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What should the Leafs do?
Tue, January 8, 2008

The Maple Leafs felt like throwing a hockey stick through the television following last night's 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, preferably at the big HD screen at National Hockey League headquarters in Toronto.

But angry Nik Antropov took the team's anger at a costly overtime penalty and three video replay reversals the hardest, hurling his stick towards referees Mike Leggo and Don Koharski after Rod Brind'Amour netted the game-winner.

Forget about throwing hockey sticks. What about throwing in the towel on the season? What should the Leafs do before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

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The season is over 80 games. we're not even 8 games into it and you are writing people off already? Are you thick? Other players on other teams will have off nights; other teams will get thumped once in a while, players will get hurt, and new guys will fill in the holes. Same as what happens every season. Anybody remember the Minnesota Northstars' run in the late 80's. They finished 22nd overall, six games below five hundred, but they won their last 8 in a row to make the playoffs. In the first round they toppled the league champion Chicago Blackhawks when all the experts said they'd be doing well to win one game in that series. They swept it. Next up were the second place overall Saint Louis Blues, who many experts claimed were a shoe-in to win the cup that year. Bob Gainey's "loser" swept them too. Next it was the dynasty. Edmonton Oilers, the defending cup champions, looking for a fifth SC in six years. The Stars bumped them off! Then they had Mario Lemieux and the Penguins down 2 games to 1 in the finals before the wheels came off. No one could have ever seen that coming! My point is, any team, at any time could find the formula and simply explode. That's why it's fun to watch horse races and hockey games, absolutely anything can happen.
Roy, 2007-10-17 20:26:43

They should just trade away Raycoft. He's horrible in net.
BOB, 2007-10-17 19:54:01

Another pathetic performance by the Leafs " defence ". They should be trying to unload Kubina and McCabe for whatever they can get even a late round draft pick just to get rid of their huge salaries. If they have to pay a million or 2 to a team to help pay there salaries.

If they cant trade Kubina, send him to the Marlies, he is a freaking pylon. They can probably trade McCabe if they pay some of his salary.

They have to start rebuilding that joke of a defence now. It was painful to watch that game last night, blowing a 2 goal lead going into the 3rd period and then only getting 3 shots on the Sabres net is a joke.
Jimmy, 2007-10-16 19:03:19

As a Sens fan, I always had a laugh teasing the Leaf fans that I work with. But as a hockey fan first, I don't even find their performance funny anymore. Now it is just sad. I actually feel bad for the Leafs, and their fans. I actually hope they get better, because a rivalry is not interesting if the opponent is not worthy.
Jeff, 2007-10-16 14:39:34

Its probably too early. Unfortunately I've been a leaf fan for many many years and while you try to stay optimistic, what I've seen so far makes it increasingly difficult.

They lack the speed required. They are constantly beaten to the puck and this was very evident in the games against Pittsburgh and Buffalo. I feel sorry for Paul Maurice. You can only do so much with the limited talent you have. Ferguson has locked into contracts too many players who are middle of the road. McCabe been the most blatent example. It's going to be a long year I"m afraid.
Paul, 2007-10-16 09:53:31

It was a Kodak moment of Coach Mo captured by the TV cameras just after McCabe had taken a 3rd period interference penalty in the game against Pittsburg.

The look on Coach Mo's face revealed at that precise moment he knew that his highest paid defenseman was uncoachable, he had noone better to throw out there and the season, which started off with such optimism, was for all intents and purposes, over.

Who hired JFJ? Why was he hired? I mean what were the hockey credentials that got him the job? Why is he allowed to continue?

Ron, 2007-10-16 09:27:09

The Maple Leafs will be struggling to make the playoffs right down to the last few games of the season.

They are a slow, mediocre team, given hope by the fact that over half the teams make the playoffs.
Gordon, 2007-10-12 18:32:20

I can hear the stampede of Leaf fans running to jump back on the band wagon LOL.

Well Leaf fans dont forget this, the Islanders snuck into the playoffs last year on the last day of the season and lost in the first round. The Islanders are just as messed up as the Leafs are except for 2 things, 1) they have a clear cut # 1 goalie and 2) free agents will sign with them. LOL

Before everyone jumps up on the band wagon wait to see how they do Saturday night against Sid and the Penguins and then Monday I believe they play Buffalo.

Jimmy, 2007-10-12 08:52:31

Or perhaps they just ran into a hot Carolina club ... as evidenced by the way the Hurricane also blew through that other Ontario city tonight. 7-1, 5-3 ... that adds up to Carolina 12 / Ontario 4? Go 'Canes!
Festus, 2007-10-12 01:25:02


Tucker would be a better captain than Sundin is, but then who wouldnt be.

Doesnt really matter though as this team isnt very good and wont be in the future either.

There arent any good young cant miss prospects in the Leaf system. The scouting department isnt doing a very good job and hasnt for a long long time. Thats a big part of the reason why the Leafs are where they are, it doesnt help they trade away their top picks with nothing to show for them.

Jimmy, 2007-10-11 20:04:04

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