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What should the Leafs do?
Tue, January 8, 2008

The Maple Leafs felt like throwing a hockey stick through the television following last night's 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, preferably at the big HD screen at National Hockey League headquarters in Toronto.

But angry Nik Antropov took the team's anger at a costly overtime penalty and three video replay reversals the hardest, hurling his stick towards referees Mike Leggo and Don Koharski after Rod Brind'Amour netted the game-winner.

Forget about throwing hockey sticks. What about throwing in the towel on the season? What should the Leafs do before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

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well the leafs lose really bad to the bruins tonight.When will fergie and maurice be fired for this pathetic team.
dave, 2007-11-15 21:14:15

you have to be kidding

If you think McCabe is a good defenceman then you know nothing about hockey. He is a 1 dimensial player, power play specialist and not much more. He is lost is his own end.

Jimmy, 2007-11-15 18:15:58

What a Bozo!. "you gotta be kidding" thinks we are criticizing McCabe because of his huge contract. Get real. We call a spade a spade. It matters not whether McCabe played for anaheim, detroit or ottawa....he would still give the puck away all night long.

Your statement that he would be a Norris Candidate is perhaps the dumbest comment ever. bar none...yep the rest of the world is`wrong and McCabe is awesome. hahaha hardeharhar. Watch tonight and count his gaffes. he is pathetic. worst defenseman in the league.

if all defenseman were like McCabe when I was playing, I would have a hat-trick every game....blindfolded
Gustav, 2007-11-15 18:06:27

Want to know whats wrong with the Leafs? The fans. Look at the responses in this forum as an example.

Sarah H was one of the only few that offered a sensible response. Gustav? Nels? Terry C? You guys have the gall to criticize McCabe's play, simply because he gets paid millions? What do you people know about hockey? If you have never played, scouted or coached at least at the AHL level or higher, you know NOTHING about pro hockey and have NO authority to criticize McCabe. If this guy was playing in Anaheim, he could be a Norris Trophy candidate because his team mates are better players, and the fans don't ruin te team.

If you people don't like the play of mCabe (or the leafs in general), don't buy tickets to the game. Don't buy their merchandise. Don't watch them on TV or pack the bars when they play. Don't wave thier car flags or post comments in forums like these. Don't read the newspapers/magazines that write about them. Boycott the companies that buy their luxury boxes. Treat them like they never existed. That is the only way to get the message to management and ownership --- via their pocketbooks --- and make them understand that only a winner makes money. Toronto does this to its other teams (Jays, Argos and Raptors) but not the Leafs.

And you know what? Most of you will always drain your money on the blue and white no matter what, and keep the team mediocre forever. We should move this team to Hamilton right now and start a new franchise from scratch.
You have to be kidding, 2007-11-15 13:31:50

Final gosh darnly!! I think i may have just read the underlying issue with Leafs. They don't play gritty anymore. You may have uncovered the truth of the fundamental problem. This is the same core of Leafs from Quinn's days. The Leafs were very competitive and solid in those days with their gritty play. Now, Maurice has tried to turn this team into the Sabres of last year relying on skill. They are not talented enough to play like that. The Leafs need to smash and bash other teams, wear them down physically, and slow their speed down.

Maurice takes over and Bryan McCabe doesn't hit anymore, Tucker is no longer the bull he used to be, Hal Gill at 6' whateveer the ###### he is doesn't check, Woz should be checking but he mainly just runs around chasing the puck out of position, and Mark Bell is not used the way he should be. This is the damn problem.

And, by god yes Belak should be dressed every single game to put the fear of the Lord himself into clowns like Avery.

The Leafs aren't full of speedy wingers, but PM plays them like they are all Ovechkins.

Sarah H, 2007-11-15 10:05:00

I loved the leafs. Loved them.

No longer.

In my opinion, NO PERSON should be a leafs fan anymore! What are we cheering for? Should we be happy with their performance over the past 15 years?

Why? Because they've made the playoffs? Because they've gone to the conference finals a couple of times?

They haven't been able to come even close to the talent they had back in 93-94. (Thank you Mr. Gilmore) and the way management trades away 1st and 2nd round draft picks for a backup goalies, or spends $$$MILLIONS$$$ of dollars on a defenceman because he "found" his Slapshot in a contract year only proves that they never will. Geeze even us "fantasy" managers are aware that players ALWAYS step up their game in a contract year!!! And who does management go out and get this summer? Yes, another contract player who has a CAREER YEAR by getting 40 goals! Think we'll see another 40? Give your head a shake JFJ!

And don't get me started on the other bonehead moves that manangement has done over the years because as leaf fans, I'm sure we are all FULLY aware of them!

Oh yeah, and by the way....How much are we paying to watch the leafs bumble around like a friggin OHL team every night they play? Is it $100/ticket, or $200/ticket? Frankly, I wouldn't pay one cent to watch the leafs embarass themselves they way the do.

I can't take it anymore. I just can't!

The person I feel most sorry for is Mats. He must be going out of his frickin mind playing with amateurs every night while he has to shoulder the responsability for their lousy performance. I just pray that the leafs will do him a favour and trade him to Ottawa this year (it could happen) so he has a chance to play for a winner. We should also get tonnes in return which we can use to begin the rebuilding process. Oh wait...FIRE John Ferguson first cause I'd hate to see what he would accept in that deal!!!! How's a 4th round pick and a bottle of Crown Royal sound!?!

Wow, what a rant. Nevertheless....TOTALLY DESERVED after last night and every other night the leafs play for that matter!

I feel better.

Oh, one more thing....McCabe deserves, that's right, DESERVES to be BOOOOOED out of Toronto the way he shrugged off yet ANOTHER fatal error that cost the leafs another two points. The notion that he needs to be stroked and craddled to protect his phyche is LUDACRIS! He's a PROFESSIONAL player, making a PROFESSIONAL salary, who plays like an AMATEUR!

It doesn't matter how much your salary is. At this level you simply CAN'T make the mistakes he does. He is good for AT LEAST one GUARANTEED error that either causes a goal or good scoring chance per game. Should we as PAYING FANS be content with this? Short answer...NO!

Terry c, 2007-11-14 19:21:40

mccabe was back as a player, he should be ashamed of his clear attempt to affecct the out come of the game.does the word bookie mean anything to the stupidest coach in the world, i have repeatedly warned maurice not to play mccabe, he can't or won't stop playing mccabe. so what can we expect?
nels skaalid, 2007-11-14 12:04:21

If you read the other Toronto paper, it's all the teachers fault. Like the teachers signed McCabe, told Tucker to lose his cool, and told Tlusty to take pictures of himself. The trouble...they don't score enough and they don't keep the other team from scoring. Plain and simple.
Timothy Dineen, 2007-11-14 09:53:50

Ahhh our Olympiian McCabe is back and he is proving once again that he cannot play the game.

Next April when we miss the playoffs by a few points.....think back to all of his bonehead plays that cost the Leafs valuable points. Just like last night. yikes, he is useless
Gustav, 2007-11-14 08:54:44

What wrong with the Leafs you say? Pretty simple, they are just not a very good hockey team!
G Baker, 2007-11-14 08:45:01

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