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Should Downie be suspended for his hit on McAmmond?
Wed, September 26, 2007

Dean McAmmond was taken off the ice on a stretcher and transported to hospital after suffering a concussion following a dirty hit to the head 2:39 into the second period by Philly's Steve Downie.

Downie, who was drafted in the first round by the Flyers in the 2005, earned a reputation with the OHL's Peterborough Petes and Kitchener Rangers for being a hit-and-run artist.

Do you think Downie is a hit-and-run artist, or a gritty forward who always finishes his checks? Should he be suspended for the hit? Have your say in our forum.

Hey Downie, heads up


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Does anyone remember the hit Wendel Clark put on Bruce Bell(i think that's his name)about 20 years ago.Everyone thought it was the greatest hit they had ever seen!It was very similar to Downie's hit on McAmmond.It seems to me the way the league is going,in another 20 years it will be basically a non contact league.Every time there is a big hit on someone with their head down,all the usual suspects come out screaming about this so called "vicious" game.It really is a shame the way things are going now.

Trust me,soon guys will be scared to hit for fear of a suspension or worse,then everything will go down hill.

P.S. If McAmmond wasn't admiring his pass,this would be no big deal as he woould've been prepared to take a hit.
Jeff, 2007-09-27 18:03:52

How about not letting Steve Downie play again until his victim is back playing again? Hockey is a tough sport, and I have played it for as long as I can remember, but there is absolutely no need for this type of behavior, and it sickens me to see these cheap shot artists ruin a great game. There is no need for this sort of BS. It comes down to a lack of respect and a severe lack of sportsmanship.
Lorne Budden, 2007-09-27 16:45:19

Is there anything on this planet more pathetic than the average Leafs fan???
George, 2007-09-27 16:23:57

Dave...your comments are foolish. If a player feels he has to cripple or end the playing days of another player in order to make it to the next level, then either he has been mislead during his development or he simply hasn't got what it takes to be a professional athlete. In either case, severe consequences are in order for this "wannabe"..
Chris, 2007-09-27 16:07:03

What Downie did was a joke. It clearly left the ice upon impact with the Sens player. Idiot. I don't mind a fight, I don't mind some checking but moves like that END careers. They haven't even started the season yet and you have losers doing this. I think he should be fired. Screw Downie you loser. This isn't Ultimate championship fighting or Football...
gerry madden, 2007-09-27 15:02:03

Downie and plenty of other players pull these kind of stunts attempting to injure another player, look at the coward Alfredsonn who clearly attempted to injure Neidermayer by shooting the puck at him .....nothing happens. wheter you connect or not get these bums out of the league.Start with Bertuzzi
ozzy, 2007-09-27 14:05:34

Downie went in with the intent to level McAmmond. Its one thing to take a man out of the play fairly but this went beyond the boundries of a clean hit. Downie also has a history of cheap shots. I say 20 games in the sin bin to send a clear message to the other head hunters in the NHL. We don't need a reincarnation of the 70's Broad Street Bullies.

What if it was Crosby that got leveled? Not a good thing for hockey IMO.
Dave, 2007-09-27 13:54:44

See this is the tricky thing... it was not an elbow to the head nor was there a stick used, it was a hard check that McAmmond took to the head. Is there a clear rule in the NHL that states "no head shots" which means not even clean checks with the shoulder? I dont think there is, if so then yes there is no other option but to suspend him. Because this is such a gray area the NHL finds its self in a fine mess.

For the sake of the debate lets say he did clearly jump. Ok fine, 2min penalty for charging, just like any other person have gotten in the past or should get in the future. Attempt to injure is a wrong call to make really, unless it was a blatant elbow or stick used to hurt someone. A hard check should not be deemed as an attempt to injure, its part of the game.

Because the NHL isnt really sure on where to stand, here we are debating our personal opinions on the matter. The NHL needs to wake up and make a final stance on this, if not then we're info a long season.
CHACHI, 2007-09-27 13:23:58

To say live by the code, die by the code, is, to me, a moronic belief system. Regardless of whether his skates left the ice, or barely left the ice, does not negate the fact that their was certainly an intent to injure. Hockey is not, nor has it ever been, a sport in which injuring another player was it's intent. The intent is to display skill, and win games. And once a player gets on the ice and intentionally attempts to take another player out, damages the sport and the perception of the sport to others.

As much as I would like to see Downie "Get what's coming to him", it still does not solve anything, and will only result in likely more players getting injured.

Intentional blows to the head should be immediate ban from the league. Simple as that. Let the skilled players continue to play.

The best way to show the NHLPA that the league means business is to ban downie from the league. That way it will make the rest of the players think twice about head hunting.

Kick him out!

Dallas, 2007-09-27 13:22:29

One thing I never did see here was Scott Stevens on Lindros. Sure, it was a clean hit, but Stevens saw him with his head down and went for him. When the intent is to throttle someone the cleanliness of the hit should be ignored. I saw the Downie hit and at first thought he left his feet after or as a result of the contact. He shouldn't be given a harsh suspension because he was playing hard and vying for a spot in the big leagues, and it's not like he swung a stick or threw and elbow. Maybe the league should look at McGrattan and others who are already issuing the threats and remind them that they are professionals and there is no place in the league for that.
dave, 2007-09-27 13:04:49

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