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Should the Sens be worried?
Thu, November 29, 2007

How low are things for the reeling Ottawa Senators? They are mired in their longest losing streak since dropping five in a row (0-4-1) in late October and early November last season.

So, what's wrong with the Senators? Is it their forward lines? Goaltending? Defence? Bad luck?

Tell us what you think in our forum.

Sens on skid row


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Here we go again with the monotonous "Sens suck - GO LEAFS GO" mantra which only serves to underscore the fact that, if nothing else, yabos like that are incapable of carrying on an intelligent argument. They also resort to using phony names, which also underlines their "shout-in-the-dark" mentality. Johnny Appleseed indeed. Why not Johnny One-Note? All you people do is clutter up the discussion threads.
George O'Leary, 2007-12-06 11:38:40

Leadership and goaltending is the problem.Murray needs to make a trade to take the Sens over the top.They can't win the cup with their present roster.

So send Alfie and Gerber or

Emery to Vancouver for Roberto Luongo.Alfie's only 2 years younger than Mats Sundin so he's ready to go.Don't hold on to him like the leafs did with Sundin.Sundin should of went 2 years ago.

Then make Fisher the captain, he's the heart and soul of the club.Maybe he can get Redden and Heatly to get along again.Also Neil's gotta stop playing like a european, he's not very good at it.No wonder Paddock is saying they're hitting rock bottom.

A big trade is needed or Murray is going to look like an idiot when the leafs beat them out in the playoffs and be out managed by JFJ.
Scotty B, 2007-12-05 21:05:07

Actually, it's 7 losses in a row. Ottawa will win tonight in Florida for sure.
Gordon S., 2007-12-05 16:26:23


Can you explain this to me: "It's 8 in a row now; fans are now jumping off the bandwagon. Typical Ottawa sports fan ;when things are not going your way, run for the hills."

What bandwagon are you talking about? What hills are people running to? Are people selling off their season's tickets? Did somebody burn their jersey in front of you?

I never understood this kind of comment. Are fans supposed to not notice that things are not going well? Are you only a true fan if you keep your mouth shut? I thought that Toronto fans (Leaf Nation - no less) were the best, most loyal fans in the world but their bitching has never been louder than now. Fire JFJ! Trade McCabe! Sundin's too old!

Every Senators fan that I talk to about the slump just shrugs their shoulders and says "they'll get through it". There's no panic. It's actually a little funny, when you think about it.
Morons No More, 2007-12-05 13:29:56

It's 8 in a row now; fans are now jumping off the bandwagon. Typical Ottawa sports fan ;when things are not going your way, run for the hills. It's called loyalty.... people. Get the Toronto complex out of your head and apperciate the city for what it is. A crack infested slum
ozzy, 2007-12-05 11:21:52

Sens suck! There is only one team in this country that wears the Maple Leaf on their sweaters, they are Canada's team, everyone knows it, get over it.


I wish the playoffs started today so the sorry Sens could implode again to the Leafs.

Johnny Appleseed, 2007-12-05 10:41:59

Um, yeah...you think? winning like 10 games in a row and then losing 7 straight...definitely something is wrong. Last night they played better but wasn't enough to overcome Tampa. The hockey was more exciting to watch when they "upped there game" but still they need to do more. Gerber was off to a great start and now it seems neither him or Emery are surpassing themselves or maintaining that level of what they used to produce. I'm not blaming the goalies but I just don't get it why you win all the time and then consistently lose all the time...
GERRY MADDEN, 2007-12-05 10:26:40

I am not worried. The date is Dec 4 2007, not May or June 2008.
terry, 2007-12-04 23:45:13

Reality in Quebec,

I am not demanding that anybody cheer for the Senators, no matter where they live or work. It was you, sir, who began the belittling by calling Senators fans "traitors". You are talking about people born and raised here who cheer for their hometown hockey team, yet you call them traitors. How crazy is that?

I am absolutely OK with people maintaining allegiance to their hometown teams, no matter where they live. The fact that you still cheer for the Habs (I assume) is admirable and understandable, given that you are from another area. I would not turn my back on the Senators if I moved to Montreal or Toronto. As I have said before, it's native Ottawans who cheer for the Leafs or Bruins or Habs while calling Senators fans deficient in some way that really get to me. They can give any reason for their allegiance - they like the uniforms, they went to school with such and such a player, whatever. Just don't give me that "loyalty" crap. To go against your hometown takes EFFORT and that, my friend, is damnable.

Let's be honest - Senators fans don't whine any more than any other team's fans. We suffered through years of atrocious hockey to get where we are today, and kept pretty quiet about it. The fans here bitch about lack of effort or intensity because they know what the team is capable of. I for one, know what's good and bad about the team. Alfie, for one, has done some dumb things over the years but his upside is much, much bigger than his downside. If he had played his entire career in Toronto, they would absolutely love him there. I think that Darcy Tucker is a weasel but hell, I'd take him on my team if it wasn't for all of the bad blood.

Lastly, my wife has nothing to worry about. I still get offers from women who know that I am married yet I have managed to keep it in my pants for over twelve years. It's all about discipline.

Yes, you pushed my buttons. Good for you! At the end of the day, we are just a couple of guys who are passionate about their teams and who have a difference of opinion. Nothin' wrong with that!

"Morons", 2007-12-04 13:36:09

No Morons Allowed: Typical of Sens fans...demanding that everyone should cheer for the Sens and belittling anyone who doesn't. As for my allegiances, I did not grow up in the NCR, but was relocated here by the company I work for. Ottawa/Aylmer is NOT my hometown, so playing the "hometown" card just doesn't work. Yeah it's nice that the players visit kids in the hospital and contibute to local charities, but so what? Whichever team I cheer for is not nor has it ever been based on where they "pay" taxes.

Ah forget it...there's just no sense in Sens' fans...whiners one and all...Yes I do think your wife should be worried...in case a new woman moves onto your block. By the way, I pushed YOUR buttons pretty well didn't I????
Reality check in Quebec, 2007-12-04 08:32:20

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