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Should Downie be suspended for his hit on McAmmond?
Wed, September 26, 2007

Dean McAmmond was taken off the ice on a stretcher and transported to hospital after suffering a concussion following a dirty hit to the head 2:39 into the second period by Philly's Steve Downie.

Downie, who was drafted in the first round by the Flyers in the 2005, earned a reputation with the OHL's Peterborough Petes and Kitchener Rangers for being a hit-and-run artist.

Do you think Downie is a hit-and-run artist, or a gritty forward who always finishes his checks? Should he be suspended for the hit? Have your say in our forum.

Hey Downie, heads up


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Lemieux on Draper

Domi on Neidermayer

Bertuzzi on Moore

All despicable acts.

All offenders were not dealt with harshly enough.

Does anyone really think that Downie will get any kind of substantive penalty?

This is the only professional league that can't even get the in-play calls right, never mind the off-ice business.
colin, 2007-09-26 22:02:39

There have been a lot of hits like Downie's in the past, some disciplined, some not. A lot of things happened in the past were tolerated, that doesn't mean we keep on doing them. Good hit, tough hit, whatever, the supposed objective of the hit is to separate the player from the puck to gain possession of it. McCammond didn't have the puck and the hit was intended to demolish the player as retaliaton for the Schubert bodycheck. Downie and others hope they don't end a career, but if they do, so what, It's part of the game. Forget what players have done in the past, if this type of hit is not reigned in, someone will eventually die, and then what will happen to our game. It is inevitable with the size and speed of the modern player, and when it happens, the game will change forever. If you don't see that, question why you watch every live game through netting.
Rick Delenardo, 2007-09-26 21:38:58

What do you expect from a goon with no brains?
Feldwebel Wolfenstool, 2007-09-26 20:31:19

I really started to dislike Downie when he was involved in that hazing incident on his junior team's bus. He has a ton of talent, but I will never be able to like him.
larry, 2007-09-26 20:27:13

Bottom line is that McGratton got hit by Downie while he didn't have possession of the puck - that's an illegal hit every time! What makes Downie’s action so reprehensible is that he illegally hit the guy, without any sort of restrain or respect for a fellow player wellbeing. A 25 game suspension would be appropriate. Players need to take responsibility for their actions. Personally, I think any hit to the head should be disallowed, even if the player is in possession of the puck head down. If not, someone's going to get killed sooner or later.


patrick gagne, 2007-09-26 20:18:21

At the world juniors Steve Downey was one of our heroes - feisty, a combattant, one of the good Canadian boys. Last night, Steve Downey showed the worst a good Canadian boy could offer,leaving his feet and charging a shoulder into what amounted to a defenseless opponent ( because of the nature of the play and location ). Bobby Clarke must have been grinning like the grinch from wherever he was sitting and watching. I don't expect hockey to be so

regulated and policed that it looks like Olympic ice dancing, I like a good hard fought game with tough checks and if a fight were to break out - so be it.

Steve Downey deserves to be suspended severely - and fined. There is no place in hockey for a play like that. The NHL should set an example with Downey,

warn regular players that they set an example with a player that was most likely a farm league player

for this year, and that the next incident will merit a 10% increase in suspension time and larger fine for NHL league roster players regardless of stature or experience.

Downey should be suspended 25 games for the hit at the NHL level and subjected to a suitable fine, reflecting his income level. There is no place in hockey for headhunters. If the NHL brass does not set a severe example, and inctrase punishment for following incidents for hits such as this; we just may witness murder while watching our beloved game.

Habsfan, 2007-09-26 20:14:00

That jackass Downie left his feet aiming for McAmmond's head. The moron should be kicked out for the entire season. The NHL has got to (finally) get serious with goofs like Downie (and, let's be fair, that empty-headed goon Neil for his cowardly hit on Drury last season) who aim for an opponent's head. (One commentator who described what Downie did as a "clean hit" either saw a different game or he's as stupid as Downie.) If Bettman and company want the NHL's fan base made up exclusively of neanderthals with the collective intelligence of a rock, then fine, leave Dummie, er, Downie, alone. But the problem will be that NHL hockey will be left to compete with tiddywinks for a television audience. Too many of these so-called "tough guys" wear jerseys with their IQs as uniform numbers. Colin Campbell has to tell Downie to crawl back into his cave and wait a year.

Butch F., 2007-09-26 19:48:03

15 games if he plays in the nhl 50000 dollar fine if he is in the minors. he is a dirty hockey player we all know it.
steven warren, 2007-09-26 19:24:18

I think he should be suspended as he did intend to hurt and I also think the Chris Neil's should pipe down because they think the same way. In the leaf sens game erlier this week he jumped up to hit McCabe behind the leafs net and sent him hard int the boards head first it could have been much worse. The refs need to call before someone gets hurt and yes I am a leafs Fan!
Dennis, 2007-09-26 19:07:33

Downie wasn't parallel to the ice when the hit was made. It's tough to tell _exactly_ where his skate blades were, but almost all of that body-flying action occurred _after_ the hit. One could argue that it's almost impossible to deliver any kind of vicious hit without ending up leaving your feet *after the hit*. And, let's be clear - most players DREAM about being able to line up a player and deliver a crunching check. It's part of the game, in the NHL at least.

The hypocrisy in the comments of (mostly) Sens fans, and several players from across the league stinks to high heaven.

This is the game the NHL has become - punish your opponent as much as you physically can.

Until players like Todd Bertuzzi face justice for _almost killing someone_, the NHL is a joke league.

Someone, someday, during one of these incidents, or the "retaliation" for one of these incidents is going to be killed or maimed for life. It's almost happened already.

Enough hypocrisy already.

Forty games for crosschecking, slashing or elbowing someone in the head, for the first offense. A full season for a second offense. Banishment from the league for a third. Similar numbers for any hit deemed "intent to injure" (low-bridging, hitting from behind). Automatic suspensions for threatening retaliation. Until punishments are meted out in a drastically increased fashion, things will continue to spiral out of control.

Until then, quit whining. It's embarrassing.

Chris, 2007-09-26 19:04:59

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