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Can the Oilers make the post-season?
Mon, March 31, 2008

Can exuberance make up for inexperience? Can momentum make it possible to scoff at long odds?

The Edmonton Oilers insist the answer is yes. And now that they've climbed to within three points of a Western Conference playoff berth with 12 wins in their last 15 games, who's to say they're wrong?

Can the Oilers make the post-season? Have your say in our forum.

Oilers trying to sneak into playoffs


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nighttrain, it seems like all you are talking about is the past..um, when was the last time Detroit won the Cup or even went to the finals? Unlike me? You're a complete moron, if you look down even this particular thread I had nothing but faith for my Oilers right up until game 82, and even then I said they did good considering the catastrophic number of man-games they lost to injury and their excellent crop of rookies, which is why we still stand by our coaches. Unlike 'fans' like you, Oil Country won't call for a coaches head at the first sign of trouble. I will laugh long and loud at simpletons like you when Lidstrom retires and the Wings truly have to start rebuilding, because at that point you won't have a thing to say, and I will be amused. The Flames are hardly beloved to me, but with the Oilers out I quietly root for them to do well, unlike guys like you who cheer for Detroit or Anaheim or Pittsburgh because they happen to be winning right now. Yeah, San Jose really pounded them last night lol. I said if Thornton, Marleau and Nabokov don't bring it Calgary will win, and look what happened. As for my learning about hockey, grow up. I've been playing since I was 3, played competetively until Junior B, still play rec leagues and follow it religiously. Please don't display your idiocy so obviously nighttrain. Seems pretty clear your just another Oilers hater who can't stand the fact that this is likely the last shot Detroit will have at the Cup for a long time, or do they have some amazing rookies Im unaware of? don't say yes dummy, because finishing first overrall is all well and good, but it doesn't get you good prospects. Your team is old as hell, and Datsyuk and Zetterberg are all flash and little substance. lol, it'll be the early 80's for the Wings alllll over again after the Pred's 'upset' them again this year. Can you really keep calling it upsets though after it happens EVERY YEAR? lol.
Norbit, 2008-04-10 14:24:32

Typical oiler fan. All you can talk about is the past. Its funny how only edmonton runs out of games in season. All the other teams have enough games. I think your team or should i say your pathetic coaches should crack the whip a couple months earlier so they dont have to count how many games are left in a season. And yes my team hasnt faired well in the last couple of playoffs but unlike you i dont lose faith and I "DONT CHANGE MY COLORS"! Admit it, if your precious oilers were good enough to be here they would be here (like Detroit in the last 17 staight seasons). Now go and cheer on your beloved flames. They are about to get pounded by san jose. ps. Learn somthing about hockey.
nighttrain, 2008-04-09 23:15:54

powell, Id be a lot more disappointed if say, my team had won the Presidents Trophy the last, say, four years running and didnt even go to the conference finals once. The Wings are geared for the regular season but simple dont have the intensity for the playoffs. Edmonton was more than good enough to beat whomever they played in the first round had they made it, they just ran out of games, and you know im right. Yes, I will quietly root for Calgary now, because in Alberta that's how a lot of us roll: Go ALberta GO! btw, both Edmonton and Calgary have taken the Wings out of the playoffs, and it wasnt a LONG time ago, it was actually within the last few years..lol. Must be nice to have the regular season to crow about when your gang of non-performers chokes out of the playoffs again haha.
Norbit, 2008-04-08 13:40:52

Norbit, please dont insult me by calling me a calgary fan. Im Detroit all the way. Now let me guess, your probably saying we took you out in the first round that ONE year in the PAST a LONG time ago. Truth is Edmonton probably would have done ok against detroit in the playoffs "IF" they would have been good enough to go to the playoffs. Now why dont you go and turn you jersey inside out and start showing your flame colors. Must be nice to have a back up team when your gang of failures dont make it to the post season.
nightrain, 2008-04-06 23:08:26


I have to agree with you on some things minus the world class veiw of the mountains. There is deffinatly better views.
Dwain, 2008-04-05 21:18:52

powellm1k, I notice you made no points about hockey teams because I was absolutely correct. As far as world class events, tell me, which city has a Grand Prix? I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Stedmonton...Calgarians love to flaunt their city and admittedly it is esthetically prettier and has a nicer airport, but after that you can't really say it's superior in any other ways, particularily with regards to the sports teams which is the never-ending burr under Calgarians saddle, and if you don't even live there, then why are you bleating about it on here? I could go on but Calgary fans don't usually listen to reason so I won't bother. I look forward to the sad-sack Flames being bounced quickly by San Jose.
Norbit, 2008-04-05 14:51:52

Norbit... typical Edmonton rant...

Calgary = World class business district, world class view of the mountains, world class "festival", world class events etc...

Edmonton will ALWAYS be second class, second place and second fiddle !

and BTW I dont even live in Calgary !!!
powellm1k, 2008-04-04 23:17:26

it's a bit ironic that when the flames could have helped the Oilers with a win, they lost and lastnight the Oilers kept the flames alive in the play-off race. the Flames look extremly shaky, tough. they're not gonna last long...
Peter, 2008-04-04 10:46:10

nighttrain, which team last won a Stanley Cup? which team has won it more? which team last appeared in the Stanley Cup finals? shall I go on? You Calgary fans amuse me, all of you so smug and superior yet underneath knowing that no matter how much you bleat it doesn't change the fact that your team was,is and will always be inferior. None of those things I mentioned above is an opinion. They are all facts. Calgary got stomped by Minny tonight, got lucky and some help from Kipper in Edmonton and look to be fairly easy pickings in the first round for San Jose or possibly Detroit. Beyond Iggy, Phaneuf and Kipper, no one else on the team really produces results and I find it amusing because almost half their cap is committed to them...oh, and Regehr. lol! Don't worry though nighttrain, Oil Country will send you postcards from the playoffs the next five years. Peace.

Norbit, 2008-04-04 02:33:14


Penner started out pathetic I agree. Biggest guy on the team. . . doesn't make his size and weight felt. . . wouldn't stand in front of the net. First half of the year I really didn't like his style at all. Now he has started getting infront of the net and setting up camp (thats what is needed). The real problem is Suray. He reminds me of Pronger only dumber. Well that and Torres. I believe Torres is a good player but he is so increadably hot and cold its insane. He got probably twice that he should on his contract last year. He even admitted that he should have taken a pay cut. Hopefully both these guys will show all those who live in oil country, that they are worth what they are getting.
Dwain, 2008-04-02 23:59:48

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