaps" - practice what you preach then until the "Blueshirts" actually win the "ultimate." I'm already visualizing the Red Green duct tape over your mouth.
George O'Leary, 2008-02-15 12:25:47

Steven and Goober...and all you other Sens fans

It's too bad that you listen to the idiot Ottawa pundits (Moron Sports on the Team 1200) that have deluded all the traitors that became Sens fans into believing that the Senators could ever win a cup!

You fall right into line and blame Emery for the disgrace that was the Finals last year just like they want you to. No wonder he has no desire to play for the team.

Before that you got to blame Hasek for getting injured.

Before him it was Lalime...notice a trend here???? Why always blame the goalie????

Lack of leadership is the problem with your team. Alfie the clown can never lead the team past a team with good leadership like Anaheim. He can't perform when it counts and is not preparing any potential leaders on this pityful team. Look at what has happened since he got injured...pretty crappy win/loss ratio. If he was a true leader, he would have someone take up the slack for him while he was out...like say Spezza???

Whoo hoo...you are leading the conference...

By the way...I cheer for the Blueshirts...not the Leafs

Shut your yaps until your team actually accomplishes the ultimate.

Blue in the Valley, 2008-02-15 09:12:48

yes steven sens all players locked up long term now with big contrracts, thats why leafs stinks cause they hav no cap room. sens will make the final and may even win but at what cost --- alfredson, stilman reden and gerber r all OLD and will fade. u guys want to get rid of emery, ur best young player, ur farm team has no big prospecs and now padock migt trade 4 a rental player (for draft piks, prospect?). unlesss you r detroit all teams go thru a good-bad cycle, u watch in 3 years and see who is rite. leafs, ligtning,oilers didnt see it coming and now look at them - contender to bust in 3yeears . thats all ill say
mcabe and raycrofts biggest fan, 2008-02-15 09:01:09

Mcabe and raycrofts biggest fan:

If you really think Ottawa will be in last in the conference within 3 years you are mentally ill. Ottawa has all it's top players locked up long term. We won't be "Toronto bad" for the forseeable future.
Steven, 2008-02-14 20:04:05

norbit - my 1st post was about corvo and comodore not mcabe

RJ i have posted on this site b4 - fans, blame Mccabe and raycroft 4 leafs losing to much. these 2 guys were hung out to dry by a bad team. even alfredson or gerber can look bad playing for curent leaf team. i support them cause they r better then this. put mcabe on ottawas PP, with philips or redden and see how much beter he plays. raycorft won 37 games last yer, that cant be a fluke

steven - teams have god & bad years so u remember "best team in the confernce have right to diss worst team" in 3 yars wen u guys hit last plase
Mcabe and raycrofts biggest fan, 2008-02-14 09:25:28

Man, these Leafs fans can all go straight to hell! Make the playoffs and THEN we'll talk. The Sens are a Stanley Cup FAVORITE.... the Leafs are a JOKE. There's a pretty big difference. Fans of the best team in the conference have every right to diss the worst team in the conference, but when it goes the other way you sound like whiny punks. Either get over it Laffs Nation, or shut the hell up.
Steven, 2008-02-13 18:56:27

Indeed a waste of time to discuss hockey with a member of leaf nation.

They walk around wearing their blue & white sweaters with names of wankers like Tucker and Mccabe.

And they wonder why they suck so much.
Gustav, 2008-02-13 18:46:33

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