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Should Downie be suspended for his hit on McAmmond?
Wed, September 26, 2007

Dean McAmmond was taken off the ice on a stretcher and transported to hospital after suffering a concussion following a dirty hit to the head 2:39 into the second period by Philly's Steve Downie.

Downie, who was drafted in the first round by the Flyers in the 2005, earned a reputation with the OHL's Peterborough Petes and Kitchener Rangers for being a hit-and-run artist.

Do you think Downie is a hit-and-run artist, or a gritty forward who always finishes his checks? Should he be suspended for the hit? Have your say in our forum.

Hey Downie, heads up


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The powers that be will bring down a suspension. It won't be enough. The players are the ones that can stop this. But I bet the Leafs make the playoffs before anything concrete is accomplished.
Jeff L, 2007-09-27 12:25:46

People need to get some perspective here. First of all, calling this one of the most vicious hits in NHL history reveals how little NHL history you musy be familiar with. It was a big hit yes, but nothing not seen before. Pick up one of Don Cherry's videos if you don't believe that.

As for the hit itself, take a frame by frame look at it. You will see that Downie's skates are either on the ice or just leaving the ice when the hit was made. When players are taught to hit, they are taught to either hit into the boards or to lift with their legs at the moment of impact. That is exactly what happened. The aftermath of the collision is what is causing everyone to scream about him leaving his feet. The more I look at the hit, the more I believe it was legal.

As for intent, I agree he was looking to get revenge for a hard hit into the boards earlier. Where is that against the NHL rules as long as the hit that takes place is legal? Intent, looking for payback, etc., is not something that should be punishable because it requires an official to determine what someone else was thinking. Impossible to do.
b, 2007-09-27 11:01:03

the bleeding hearts make me SICK.... why is an agent calling for a suspension? We know what his concern is $$.... An don't compare this hit to Bertuzzi, Moore didn't deserve the broken neck, but got what was coming to him, so will Downie... Live buy the code, Die buy the code... Pray for a speedy recovery for McAmmond!!
diesel, 2007-09-27 10:50:05

I see this story made the national news last evening and included an assessment by a noted neurologist that deaths and permanent injury will soon be the norm if the sport of hockey does not soon seriously crack down on this type of body contact. I am revolted by the comments from neanderthal minded fans that this is just part of the game and only validates why, after 50 years of following the sport, I have permanently lost all interest due in large part to the hypocrisy of the NHL in dealing with this serious issue.
peter, 2007-09-27 10:24:24

Everybody, listen up.

I speak for all Senators fans when I say this: it is NOT okay when an Ottawa player lays a dirty hit on someone. Every team does it and the Senators do NOT do it more than anybody else. Just stop saying that, OK? Do some of you idiots who post in here even watch the games? When did anybody who identified themselves as an Ottawa fan ever say that it was OK?

I understand the need to pick on the Senators - I really do. They're a well coached, well-run organization who have been among the league's elite for years. They score more goals and win more games than most teams, and their payroll has traditionally been a lot lower than other team's. They were built through the draft and great scouting - not free agency. Now they've got a back-to-back 50 goal scorer and a Stanley Cup final appearance to add to their list of achievements. They haven't won a Stanley Cup yet but does anybody really doubt that it's just a matter of time? Be analytical about it, not emotional. That's better! It's human nature to want to take the other guy down a peg or two. No hard feelings here. It's actually kind of flattering! Remember when the Senators were terrible back in the 90's? Nobody said a damn thing about them then.

Downie's hit was dirty. It doesn't matter who said what or what you think about the Ottawa Senators. It's like math: 1 plus 1 will always equal 2 - it's not a matter of opinion. It's a cold, hard fact.
Voice of Reason, 2007-09-27 10:16:33

Are all Leaf fans really that anal. No I'm not a Sens fan. But really are Leaf fans that ignorant. I guess if you know your season is over before it stars you have to bitch at something.
Pete, 2007-09-27 10:14:56

Gretzkyy on Gilmour

Alfie on Tucker

Leafs fans living in the past. If only.....

There is a huge difference between that hit and what Downie did. Alfredsson was going for the puck. Downie had only one intention in mind when he skated behind the net.

Also, Alfredsson did not hit Tucker from behind. Check the video on Youtube. You can clearly see the hit was on the side and Tucker went into the boards awkwardly.

colin, 2007-09-27 09:46:54

The NHL is much too inconsistent when it comes to discipline, which is one of a few reasons that it is hard to take the League seriously. Taking hits to the head out of the game will not make turn the NHL into a knitting social. While there probably could be more awareness on the dangers of skating with your head down, perhaps the NHL should as well make any hit to the head a penalty, intentional or not. Sort of like a high-stick penalty. Something like a five and a game penalty, plus suplementary discipline if a review of the incident shows that the suspended player went head hunting with intent to injure.

Too many people are concerned soley about past events, about whether a player on team "a" deserved a cheap head shot because of past questionable play by another player on the same team. What this league needs to do is to get away from the idea that somehow giving a player a concussion from a flying elbow or shoulder to the head it "good hockey play" and to come down hard on players that use cheap, questionable hits as part of their game.
Will, 2007-09-27 09:29:44

Ban him for life!

How is this even a debate? It shouldn't matter who you are or what team you play for - this nonsense has got to stop. I AM SICK OF IT - THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

No hitting in the head. You hit the head - bye bye.
steve h, 2007-09-27 09:19:16

Like to what i said earlier, when one goes to hit someone the intent is to hit him as hard as one can. Yes he did leave his feet but when you go look at the hit again you can see that he may have been preparing himself for the collision instead of actually trying to jump into him. If that was really the intent he would have jumped earlier. WITH THAT BEING SAID, he did leave his feet and the league seems to be cutting down on the hits to the head. Teams have been sent .doc's and DVD's describing on whats legit and not legit and people are saying that this is a prime example on what the league is trying to deter. So personally i dont think its as bad as it seems but seeing that the league is trying to change the ways of hitting Downie may be made a poster boy on what not to do. So don't be too shocked if this becomes a HUGE suspension. I personally dont agree with that, but heck, im just a hockey fan and not some big league headshot behind a desk smoking a big cigar.
CHACHI, 2007-09-27 09:18:39

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