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Is Alfredsson Hart material?
Tue, November 20, 2007

Hart Trophy: There are plenty of worthy candidates as is always the case.

Our winner: Daniel Alfredsson. Determined to help his team avoid the Stanley Cup hangover, the Sens captain is playing like it's Game 7 of the championship series every night.

Do you agree with this pick at this point in the season? Have your say in our forum.

Alfredsson has Hart


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Wow, what a surprise, Leafs fans dumping on Alfredsson. Why would anyone in their right mind even bring up Salming when referring to this article? What on earth does this have to do with him?? As for Alfredsson, yes he is a legitimate Hart contender. Have leaf fans stooped to the lowest level possible...bashing Alfredsson every time his name is mentioned. It's without a doubt JEALOUSY. When was the last time their beloved captain done anything for their team. Heck, he couldn't even score one measly goal in the last 20 games of last year to push his Leafs into the playoffs. Yet Leaf fans still bash Alfredsson? What the heck has he ever done to leaf nation? That's why I have no regards for what most leaf fans ever have to say just look at some of these posts.
TheVerve, 2008-01-28 20:40:01

He is definitely a candidate, along with 2-3 others in the league like Zetter and Vinney.

I don't know of anyone that controls the game better right now than Alfredson. He logs more minutes on the PK than most all-star forwards and still a points leader.

It's nice to see from this board that the die-hard Leafers still love him....
Trev, 2007-12-10 13:03:00

There is only one God and Borje Salming was not Him.

Borje Salming was one of the great Maple Leafs of all time.

It was not only his play, but his humility that endeared him to Toronto fans.

Sure, Alfredsson is a good player, but his attitude doesn't compare to Salming's humility IMO.
Gordon S., 2007-12-05 16:28:50

You mean the Hart Trophy for "most valuable to his team"If Alfie is more valuable to Ottawa than Luongo is to Vancouver or Ovechkin is to Washington than they should change the definition of the trophy.Is Alfie the MVP of the entire NHL? Positivly not. Zetterberg,Crosby,Luongo,Heatly are all better players than Alfredsson.He is a good player but not the best in the league.
Robin, 2007-11-30 16:42:27

I have to agree with Vince on his comment.To back it up further..just look at the poll, Sportsnet (the OTHER toronto sport network)conducted,as to who might be the first 50 goal scorer.Heatly's name is not even on there,even though he's on pace with last years'performance.

Lol..Good one George!
Mitch, 2007-11-27 10:44:57

Based on his performance so far this season, Daniel Alfredsson is definitely a Hart Trophy candidate. He is, and has been the Face of the Ottawa Senators’ Franchise for many years as well. The season thus far is short, but the journey is long. If he was a Toronto Maple Leaf player, he would be a god to Toronto fans just like Borje Salming was. The Ottawa media market is small and this works against any Ottawa player notwithstanding Daniel Alfredsson. All one has to do is take a look at the TSN (Toronto Sports Network) intros every night on their daily 6:30 pm sportscasts. It's always The Leafs this, and the Leafs that, first, last, and in-between. Oh yes they do mention Ottawa players eventually. But mostly, they are mentioned only as a side story or an after-thought.

The sledding will be tough for a fair assessment on Daniel Alfredsson getting a fair shake on the voting for a Hart Trophy. Whether he eventually wins it or not, remains to be seen but, he definitely is a candidate.

Vince, 2007-11-24 02:33:02

Ottawa Senators playoff history

Playoff Appearances: 10

Overall Playoff Record: 49-50

Stanley Cup Championships: none

2007 -- defeated Pittsburgh, 4-1, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

defeated New Jersey, 4-1, Eastern Conf. semifinals

defeated Buffalo, 4-1, Eastern Conf. finals

lost to Anaheim, 4-1, Stanley Cup Finals

2006 -- defeated Tampa Bay, 4-1, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

lost to Buffalo, 4-1, Eastern Conf. semifinals

2004 -- lost to Toronto, 4-3, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

2003 -- defeated NY Islanders, 4-1, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

defeated Philadelphia, 4-2, Eastern Conf. semifinals

lost to New Jersey, 4-3, Eastern Conf. finals

2002 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-1, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

lost to Toronto, 4-3, Eastern Conf. semifinals

2001 -- lost to Toronto, 4-0, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

2000 -- lost to Toronto, 4-2, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1999 -- lost to Buffalo, 4-0, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

1998 -- defeated New Jersey, 4-2, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

lost to Washington, 4-1, Eastern Conf. semifinals

1997 -- lost to Buffalo, 4-3, Eastern Conf. quarterfinals

I know that the heart is regular season. This is just a bit of information to share on the time that matters....the playoffs. Over his career he has averaged less than a point per game and has less in the post season. I am just waiting for him to fold like usual. My vote is for Vincent Lecavalier so far. He can score, hit, fight and stand in the tough areas unlike Alfy. He is the complete package with a Lord Stanley. Alfredsson has a long way to go for another shortfall in the spring!

from Alfredsson's stick check on Jason Pominville, 2007-11-23 16:39:20

Alfie's a real class act - slapshot at the opposing team's captain after the whistle in last year's finals. He provided the Ducks with all the incentive they needed to bury the Sens. No question about his talent, but he's not a leader.

Jake, 2007-11-23 08:24:05

Yeah, I guess he would be. He was about the only Hens who showed up in the play-off last season. He made a cowardly play against Niedermayer but at least he competed not like the rest of the team. Someone said he's better than Sundin. I don't think so. did he captained he's team to any championships? No.
Peter, 2007-11-23 08:13:27

Alfredsson is the leader of the Sens, when he's not playing well neither is the team. And it's not his fault we lost in the finals last year as him and Fisher were probably the only ones who competed with the Ducks.

This season it looks like he's hungry to get back to the cup final. When he's got the puck you can't knock him off it and his passes are what Spezza's should look like. If the Sens finish first in the East he has to be considered for the Hart.

And Blue obviously was golfing last spring b/c he missed the Buffalo/Ottawa series where Alfie dominated and the Sens fans finally gave him the respect he deserves.

Alfie! Alfie! Alfie!
KofClubs, 2007-11-21 10:01:14

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