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What effect will the NFL have in Toronto?
Tue, April 15, 2008

The Buffalo Bills are coming to Toronto.

The NFL has reached an agreement with the Bills that will allow them to play eight games -- five regular-season contests and three exhibitions -- in Toronto over the next five years.

Will games north of the border have any effect on the CFL? Would you go to an NFL game in Canada? Have your say in our forum.

A foothold in Toronto


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Will the NFL coming to Toronto hurt the CFL. I am really not sure. I believe that the reality is that a large portion of the people going to Buffalo Bills games are crossing the border to do so. Does this hurt the CFL in Toronto, not really. If the Bills are really coming to Toronto the same people will be going to the games here. I also believe that there will be a large number of people from Western New York making the trip to Toronto. This might effect ticket sales in Toronto but I don't think to the point of folding the Argo's. The CFL needs to be proactive about this though and either move the season so it ends earlier. Or at the minimum stop playing games on Sundays when the NFL is in full swing.
OBAMF, 2008-02-08 11:41:27

Ted Brown, well said! Thank you for being a voice of reason on this forum.

As for that comment about the NFL affecting the Jays, well, it is Ted Rogers and Paul Godfrey (Blue Jays ownership and exec) who are involved in this NFL in Toronto thing, so I doubt they would do something to undermine their existing team
Don't bash Toronto, 2008-02-08 09:01:15

The only team I'd like to see perhaps added to the CFL would be Halifax. BC already has a team and so does Ontario.

I don't think we need more than one or two more teams in the league.

As for a few NFL games in Toronto hurting the CFL; I don't think it will at all.

The ticket prices for the Buffalo games are going to be ridiculous and way out of range for the average fan.

The CFL ticket prices are well within reach of the average person because salaries are reasonable.
gordholio, 2008-02-08 02:26:00

TO as a part-time US/NFL city?haha.....the stars are sure aligning. This will be just like the maple laffs on cbc....we in the west are forced to watch the TO amateur leafs every Saturday on HNIC.

When the 'national' networks start to ram the Bills down the Canadian collective as the 'national team' then it's time to get pissed....right now TO sports fan can pretend to be a part of the NFL.....this will be a nice experiment for the NFL for a couple of seasons....then back to Buffalo full time.
Hunter, 2008-02-07 19:24:46

Let's be realistic here, Toronto is a big time city that has shown it can support major league teams....after all it is the fifth largest market in north america. The bills play in a city that is losing its population fast. The CFL is a great league, but the talent is so much better in the NFL. There are even canadian university's that will soon join the NCAA real soon, which means they will play 4 down ball. I think the CFL and 3 down football will survive but it will be more low key, and not as rich. They need to setup teams in halifax and quebec in order to survive. Lets face it 4 down football is slowly making its way up to Canada and its going to stay.
Joe Lewis, 2008-02-07 18:28:54

I agree that the CFL should open its doors to expansion in Canada. Granted, we're not made up of 200 states with 400 cities in each but the league could be stronger with more teams and we have the resources to do it. As far as marketing is concerned, you either love the game or you don't regardless of who gets the flashy commercials ads or not.
Frost, 2008-02-07 18:12:21

bye bye CFL - collapsing football league, hello NFL BOY I cannot wait to go see the 'Toronto' Bills soon! I am sure they are coming here in 5 years and a new stadium will be built to hold 70,000+. If the CFL wants to survive change the schedule so it ends in September, start earlier. My name is already on the list for tickets - hopefully they will be some under 100$ in the 5th level, if not wait for the new stadium and get some high level seats there. Any city that can support the Laufs can support CFL/NFL teams unless the CFL wishes to fold - no big loss there!

toady, 2008-02-07 16:05:50

Parney, you have to be kidding. Ottawa's had a couple of kicks at it and it didn't end up so good ....

Besides, I love the Bills, but im an Argo fan first and foremost. (no 4-down ball till 3-down is over). The team being here, temporary or permanent, won't change what i like, what i can afford to go to or what i watch on TV. hopefull that goes for other argos fans who help me fill the seats.
ted, 2008-02-07 14:53:01

Oh common, the CFL will be fine! Lets add some more teams in smaller markets - Victoria, Kelowna, Halifax, Waterloo,
Marty, 2008-02-07 14:49:21

Well, as one of your American neighbors, I do believe that some Canadians take the cultural sovereignty arguments to ridiculous extremes. I believe that this semi-panic over the Bills playing games in the Rogers Centre is just such a case. The NFL is not a threat to the CFL. It simply isn't. There are several months in which the schedules of the two leagues do not overlap. The CFL is well underway before NFL training camps open, and the CFL season is over when the NFL regular season ends and the playoffs begin. During the Fall, many CFL games are played from Thursday to Saturday and are not in direct competition with NFL games. Most importantly, as it has been metioned previously, the NFL has a strong and compelling interest in securing the future existance of the CFL because of its important role in developing football talent. Canadians have large enough attention spans to enjoy the best that both leagues have to offer. And, believe it or not, the CFL really does have a strong fan base within the United States. Many of us wathced the Grey Cup on the pay-per-view computer service that's accessable from the main CFL website. As in past years, word of the CFL's demise has been greatly exagerated. Like it or not, American and Candian culture (including sports), while distinctly different, are closely linked and that reality is inescapable. Seeking to artifically stoke hostility between that which is American and that which is Canadian is futile,and will only produce frustration for those who brazenly brandish gratuitous divisiveness.
Ted Brown, 2008-02-07 14:44:14

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