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Should the Leafs get rid of Ferguson?
Sun, November 18, 2007

NHL executives have been playing their own game of gossip -- some of it more than gossip -- wondering amongst themselves who will be the next general manager and next coach of the Leafs.

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Ferguson's days in Toronto are numbered


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Actually before they fire him they should get the team in the hands of owners who will best represent the fans and players. Perhaps a team that can be respected in the league as opposed to a team that everyone loves to ride. I and many people I know are so sick to hear the media and gossip about the Leafs and their chance to make the payoffs every year for an eternity. What an embarassment and shame to Toronto and to Canada!
Dave, 2007-11-18 12:05:39

YES,YES,YES, give him the boot, fire his ass,& the rest of him NOW!!!!

this is a man for no season!!!
nels skaalid, 2007-11-18 11:40:09

Nope, he should stay. When I look at the standings as of this morning things aren't so bad.Tlusty is headed for superstardom and he was a JFJ pick. Toskola is getting better and better and he was a JFJ deal. Deals and trades are always a crapshoot. You can't trust the guy you're dealing with, they are always out to screw you and you can't trust anything Simmons says either!!!! Go Leafs!!!!!!!!
Doug, 2007-11-18 11:33:48

They should drop him in a heartbeat. We all know why. It should be him because the new GM will want to hire a good coach and not continue to have a pee wee coach behind the bench. The sooner the better. They fired quinn for a lot less and he was way more qualified then Ferguson. This team will not make the playoffs and will go down as the worst in Leaf History. Oh and get rid of the Captain because he sucks.
Brian Christoph, 2007-11-18 11:27:43

Do I really have to answer that question?
Nate, 2007-11-18 11:27:00

I definetly think the leafs should get rid of JFJ

heres my compiled list of blunders.Tuuka Rask trade,over assesing Justin Pogge, ater watching Pogge i think he is going to be a career minor leaquer at best.Trading first round pick for Toskala and being forced to take a dud like Mark Bell, Chicago gave up on Bell that should tell you a little bit of what you were getting into.Having a clean slate after the lock out, a year and half lay off and still could not identify what kind of hockey team he wants to build, i think we should sign Lindros, Alison, Kavanaugh, 800 year old Belfour. Here is my favorite part, when he first got the job and said the way to build a team is to build within, so he goes out and fires everyone that was associated with Mr Quinn

all the scouts and even trainers, he thought that the reason for so many man games lost were because the training staff was no good, but Chris Broadhurst is good enough for Wayne Gretzky in Phoenix. His drafting record is pitifull

how can you build witihn when your trading picks every year to save your bacon. Year 2 post lock out was no different after he saw the direction hockey was going the previous year in terms of youth, speed and being responsible with the cap he does the unthinkable. Pavel Kubina big dollars, Bryan McCabe huge dollars, Raycroft big dollars before touching a puck, Hal Gill, still paying for Belfour and Owen nolan. that is just myshort list rant and there is plenty more to come if management does not remove JfJackass as Gm of our Maple Leafs
frank, 2007-11-18 11:02:07

I feel sorry for JFJ as he should not have been put in this atmosphere of running the "Maple Leafs" which is the hockey mecca of the NHL if not the world.

He should have been groomed by the likes of a Scotty Bowman, Pat Quinn, etc...one who has more hockey knowledge as a GM.

I absolutely think his days are numbered as the Leafs GM but it is not all his fault.

The LEAFS need to hire a GM with some vast experience and allow him to have full control over all hockey operations as does the Raptors GM.

I am sorry to see you go JFJ but you are a smart man and maybe the Leafs brass can find you a job within the organization.

P.S. GO Leafs GO !
Rocky, 2007-11-18 10:27:19

Just changing the GM is useless. They need to clean house from top to bottom. They wont get a Scotty Bowman or John Muckler with the way things are now. Too many cooks in the kitchen, thats the problem in Leaf land. Until they truly committ to wanting to have a stanley cup contender by building with draft picks they will be a team that fights for the last playoff spot year in and year out.

I am another Leaf fan that has just about ready to give up on this sad organization once and for all.

Lets say for arguement sake they squeak into the 8th playoff spot, does anyone really believe they can win a series ? I dont. So tear this team apart now and start getting better draft picks. The longer they put off the rebuilding process the longer us die hard fans have to wait for a team we can truly believe in and cheer for proudly when they play into May/June.
Ken, 2007-11-18 10:09:49

Mr. Simmons and all of the prominent NHL GM's need to keep their collective mouths shut until the end of the current season. Let the men do their jobs! More often than not change at this point in the season can have a detrimental effect on a team! This team has far too much controversy surrounding it! True, some of it is earned. However, most of it is the need of certain sports writers to sell their respective products. Too them controversary is outstanding, it sells! Back-off and allow these two men to do their jobs! If at the end of the season the Leafs do not make the play-offs, again, it will be time for a wholesale change.

Finally, Simmons should have the strength of character to say the names of those prominent GM's in his article. Do not base a story on the strength of prominent "anyone" unless you can identify those "prominent" individuals. Not doing so significantly weakens your argument. And, has angered this Leaf fan! Of course, most "prominent" NHL GM's would want the Leafs in disarray since they are trying to win games against those same Leafs. It is important for them to get into the heads of the Leafs players and fans in anyway possible. It is called the game of 'sport'.
Randall Keast, 2007-11-18 09:15:00

The state of the Leafs starts at the top and goes down from there. Tannenbaum and the guys running the whole show need to be replaced, as was doen witht he Raptors and take a look at them now, as well as JFJ and Paul Maurice. JFJ does not have the experience to put together a winning team which he has proven, Maurice does not have the motivational ability to get the best out of his players as Pat Quinn or Pat Burns had. The Leafs need to do something dramatic that no one has done that I'm aware of, fire everyone fromt eh coach to the Gm to the guys calling the shots. We desperatley need someone like Brian Burke to turn this team around, he took an average team like Anaheim and won a stanley cup within two or three years! He was hired the same year as JFJ! Think about that!
MIke, 2007-11-18 09:02:17

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