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What's your reaction to the Nolan situation?
Fri, August 17, 2007

Believing he was subjected to a "racist comment" and "treated like a criminal" a native-Canadian hockey player wants answers why he was "harassed" and denied entry into Canada at a border crossing this week.

What everybody wants to know is what it was about Brandon Nolan that border officers at the crossing at the Ivy Lea Bridge, between Brockville and Kingston, didn't like?

Ted Nolan's kid felt humiliated


This comment is FULLY MODERATED.


Ted your doing it again.You committed a stereotype on Euro Canadian people.Prejudice happens to every race depending on the region and circumstance.Gone are the days in Canada when you can think all the worlds prejudice is committed by euroCanadians.With our Multiculturalism in Canada your probably going to see the same thing happen but with Arabs youths or black youths or Sikh youths .If your really serious about trying on some shoes and walking a mile,don't just wear the moccasins.
O'Neill, 2007-08-21 16:02:01

Oh goody. Just what we all need: another self-important white man in love with his reflection.

My Daddy would refer to these types as an 'educated dummy'. All school wise, but life stupid.

Norbit, are you there? You're worth talking to, you have a lot of common sense and you don't seem to be overly politically correct.

This is quite refreshing from what I've seen so far.

Claudia, 2007-08-21 14:55:13


You tried to generalize me, but your description of me is so far off it is not worth responding to anymore.
Ted Richards, 2007-08-20 18:47:32

I think by the outrage garnered by my comments, I obviously struck a nerve. Good.

First, I won't apologize for my education. I earned it, and it made me a better man. If that offends you, be offended in your own ignorance. I don't care. The best lessons I learned were not even in a classroom, but I'll expplain that later.

I am not enabling anyone. I think the number one way to "deal with" First Nations in this country is by not dealing with them at all. Allow for them to self-govern. I do not believe in an endless series of mindless cash payoffs. Teach a man to fish, and all that sort of thing.

People have asked me in the past, how can you tell a racist from anyone else if they say they are not so.

It's easy. They generalize. They say things like "those people" or "that culture".

Why am I different? I'll tell you why. Do yourself a favour and read this story:

In 1992 or 1993 (not sure which), I was going to university at the U of S in Saskatchewan. Before the start of the NHL season, the Vancouver Canucks and Dallas Stars were scheduled to play an exhibition game at SaskPlace. I was from a small town, very white, very redneck, and was proud of it. In one of my classes, though, I had befriended a First Nations person named Tom. This was a first for me. Not a huge deal, but we shared a lot of similar interests, including being fans of Pavel Bure. So we went to the game, and waited outside after, hoping to catch a glimpse of Pavel and possibly getting an autograph. He somehow slipped away.

Anyway, as Tom and I were walking back to our cars, a truckload of teenage boys rocketed by, a threw an empty beer bottle at us, screaming obscenities and calling Tom every name in the book. The bottle crashed to the ground just a few feet away from me.

I wanted blood. I would have beaten those kids had they stopped, which of course they did not.

Tom, on the other hand, was unaffected. I couldn't believe it. I asked him why. His answers still resonates with me today.

"It happens all the time."

Here's a guy going to university, trying to make a better life for himself (doing better in class than me I might add), and he's used to that kind of attack, one which I had never in my 21 years seen anything like.

One incident in 21 years, compared to his tens...hundreds. My anger was insatiable and obvious. His was unseen.

What this did to me was two things: A) it gave me insight onto the dangers of generalizing people liike those fools in the truck did to Tom, and B) it ripped my whole world view apart. I was racist before that day, really, thinking, that "Indians" were always asking for money, doing nothing, etc. Much like most Euro-Canadian people.

What I learnd is that a life spent in his shoes was worse than I could ever imagine. What kind of person would I be like if that was my life experience? Would I have been as good a man as Tom? Not likely. No, I wouldn't have been.

Unless you have truly walked a mile in someone else's shoes, their is no "they", only a person. I don't have white man's guilt, I have experience and understanding.

If you still think I am a fool, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have ever been there or given it this much thought.

Tom was singled out and attacked for the color of his skin. Not because he said something, went looking for it, or cut somebody off on the freeway. He was just there at that moment.

Has that happened to you hundreds of times in your life? Who would you be if it had?

Ted Richards, 2007-08-20 18:45:49

I don't know how people have gotten off topic so much here, but if what was reported was correct, then Nolan was mistreated and the guards should have some sort of reprimand.
Gordon S., 2007-08-20 18:42:02

Norbit you are very correct with all you said. By giving and giving and giving for no other reason than 'white man's guilt' is to also make things worse because it is like feeding a habit, an addiction.

We need to abolish the Indian act because it segregates and the days of babysitting Indians thinking they can't take care of themselves also does a big disservice. Too many come to think that all the land is theirs just by saying so; and that more money for doing nothing other than sitting on a res and complaining makes us weak because too many come to depend on it thinking that it's owed to them. Who owns the lands? The Creator, that's who. People just get to borrow it for a while.

We need leaders with courage and vision, and there hasn't been good ones in way too long. And some Chiefs really need lessons in accounting and responsibility, just like some white 'leaders'. Colour doesn't make you right, it's courage, vision and morals.
Claudia, 2007-08-20 14:09:08


You sir are the reason why natives in this country continue to be treated like second-class citizens. "Educated white men" such as yourself continually moan and wring your hands about all the evils we've done to the native peoples and think throwng money and land at them will make it all better. I don't know about you, but I've never taken land from a native, never given them firewater or small-pox infected blankets and I'm positive I've never murdered one. See what Im getting at here? The only way that prejudice against the natives will ever stop is when our country stops segregating them and paying reparations for crimes comitted by people who have been dead for decades. It's as simple as this: Stop giving them money, free health care, subsidized post-secondary education, etc. All this does is paint them as priveleged and further alienates them from society. In other words, abolish the Indian Act. It's antiquated and irrelevant and the bad by far outbalances the good it has accomplished. It's just too bad our politicians are more interested in getting votes than enacting a solution that wouldn't be politically correct but would help out our native peoples far more in the long run. Until people of a similar mind-set to Ted stop running the show, incidents like the one with Nolan will coninue to happen, not because everyone is so racist, but because well-meaning fools have turned an entire race into a target for the ignorant.
Norbit, 2007-08-20 07:38:09

How weird, I sent a comment to Ted but only the second part (the PS) got posted. I try again.

Ted: I am Metis. That gives me the right to comment about 'Indian' affair without fear of people like you throwing the word 'racist' at me and expecting me to cringe when you do.

One big irritant is watching the antics of Mohawks in Caledonia (and elsewhere when they do stupid things) and others just accept their so-called 'help' passively, thinking their 'help' is needed.

Mohawk have always been disturbers and made things worse of a mess.

What is needed is clear heads, calmer minds, and telling the self proclaimed 'helpers' to mind their own business, they're making things 100 times worse for everyone!!!

There are white cowards and there are Indian cowards in Caledonia, people who are afraid to stand up to the 'helpers' and those who stir the pot and fire off guns, frighten neighbours and block roads.

That is the Caledonia mess.

So Ted, you really need to take a pill and chill because your outrageous comment about Picton and prostitutes is NOT helpful, or pertinent to this thread.

Whites are not automatically right, nor are blacks, hispanics, Mexicans nor Indians.

Look at the situation, the actions, the facts before assuming something because you can be quite wrong.

And one other little thing- don't misquote me or my intent when trying to score points for your politically correct point of view. You wouldn't like it if I or anyone else did it.

Do you remember the Golden Rule, Ted? Try to conduct yourself better and not try to score points with half truths, out of context cut and paste and handwringing.
Claudia, 2007-08-19 11:09:52

The government is always preaching to us that everyone is equal in Canada yet their own employees are being accused of being racist.

This makes me wonder what kind of training our Border Guards go through and think the government should be more concerned with their own employees professionalism.

I agree with the person that said that the American Border Guards treat us better than our own. The Americans are more even keeled while ours have these huge egos. Get off your high horse and start acting like the professionals you are paid very well to be.

These Border Guards involved in the Brandon Nolan situation should be suspended and a full review done and if found guilty then they should be terminated.

It is disgusting behaviour for Canada that these are the first people tourists meet from America or abroad and set the tone for how they think the rest of us Canadians treat others.
James, 2007-08-19 10:58:45

And PS Ted: O'neill is right on the mark with his comment.
Claudia, 2007-08-18 18:06:46

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