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Should Downie be suspended for his hit on McAmmond?
Wed, September 26, 2007

Dean McAmmond was taken off the ice on a stretcher and transported to hospital after suffering a concussion following a dirty hit to the head 2:39 into the second period by Philly's Steve Downie.

Downie, who was drafted in the first round by the Flyers in the 2005, earned a reputation with the OHL's Peterborough Petes and Kitchener Rangers for being a hit-and-run artist.

Do you think Downie is a hit-and-run artist, or a gritty forward who always finishes his checks? Should he be suspended for the hit? Have your say in our forum.

Hey Downie, heads up


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What the Canadian people need to remember is a "cough, cough" gentleman (and I'll use that word very loosely) by the name of Tie Domi-- who made a living out of the similiar hits that Steve Downie laid Dean McAmmond with. Tie Domi was a coward, a thug, and has never scored more than 104 goals in his career but always seemed to be in the middle of everything. That's what drew the attention of the Flyers to Steve Downie.... those same physical attributes. Was the hit on Dean McAmmond right? That's debatable...... but it is no different than what Tie Domi made a career out of doing to many a unsuspecting player. If Steve Downie is a coward and a thug, then Tie Domi was the biggest coward and thug ever to lace up a pair a skates and act like he could play hockey. And I mean EVER!!!! Stopping the crying Ottawa-All I have to say is Chris Neill!!! Or did the people of Ottawa forget that fast???? It was just last year people. The blind side hit that Chris Neill gave to the Buffalo Sabre (I believe it was Chris Drury)? Stop the cryin peeps hitting is part of hockey. Hockey players get hit, they get hurt, they play again until they retire. That's the life cycle of a hockey player. All hockey players know that they can get hurt while playing the game that they love. They accept that. So should the NHL and the cry babies from Ottawa. It is a different story when it happens to one of your players--isn't it? I call that Karma!!! It's a shame that it wasn't Chris Neil that Steve Downie laid out!
Jeff, 2007-09-30 09:41:09

There is no consistency in the punishments handed down by the powers-that-be in the NHL.

Downie makes an aggressive hit that needs to be discouraged - 20 games.

Downie makes similar hits during World Junior appearances - he's a national hero.

Granted it was a different time in the NHL, but Scott Stevens makes a career out of hits like Downie's - hall of fame induction this November.

Pronger's antics mentioned numerous times on previous posts - 1 game each during last year's playoffs.

Mark Bell charged with DUI to serve six months in prison after the 2007/2008 season - in a disgusting display of piling on, NHL gives him 15 games without pay.

Danny Heatley kills a man in a childish and irresponsible driving tragedy - welcome back to the NHL with open arms.

Go figure!

And yes, I am a Leaf fan.

Jake, 2007-09-29 14:40:59

Timmy, the NHL needs downie like it needs a hole in the head. There have been more than enough of his type of player, dirty.

Hopefully he gets sent down to the AHL, gets tired of the bus rides and quits hockey.
Scott, 2007-09-29 11:25:36

Plain and simple,the brass at the NHL head office want ALL contact out of the league.In 20 years,there will be women in the league.
Jeff, 2007-09-29 11:04:46

There is no place in the NHL for a moron like Downie. He is lucky he only got 20 games, but thats just part 1 of 2 penalties Im sure. Part 2 will be McGratton and or McNeill!
Gary, 2007-09-29 09:47:23

Brent Sutter and Canada's gold winning junior team needed Downie so does the NHL.
Timmy, 2007-09-29 08:52:40

All said and done...I would rather watch a team of Downie's play then a team of McAmmond's. Hockey can be boring and is very expensive to watch. Hockey is losing its fan base. Entertainment is what it is all about. Why pay a lot of money to be bored. Good hit Downie!!
Mike, 2007-09-29 00:09:56

To Rob

since I wrote my previous comment I seen a interview with McAmmond on TV.. humm, it was at a team practice.. if his injury is SOOOO serious what is he doing on the ice?? not too smart eh?? what about McAmmond's other concussions? did those players get 20 games? nope and why. ottawa brass didn't whine loud enough. yep the louder they whine the tougher the suspensions. been going on there for a few years now. they learned their lessons and they finally whined loud enough to get a player who has never played in the nhl 20 games. the brass should be proud they did this and even threatened retaliation and got no fines. way to go. glad their players aren't whiners. hey what if he had played a year? bet it wouldnt have been so harsh. something is very wrong here. why was there no penalty when downie took a cheap shot at the other end. and what about the fight afterwards? ottawa third man in? no penalties. come on whats with all this? 3 games should be sufficent for charging because he left his feet.. smaller guys often do that on bigger guys.. hey and what if he didnt leave his feet? the result of the hit would've been the same. but it would've been called a great clean hit.
Ronald, 2007-09-28 23:35:02

I have been a Bellevile bulls fan for years. I have watched Downie play many times.He hits and runs.He is a cheap shot artist.I hope the OHL lays another suspension on him.Mc ammond could have been crippled for life just because Downie acted like a goon.I think he got exactly what he deserverd.If I were him i would be looking over my shoulder. He is a marked man and it looks good on him.
Bob, 2007-09-28 23:32:46

the nhl give this guy twenty games , but give pronger 1 game for the exact same thing to the same guy what a joke. the nhl is on the downside. downie deserves the disapline but so did pronger.
paul, 2007-09-28 21:22:24

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