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What should the Leafs do?
Tue, January 8, 2008

The Maple Leafs felt like throwing a hockey stick through the television following last night's 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, preferably at the big HD screen at National Hockey League headquarters in Toronto.

But angry Nik Antropov took the team's anger at a costly overtime penalty and three video replay reversals the hardest, hurling his stick towards referees Mike Leggo and Don Koharski after Rod Brind'Amour netted the game-winner.

Forget about throwing hockey sticks. What about throwing in the towel on the season? What should the Leafs do before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

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Bye bye JFJ!! His record is abyssmal, he fills the roster with second rate players for first rate money and we all wonder why they are not playing well. Imagine a team with Ryan Smith, Chris Pronger, Sheldon Souray, the list goes on, but no. We have McCabe, Gill, Kubina?

Worst still, he will probably try to get out of this mess by trading away the young Leafs that are showing some promise like Stajan and Steen. Antropov is playing well but that took 7 years, yeah 7 years he's been a Leaf!!

No support for the only guy on the team with true NHL talent, Sundin! If your first line (and I mean the entire first line) isn't worthy of playing on their National Team, then get the guys who are.

Look at Ottawa's first line, Alfredson, Spezza, Heatley, Redden. All first line players worthy of National Team status. Look at Pittsburgh, Crosby, Staal, Malkin? See my point yet! We are the largest market in the NHL and yet we can't put together a team that is remotely competitive. That's not the coach, that's not the players, it's management.

Time to say goodbye to JFJ. There's got to be a used car lot looking for a fist rate salesman for second rate dollars somewhere!
Scott Moses, 2007-10-25 14:33:58

Time for the leaf fans to get off their duffs and support the team. On any given night at the ACC all you can hear are the Boo birds, crying Boo Hoo !!!

Its been a long time since I've heard the GO LEAFS GO chant. I've heard enough crap about the coach and the GM and some of the players. The leafs get more support when in Ottawa.
harry, 2007-10-25 14:33:36

There are many problems and not easy to fix. There is a huge mangaement proble which stems from the fact they are owned by a mutual fund, ie the Ontario Teachers pension and not a committed owner. This is a professional sports team, not a investment vehicle. The leafs have been chasing their tail to the point of being backed into a corner. The cumulative effect of so many mistakes has left them with no wiggle room to correct things. Bad management, draft picks given away for one plug after another, bloated contracts to average players who think they are better than their stats really reveal and tied with the new salary cap system is leading them to hell in a hand basket fast. They have spent too many years trying to find players to play with Sundin. Sundin has been a wasted talent for the team because he is far better than anyone they try to stick on his wing. Andropov, an elite winger? Ponikarasky? Give me a break. The players the get for give are too old or too overrated. The effects of all this crap is what has lead to a team of misfits that are best suited for an expansion team. This team needs to be sold off to a private group of Hockey enthusiasts (Basille anyone?), built from scratch and suffer for the next few years until they can possibly be a contender. As it sits, history is going to keep repeating itself for the next 40 years as it has for the last 40. Myself, I have been a fan most of my 40 years and I have to admit it was a struggle to watch them last year, post Quinn, but this year I almost can't be bothered. I have lost a lot of respect and interest in the Leafs to the point of not watching games religiously, on the edge of my seat, but merely as a background noise while I go do something else more entertaining or useful. I have even put up mu Gardens Seat up for sale because I have really lost interest. I never thought I would become so disinterested after all these years.
Chris, 2007-10-25 14:24:44

Get rid of Ferguson for sure, the slow trees on defence have to go as well. The new NHL is all about speed so the older and slower you are the faster they go by you. Toronto clearly has to stop looking for the quick fix and build a winning team from the ground up, let Sundin go to a contender so he can get a legitimate shot at the cup!!! Wake up Leafsnation it ain't happening in T.O. within his career, he deserves a shot as much as Bourque did.

God's speed Sundin...
JohnnyAppleSeed, 2007-10-25 13:53:09

Their best bet is to bring up the Marlies and trade uniforms. When I have to watch Laffs games on 18 channels and Ottawa is blacked out there is something wrong here!!
Lee, 2007-10-25 13:51:50

Get rid of J.F jr.
Steve, 2007-10-25 13:49:36

The problem goes way above Fergie, it's the whole organization. Richard Petty is a huge problem too and the fact that the teachers union have their hands too deep in TML;s pockets. As a leaf fan I'm disappointed in being disappointed all the time. No consistancy, no drive or determination. They don't even look like a team.

PS F' McCabe!
kris, 2007-10-25 13:46:25

get rid of fergosun and mourice the coach he made a big mistake when he did not call a time out they have little respect for him say goodbye and move on to bigger better things like the play offs
jim webster, 2007-10-25 13:36:26

the Leaf fans...get a life and stop overreacting! They are ahead of Buffalo and Pittsbugh, so that tells you that it is early in the year...shut up and enjoy the hockey game (win or lose).
Rob, 2007-10-25 13:18:59

The General Manager.
O'Neill, 2007-10-25 13:05:49

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