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Can the Oilers make the post-season?
Mon, March 31, 2008

Can exuberance make up for inexperience? Can momentum make it possible to scoff at long odds?

The Edmonton Oilers insist the answer is yes. And now that they've climbed to within three points of a Western Conference playoff berth with 12 wins in their last 15 games, who's to say they're wrong?

Can the Oilers make the post-season? Have your say in our forum.

Oilers trying to sneak into playoffs


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Well then Pete, at least you should try to get it right. Regardless, Oilers stock was never at .900 as you infer over the 16 game span. At its peak, they were at .818, now sit at .750, which of course may drop to .666 by the weekend. That would be 'a devil' of a drop, would it not?
mel, 2008-03-28 15:16:59

...and a diatribe like that, Norbit, won't even get you a cup of coffee. A pity really...
mel, 2008-03-28 11:39:01

Norbit take solice in the fact that George "know it all" O'Leary is very rarely correct. George, the Oilers are playing at near a .900 clip for the past 15 games.
Pete, 2008-03-28 11:30:23

A few things.

George, all I'm saying is that until math officially eliminates them I will still think they have a shot. A long one no doubt, but '06 was also long, hell, they needed Vancouvers help and it didn't happen until game 82. They do indeed have a great future ahead and have already done a good job in screwing Burke over for his draft pick.

Dwain, I don't know if you noticed this but Pronger is now officially the most suspended player currently playing in the NHL and his team was circling the drain until Neidermeyer and Selanne came back. Edmonton got Smid out of that deal, a great young d-man who last time I checked has never been suspended...and please don't mention Lupul.

powellm1k, last time I looked Penner was one of the Oilers best players and Burkes pick was becoming lower every game. He traded possible future for certain future and yeah, it was also a roll of the dice but seriously, do you think all NHL GM's know EXACTLY how every deal will turn out? Sometimes you have to take chances.

Al, you know that Garon's been injured the last 6 games right? You know that more than a few goals in that stretch bounced off of defencemen right? In the last Minny game, they hit four or five posts that night. I watched it and asides from a couple costly mistakes they were handling the Wild fairly easily. Just wasn't in the cards that night, and do you seriously think MacT sent Stortini after Boogard? or that Stortini planned it that way? Give your head a shake because it was clearly Boogard who wanted that and Stortini won't back down even if he is overmatched. As for them not playing too well against tight checking teams, didn't they chase both of the Wild's goalies the other night? Oh yes the power play, yeah, how awful. They haven't scored in 6 games on the PP so let's sound the alarms. It only improved from 30th to 19th in 2 months, so of course 3 dry games spells panic. Sometimes my fellow Oiler fans infuriate me. This team loses over 300 man games to injury, a new club record in fact, including Horcoff, Souray and Moreau; then they proceed to go from 13th to 9th(yes, 10th right now) in a little over a month but still people feel a need to cry about coaching, GM, defense blahblahblah. I hope all you fair-weather fans break your ankles hopping off of the bandwagon. I bleed copper and blue. Always have and always will and I live to see them prove everybody wrong.


Norbit, 2008-03-28 03:52:37

Had some fun and excitement while it lasted. I am big fan, but they are not going to make it. Too late.You can "run and gun", but you need more defense and protect leads.Its different game today from the 80's run and gun. If you want to look at stats, look at the goals against. Thats the story. All contenders pretty much have a low goals against at the least. This team is not well coached. It was not ready for the Wilds the other night. Why did they not carry the momentum from Mondays game? Instead a bonehead idea to start the game with a fight that Stortini had no chance of getting the upper hand,gets chopped down to the ice, and there you start off with big negative. DUMB. Kevin get some help on defense. This team spends to much time in their own end, giving the other team too many chances to score. IF you think you have the horses on defense, then maybe look behind the bench.6 power plays and not a single goal.

Run N Gun guys cant play to well against tight checking and tough teams.
Al, 2008-03-27 23:22:01

Peter, I really think that you should see a doctor about that problem of yours. It is appearing to be quite serious.
Vince in Ottawa, 2008-03-27 22:11:18

I can understand your passion for the Oilers, Norbit, but really, '06 had little to do with math. They finished 8th - 3 ahead of Vancouver (who imploded as usual) and 6 ahead of LA. From there it was just a case of playing better than the opposition throughout the Western Conference playoffs.

The math this year has to do with closing the gap on 8th from their current 10th spot, and passing two teams to get there. After last night, the odds are even greater.

But I agree. They certainly have a better future than, say, the Leafs. And the higher they go, the lower pick that idiot Burke will have.
George O'Leary, 2008-03-27 13:53:26

That's it, Norbit!! Talk from the heart even when the odds are against it. But, be careful 'cause emotion rarely supercedes reason. From me to you in "oil country", that's basic Math 101.
Mel, 2008-03-27 12:18:14

vince is an idiot from ottawa, who's team suck big time and he can't really cope with that, so he goes around and try to be funny on every other teams.
Peter, 2008-03-27 07:42:47

Funny how teams play when they really don't have anything to lose as with Edmonton and Toronto, but when the chips are down they come up short, all that excitement turns into next year's excitement, Kevin Lowe must be thanking the hockey God's, it almost seems like he knows what he's doing.....
ed, 2008-03-27 07:09:58

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