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What should the Leafs do?
Tue, January 8, 2008

The Maple Leafs felt like throwing a hockey stick through the television following last night's 3-2 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, preferably at the big HD screen at National Hockey League headquarters in Toronto.

But angry Nik Antropov took the team's anger at a costly overtime penalty and three video replay reversals the hardest, hurling his stick towards referees Mike Leggo and Don Koharski after Rod Brind'Amour netted the game-winner.

Forget about throwing hockey sticks. What about throwing in the towel on the season? What should the Leafs do before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

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is there any one in toronto maple leafs organization who has any guts at all?

the answer is no as the owners are a couple of estrogen-laced, panty-waisted blunders!!!!!!

nothing will ever happen that will be right until the useless teachers pension fund wakes up, which of course will only occur when the shares devaluate & the dumb fans stop paying to see the trash that is put on the ice & called leafs!!!
nels skaalids, 2007-11-28 10:24:00

Nicely put Kevin

But till that happens...

Jay-Z, 2007-11-28 08:59:48

It is sad to see the Leafs look so bad way they are .

After loseing to hads last night.

It time now to make the change at the top.

Toronto needs better defence and goalie and couple of new wingers in trade now too. Maybejust maybe they will make the playoff .

Butthis city is got to show now we want cup no more waking for it .

It seen all their intereted is money dont care about fans or people who support team around Ontario It justthe dollar That has to change as well .

Paperand news Tv sport have to dig deep in to theis problem so the fans knows what really behind this problem as well.

For Teacher Pen who bought team they should be doing something about as well to get the cup here .

Every one now has to just speak up to make changes nowso it can make it work .

One more thing TAKE LOOK AT THE TEAMS WHO WON THE CUP MAY TIMES now look at at poor poor Toronto .

This time look for a manger who knows hockey and players.

One more thing

Player are to blame too the dont give 100% in their work and fans come to see good hockey game well their better watching their kids play hockey then come see the leafs .

William Rice, 2007-11-28 08:19:25

Enough already! Stop trying to blame the coach or the fans its the players that should be blamed. In fact start fining $100,000 per game lost and see how fast they start playing good again! They want to make the big bucks then be accountable and stop pointing the finger when it should be pointed at themselves.
Kevin, 2007-11-28 08:00:54

What for? Leaf fans will continue to fill the building regardless.

And whose fault is that??
Stevie Harper, 2007-11-28 06:09:09

Its high time some enterprising person starts selling brown paper bags to Leaf fans. Imagine a sea of disgruntled Leaf Nation patrons wearing these viewed on television. No other message seems to have worked.

Season ticket holders aren't about to cancel. They are too worried about the Leafs making a turn around and winning the CUP!. Better call up the Sens ticket office if you want to be part of a winning team.
Dave, 2007-11-27 23:31:49

please MLSE, do us all a favour, fire JFJ, the coach Maurice, send Toskala to AHL or buy him out, and also FIRE Peddie, back stabing ....

what a mess, and now you put games on LeafTV, I will never pay to watch this garbage team,
matt a frustrated fan, 2007-11-27 23:17:09

"... but if we can get a Jorden Staal for Mats, we should trade him." Are you serious? Why would Pittsburgh give us Staal for Sundin? Their problem is consistency in goal and on D - not scoring. There is also the huge difference in salaries which would apply to any such deal. It isn't going to happen.
George O'Leary, 2007-11-27 22:22:51

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the team making money..? YES!! What is needed is for the fans to litter the ice like they did back in 90/91 I believe it was. I honestly believe is that they must hit rock bottom a couple of years..draft 1st perhaps if they can mangage not to blow that one as well and start fresh. Spend the profits on legitamate free agents(sorry Blake) but we already had a smurf in Tucker..and get some power 2-way forwards. Definately need a guy like Heatley or another high scoring winger. Please don't ever draft a player that thinks that his head is bigger than the game. Really do your homework..players that would give their right arm to be in the NHL and put the good of the team first. Sorry MCabe..your gone!!! You know it is not really that hard when scouting to see who will make a good NHLer. Stats aren't everything. Put the team together with lines 1 through 4 and always have someone who can step in. Role players should be defined. They should be made to understand that just because you may have scored a couple of goals (great a bonus) that your role may still be to be a son of a gun pain in the ass checker...scorers score(cover yer asses as well defensively) and the checkers grind..where are the Gainey's of this world anymore??? Know your friggin' roles and all will be OK..Never mind yer agents puttin' shit in yer heads...you are replaceable boys. Be proud to wear an NHL Jersey and play like it was your last all the time. Sorry Maurice but enough is enough....I saw the 7-1 loss earlier in the year to Carolina...that was a sad display. I would have made the change right there and then. I have watched hockey from a little boy from the age of 6...now 34 years later...My eye always watches the expressions on the faces of the [players...body language...and on this team it is repulsive. Always get too high after a couple of wins and rest on your laurels...that has to stop...somebody make it stop. TEAM....the epitamy of a team starts op top down to the coach...captain...AC...and the rest ..." howe can some of the true team players soar like Eagles if the top is run by "TURKEYS"....Somebody do something fast...quick...ASAP!!!!!! Shine up the irons boys..maybe you can get some good golf in this spring..THAT IS WHERE THIS TEAM IS HEADING!!!!
Tony Braun, 2007-11-27 21:07:42

Let heads roll, yes oh yes. Then in one month we can listen to leaf fans demand heads roll with new names at least, same old song and dance
tdaaddman, 2007-11-27 18:49:18

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