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What effect will the NFL have in Toronto?
Tue, April 15, 2008

The Buffalo Bills are coming to Toronto.

The NFL has reached an agreement with the Bills that will allow them to play eight games -- five regular-season contests and three exhibitions -- in Toronto over the next five years.

Will games north of the border have any effect on the CFL? Would you go to an NFL game in Canada? Have your say in our forum.

A foothold in Toronto


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What else is there to do in Regina or Winnipeg? Of course they support the CFL.

Toronto is a diverse market and there's lots of competition.

Even if Toronto got an NFL team, it wouldn't be the same as watching a game in the States. Tailgating is half the fun and it wouldn't happen in Toronto - not REAL tailgating.
gordholio, 2008-04-17 01:40:42

The decision for the Argos to allow the Bills to play a preseason game is ludicrious at best and clearly shows that the owners are looking to score the big bucks at both the tax payer and fan expense. First of all, Ralph Wilson Stadiums holds 80280 fans, Rogers Centre 52000 which means if you were to look at the price of ticket sales, the Argos would have to raise the price to 60% over and above the regular NFL price in order to match the amount of revenue needed when filling out Ralph Wilson Stadium. In comparing lets say the Browns where the cheapest tickets were $40.00, now we would have to shell out $64.00 for the seats in the nose bleeds. Football would now become an elitist game where only the more affluent fans can attend (Sound familiar Leaf fans). And where does all this money go? Back to the States and the pockets of the owners. To look at this at another level, if Toronto were to bring an NFL franchise to the city, who do you think is going to pay for this? With a new team, comes a new stadium which in turn falls back on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

The Rogers Dome cost $580 million to build of which Ontario taxpayers coffed up $350 million of it. Then what did we do with it, we sold it to a billionaire for a measly $25 million. It's nice to know that I go to work, pay my taxes just so I can help some billionaire turn a $325 million score. So, if I wanna see an NFL game, I'll turn on my free antenna TV (Sorry Mr Rogers $60.00 is just too much money to spend a month for cable) and catch a Bills game on FOX.

Bills/Argos/Leafs Who's kidding who, 2008-04-16 17:09:45


I will agree that the west supports there teams 100 %. The east doesnt thats why all have changed ownership and been so close to folding. Now there will be talk that the Argos will fold because of the Bills moving into there market and the whole league will go down the drain because Toronto is the key team to the entire league.
Wayne, 2008-04-16 16:22:41

Canada has a population roughly the same as California, yet the CFL is the 6th best attended outdoor professional game IN THE WORLD. Even top flight English soccer has an average crowd only a few thousand greater than the CFL average. Yes the NFL is the neighbouring 800 lb. gorilla, but things have to be viewed in perspective. The CFL is fine and people are correct in saying that playing a few NFL games in T.O. is a cynical bargaining chip on the part of the Bills' owner to drive up the auction price. Will Ted (and partners) pay $1 Billion plus for the Bills and pay out another $600 million plus (taxpayers beware!)for a suitable stadium? I doubt it. Stu and Ted have put forth good points of view.

A proud CFL and Canadian university football supporter.
tronhead, 2008-04-16 14:38:30

Nifty idea for the Bills to come to TO, but if I've understood correctly, the Bills will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

It's the height of Toronto hubris to assume that Toronto will automatically get the Bills. What about Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Besides would Torontonians support a year after year loser at 65000 seats a game full capacity?

Seems to me that you're counting chickens before they're hatched.
Kent, 2008-04-15 19:33:42

Dont blame the NFL for the CFL's problems. If all you CFL fans actually went out and supported your teams this wouldnt be happening.

The Argos averaged just over 20,000 last year. Ti-Cats 17,000 - 18,000. Montreal, well they play in a university football stadium that can only hold so many. Thats says it all about them.

The CFL is like a farm team league, all the americans playing in the CFL arent good enough to play in the NFL so they come to Canada.

Over 100,000 people have applied to get in on the drawings to be able to purchase that game ticket package. 100,000 people, that says it all about how they feel about the best football league NFL baby!

If people want to pay over $ 200 for a ticket thats there own choice. Its a bargain compared to the price to watch a lousy hockey team that cant even make the playoffs.
Ken, 2008-04-15 19:09:44

The solution to this problem is very simple. If you are a Bills fan and don't want your team to move to Toronto, DO NOT SUPPORT THE GAME! Any Bills fan who attends this game is a shortsighted fool. Same goes for all of you CFL fans, because the NFL in Toronto WILL ruin your league. Don't buy the hype! DO NOT ATTEND THIS GAME!
nflabillsfan, 2008-04-15 16:38:36

Bring it on! About time we got some real football here. CFL - stands for collapsing football league.

The tickets may be more expensive, but they have a much more enjoyable product and they will sell every seat even at inflated prices just like the Leafs do.

I may have to become a Toronto Bills fan, but they will eventually have to get a better name!!!

toady, 2008-04-15 16:17:28

The CFL is Canadian? Half the players are from the States. Most of the stars are American. If there was no quota for Canadians, 95% of the players would be American.

gordholio, 2008-04-15 15:28:49

bringing the NFL to Canada will definitley bring and end to the CFL, T.V. revenues which are already small will get smaller, the fan base in both Hamilton and Toronto will dwindle therefore having the teams out west to pick up the slack and pay salaries like we have in the past. The CfL will ultimatley fold, the oldest cup in North America will be gone think about that TORONTO....
jimf, 2008-04-15 15:16:09

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