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What should the Leafs do?
Tue, January 8, 2008

The Maple Leafs felt like throwing a hockey stick through the television following last night's 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, preferably at the big HD screen at National Hockey League headquarters in Toronto.

But angry Nik Antropov took the team's anger at a costly overtime penalty and three video replay reversals the hardest, hurling his stick towards referees Mike Leggo and Don Koharski after Rod Brind'Amour netted the game-winner.

Forget about throwing hockey sticks. What about throwing in the towel on the season? What should the Leafs do before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

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The media is far and away the biggest problem the Leafs face. A distant second is that they have the worst fans in the league. Mind you, their second problem is a direct byproduct of the first problem, so I guess it all comes back to the media constantly bitching about how the team needs to win now, rather than focusing on building the team right.
Mike Bakewell, 2007-10-25 17:24:55

I am amazed at how Leaf fans think that the team should be able to make a 180 in one season. You don't miss the playoffs one year and win the cup the next; very rare. The season is early and if in the end they make the playoffs thats an improvement and that what is reasonable to expect. As far a Steve Simmons thoughts well in my opinion he has been on and off so many Toronto band wagons it's pathetic. If Leaf fan really want to see a change then leave the seats empty at the ACC.

PS: I'm no Leaf fan therefore my opinions are from what I observe not what I feel.
Jimbob, 2007-10-25 17:20:10

Fire the fans. Get some new fans in with more experience that'll let the GM and Coach do what is necessary. Or trade the fans for those who'll put up with rebuilding (Washington) or a style of play that's hard to watch but capable of winning (Minnesota).

The best idea yet. Stop blocking a second NHL team in Toronto, transfer the Maple Leaf name to them along with the current fans and ownership, then start from scratch. Within 5 years you could build a competitive team from scratch without all the second guessing and frothing at the mouth that goes along with anything the Leafs touch. At least there's a chance at a parade on Young St. this way.
Rick W., 2007-10-25 16:36:03

The biggest reason the leafs will never win another cup is the Teacher's pension, the board of directors and the controlling nature of the Toronto media. The only way to win in todays NHL; is by going through the natural losing and rebuilding through the draft cycle. The board of directors interference, only forces Ferguson to have a team good enough not to draft high and bad enough not to make the playoffs. The Marlies are a good example: no one has interfered with their development, and they rebuilt through the draft. They are leading the league right now with exciting play. look at what ottawa has been doing lately. They didn't panic. They rebuilt through the draft by allowing the team to go through a natural rebuilding cycle. Take the reigns off of Ferguson and let him do his job.
Doug Vasey, 2007-10-25 16:34:46

So even if we trade Mccabe and Kubina and every one else that sucks, who would you replace them with? Probably a lower paid pylon from the minors or whatever we get in return. A pylon is a pylon regardless of how much money they make. It will not improve the team immediately...and given the leafs' track record on picks and free agent aquisitions, freeing up money will only result in more pylons coming in. There has to be an overhaul in the way leaf management and those above them think.

No one is going to take those huge contracts on for average players anyways so all this trade talk among the fans is moot.

And another thing...JFJ is just a puppet. Even if you fire him, it won't change the fact that the next GM will also be a puppet to those higher than him. The teachers pension plan is only interested in making money, so in this market that means putting out an average team that is just barely competitive.

We will miss the playoffs this year...AGAIN.
Larry, 2007-10-25 16:27:05

Don't change a thing!

The futility and misery are beginning to wear down Leaf fans in Ottawa. There are fewer and fewer white jerseys in the crowd at each Ottawa/Toronto game and the Leaf fans who do show up have less and less to cheer for.

Ottawa has an amazing 63-23-8 record in its last 94 games and some residents of this city are missing out on the party. The team has made the playoffs 10 years straight, and made it to the Cup final last season. With its great young talent,a sharp GM and good scouting, the Sens are likely to make the playoffs for years to come.

Toronto residents - there is some very good NHL hockey being played in this province, and you're invited along for the ride! You don't have to burn your Maple Leaf jerseys or anything drastic like that, just fold them up and put them away until the team has righted itself, probably in a couple of years. It's time that you had some fun for a change! We Ottawans cheered for your Leafs for decades until we got our own team back, so now that you have (sort of) lost your team, you're welcome to join the party. After all, we're all Ontarians, right?

Wango Tango, 2007-10-25 16:07:53

Very simple. A lack of viable NHL talent, and bleak prospects for improvement in the near term under current management.
jeff ostic, 2007-10-25 15:38:11

ownership, management, and fans like rob that think the Leafs are a good team.

rob its obvisious you dont know the difference between a good and a bad team. You probably think the Leafs are a cup contender.

keep believing whatever comes out of the mouths of leaf land.

now wonder the leafs suck, having fans like rob that believes the leafs can contend for a stanley cup when a real fan knows they wont make the playoffs again this year.

keep dreaming rob, leaf management likes having fans like you when they dont have to improve the team they will just come out and say in public they will make the playoffs and be a contender and thats good enough for fools like you. lol

Jimmy, 2007-10-25 15:20:47

i like the direction the Leafs are going... keep things the way they are... i might also add that i'm a habs fan!
mo, 2007-10-25 15:04:22

Hey Rob, they are tied with Pittsburgh and 4 points up on Buffalo both teams have only played 8 games whereas Toronto has played 10. In fact only Carolina has played 10 games and they have 15 points. Check facts first, type second!
Scott Moses, 2007-10-25 14:38:25

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