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Will the Leafs make the playoffs?
Wed, September 26, 2007

The Toronto Maple Leafs are skating into the NHL season with a new mindset and it is going to make a difference.

A year ago, they set their collective goal low. They talked about having to plug away in a dogfight for a playoff spot and, with injuries playing no small role, they fell just short for the second year in a row.

Leafs keep familiar cast


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I like the Toronto I grew up with, and a fan base that knew every player & their stats. Toronto's culture has changed so much, most people don't even care about hockey or if the Leafs make the playoffs.
Jim, 2007-10-15 16:46:26

To Gary

Thank you for saying what we all have been thinking for the last 15 years or so. When Dougie Gilmour took the Leafs on his back to the semi - finals two years in a row.

I can see the Leafs turning off there fans slowly every year with this poor old slow team that wont make the playoffs this year and dont have any prospects that will change things in the future.

Basketball season is just around the corner. Go Raps Go. At least they are a good exciting team to watch.
Terry, 2007-10-07 12:29:11


Good post, I agree all 3 are over rated and over paid. Overpaying is the only way any free agents will come to Toronto. They sure arent coming to be on a winner LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-10-07 01:33:27

The reason the Leafs stink is because they pay players that are second line or 4th or 5th defencemen like they are among the best in the league.

Sundin has never been a number 1 centre, and has never while a Leaf been a 100 points a year player. He isnt worth $ 5.5 million a year. Leafs should have let him go in the summer and signed a good young player and then add another one or two this summer.

McCabe is nothing more than a power play specialist. He is a joke in his own end and takes bad penalties when they are already short handed it semms. He should have been traded last year at the deadline, Islanders were interested. Even if they would have recieved only a draft pick it would clear his huge salary off the books. At $ 7 million a year he is overpaid big time.

Kubina is an average defenceman at best. He looked good in Tampa playing with a talented team. When you win everyone always looks good. He makes $ 5 million a year.

So Sundins $ 5.5 mill, Mccabes $ 7 mill and Kubinas $ 5 mill take up $ 17.5 mill US a year, roughly one third of the team payroll. There are better players that were available that could have been signed and started the rebuilding finally.

Until they get there act together I will not go to any games or buy any merchandise of any kind. They truly dont care about the loyal diehard fans and havent in a long long time.

Gary, 2007-10-06 16:44:49

It's not very nice of me, but I really enjoy all of this hand-wringing that the Maple Leafs generate.

It's lucky for MLSEL that Toronto has such a large population because in any other city, a franchise this consistently bad would have been gone extinct long ago.

I hope that these past few years of Maple Leaf futility help the city of Ottawa to shed the last of its embarrasing legion of Leaf fans. It defies logic that they exist in a city that boasts one of the classiest, talented and well-run teams in the entire league (maybe even all of professional sports).

I get the loyalty thing, but it's still wrong to cheer for some other city's players, especially when they play your home town team. Cheer for the team whose players pay taxes here, who visit your kids in the local hospitals and who donate time and money to charities in your very own city. What the hell have the Maple Leafs ever done for Ottawa?

I remember once watching Don Cherry on HNIC defending himself for being openly pro-Toronto during broadcasts. To paraphrase him, he said "of course I cheer for the Maple Leafs. I LIVE here - they're MY team!" He then slapped his hand on the desk for emphasis and said "you should always cheer for the team from the city in which you live!"

I acknowledge that these arguments might be lost on Ottawa's Leaf fans. Not to slag anyone, but they're not the Bay Street types that you see sitting in the lower bowl at the ACC. The Leaf fans in Ottawa are the tow-truck driving, drywaller, plumber, HVAC kind of guys. The mullet is still pretty popular with that crowd. Real nice guys, for sure, but people who prefer "the simple life", if you know what I mean. I do know one Toronto fan in Ottawa who has a University degree (and I am sure that there are a handful more) but he was born and raised in Toronto, so that makes sense to me. It's the ones who were born and raised here that raise my hackles.

Some of this is the fault of Ottawa fans too. They have allowed Leaf fans to run around Scotiabank Place uncontested for years. It's pretty wimpy, actually. I'm pretty sure that this kind of thing wouldn't go on in Philly or Chicago. Not for long, anyway.

By the way - I wasn't always a Senators fan. They earned my respect the hard way. I was a huge Toronto fan back in the day of Rick Vaive, Gary Leeman and Wendel Clark. But, Ottawa got a team of its own and it was time to move on.

Please think about this. Leaf fans. How would you feel about 6,000 Buffalo fans showing up at the ACC for every single Sabres/Leafs game, year in and year out?

That's what I thought.
Rush2112, 2007-10-06 01:44:13

The Leafs have a chance to make the playoffs only if the other clubs in the eastern conference, most who are significantly better than the Leafs, have a significant collapse. This roster is not a playoff roster. It wasn't last year and it isn't this year. I hope it doesn't become fact, but this season has the possibility of turning real ugly in a hurry. If that is the case, then tell me in the second half of the season how difficult it is to get Leaf tickets. Not very. I hope that Paul Maurice survives. I believe he is an excellent coach.
Jeff Ostic, 2007-10-05 21:27:23

Make the playoffs? Are we talking about the Leafs playing hockey? Perhaps if Richard Peddie and J.Ferguson Jr. were replaced by real hockey people, Coach Maurice could set his goals higher. Two additions and a con? Is that all Fergie did all summer? No wonder a team with an illustrious past (and I mean PAST) is in the state it is in.
Ward Moroz, 2007-10-02 17:10:17

Will the Leafs make the playoffs....Has hell frozen over?
Hopper, 2007-10-02 12:06:18

Make the playoffs? Sure, why not. Top 8 teams make it, so eventually you have to get there no matter how bad you are.

Will they do anything when they get there? No. Why even bother if your goal is to make the playoffs, call that good enough, and bow out in the first round. You might as well save your fans some heartache and just concede the playoff spot to another team.
Brian B., 2007-10-02 12:04:01

let's put the blame for the leafs poor performance were it belongs WITH OWNERS & MANAGEMENT, but not with paul maurice he is a truly great coach!
nels skaalid, 2007-10-02 11:47:33

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