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What's your reaction to the Nolan situation?
Fri, August 17, 2007

Believing he was subjected to a "racist comment" and "treated like a criminal" a native-Canadian hockey player wants answers why he was "harassed" and denied entry into Canada at a border crossing this week.

What everybody wants to know is what it was about Brandon Nolan that border officers at the crossing at the Ivy Lea Bridge, between Brockville and Kingston, didn't like?

Ted Nolan's kid felt humiliated


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To Claudia...huh? my white guilt? I have no white guilt...I'm not white.....see, I can understand Nolan's experience because I've experienced it countless times myself, but what I can't really comment on is what goes through the minds of the other side....is it really intentional? or is it being misinterpreted? I know a lot of times it seems easy to throw out the race card, and I tend to try to stay away from that, and not attribute everything to racism, or bigotry, or whatever. I try to think that either people are not all that stupid, or if given an opportunity they would realize that everyone is the same....and when it is clearly overt bigotry, I just figure that the person is just ignorant, plain and simple, in the true definition of the word, and doesn't know any better.....you are right though, it is a lot better to know a person doesn't like whatever race you are and not be a secret bigot.....
Wayne R, 2007-08-24 19:02:41

This is for Wayne: I'd like to take your question and rework it a bit both to underline your position, and to re-iterate mine. Hope you don't mind.

Your question on 'racism' seems innocent enough, but I'd like to ask this question without the politically correct spin using an emotionally charged word (racism), and replace that word with the word 'bigot' which is actually more of an accurate term because racism and bigotry are not identical in definition although they are related. It's just the word 'racism' is more popular now.

And now I'd like to answer your question from my point of view of personal experience and from observing people.

I have experience bigotry beginning when I was very young. I went home and asked my parents what a particular word meant and although I could see irritation in their faces my parents taught me two things:

1) Sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Because words are letters and sounds, not sticks and stones.

2) Everyone has human nature and everyone everyone is biased or bigotted against some person's background and if anyone says they are not biased then they're a liar and not to be trusted. Better to know a person is biased and honest about it than one who smiles to your face and sticks a knife in your back when you're off guard.

A long time ago I would shrug and smile when I'd hear stupid comments. Stupid people make stupid comments all the time. Pity them, not hate them.

Not all religions are valid, nor can they get along. Remember the old saying 'can two walk together lest they be agreed?' When you have different religions who serve different gods, this becomes a problem when one god of evil tries to pass himself off as the God of good.

Not all nationalities get along. Look at what is happening in the world. Do all the nations get along? Do you think that these nationalities will get along here? Remember my comment about poisonous plants being transplanted to good soil? Canada is good soil, but when nationalities (NATION alities) come here old wounds, gripes, hatreds come too and they bring their wars here and spread the poison. This is why in my view multiculturalism is more a dangerous idea than a good one also because people have to pretend with one another to get along or else! Or else they're labeled 'racist' or whatever and they have to go for 'sensitivity training' with another bunch of 'or elses' attached! This is so wrong on so many levels because it pushes anger and mistrust to where it is hidden to build resentment, and fear. This is not right.

Wayne people cannot really experience other people's point of view because they are what they are, and what they cannot do is live inside another person's mind or be a part of that person's experience.

What I would really like to be able to know somehow is how much 'sensitivity' another is willing to take to accomodate other nationalities before they feel they are losing a part of themself, their heritage, their identity.

I know this country is under attack from inside and outside by a mindset that would like to make everything this country stood for obsolete. It's happening, and if you all were honest you would say to yourself I am right. But does anyone know when to say 'enough' to willingly sell themself out in order to appease everyone else?

What is there that's left when you've given all there is to give of yourself?

This is how I would like to be able to start an open, honest discussion in truth, and without fear and especially without your white guilt complicating things!

Are you up for it? :)
Claudia, 2007-08-24 10:47:58

Jenson N:Did your brother lodge a complaint against the border gaurds or was he just" painfully non cooperative".
O'Neill, 2007-08-23 19:10:09

I'm curious...how many of you out there have experienced racism in your lives? actual racism....some attitude or action towards you based on your race, or the colour of your skin? just curious, because unless you've experienced other people's point of views, it's really kind of pointless to say they are completely wrong in matters like this...and that goes for anybody, not just people who have experienced racism.
Wayne R, 2007-08-23 14:25:22

People that scream the loudest about their 'rights' and 'civil rights violations' are the least likely to know what their responsibilities are.

PS I don't believe your story there are too many things that don't make sense.

IF any of this were to have happened, the guards were ALWAYS within their rights to do that which is required by their sworn duty to uphold the laws. Period.
Claudia, 2007-08-23 00:38:48

as someone who lives about 25 minutes south of the ogdensburg bridge, that these guys can be serious nutjobs. the power trips are horrific... my brother is a 23yo guy, no priors, no issues... not even a minority! there had been a huge drug bust in buffalo so they were lookin to get some glory or something.. they thought he had drugs so they stripped him, kept him handcuffed in his underwear and searched his van for 4 hours... after xraying and chemical sniffing, they started to tear it apart looking for money. the one guard doing the interrogation threatened to do a search that can be "real painful if you don't cooperate", etc. basically 4 hours of psychological torture for NOTHING! his crime? he was driving his mom's van. a white guy in a van must be running drugs, right? he was scared to cross the border for 2 years because of these guys. nothing was done. they have ultimate power... they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT to you in the name of security. people with the ultimate power look for excuses to tear people down, regardless of color, race, etc. when is someone going to regulate this? maybe now that someone famous has been harrassed something will be done about all these civil rights violations.
Jensen N., 2007-08-22 17:50:18

I think that there should be a lot less concern about 'sensitivity training' and a whole lot more concern about keeping this country safe..

Do you think terrorists who want to hurt this country are concerned with if there has been enough sensitivity? I do not think so.

This is my second comment on your comment Pat, I do not know if the moderators are afraid of what I wrote about sensitivity or what.

But I am worried about what is happening to this country because of the fear of offending someone, and that watching who comes in and out of our borders, and those who want to harm Canada are farther back in the way of thinking.

I do know that people are so afraid of race, and colour. And I am afraid that that fear is going to cause our country a great harm one day if people don't wake up and start telling the truth without fear.

Why can't we just talk and try to remain colourblind?

Anyway - I think this idea of sensitivity training is a disaster. It makes people more afraid of one another.
Claudia, 2007-08-22 15:40:20

People should be LESS concerned with 'sensitivity training' and be more concerned with Canadian Security.

The law is colour blind. People need to act that way too. Then maybe we'll actually one day walk on the road to sanity together instead of making things worse tripping over each other trying to be 'sensitive' and aggravating tensions.
Claudia, 2007-08-22 14:04:12

I don't know about the racial implications but I do know that I found in my several occasions to encounter border guards could all use sensitivity training. They seem to think they are all knowing and act rudely often. I woulds look at the management of the border guards.
Pat, 2007-08-22 12:18:17

Thank you, O'Neill for a really wise observation!! I'll talk with you if you like -

Amazing! I've only seen two people so far with common sense. My very wise father has a saying for everything, and he's fond of saying that common sense isn't so common any more, it's rare.

What bugs me is that in any other circumstance people jump on the 'guilty until proven innocent', but when it comes to anything Indian all of a sudden irrational white guilt comes running up and kidnaps common sense!

We can see this is really phony, and some actually mock and make fun of white guilt. How else do you think that pointing a finger and claiming it's 'ours' works so well?

We're divided too. The things I'm hearing at the drop-in center & shelter is that so many whites have porridge for brains.

Look, I'm not trying to be mean. I'd just like to have a bit of open and honest talking without the stupidity of white guilt, but with the light of truth no matter how uncomfortable it is.

But the worst is the paternalistic Indian Act. Maybe one time a long time ago under different circumstances it did some good. But my opinion? It has kept us from reaching a potential because too many don't want to leave the res and get an education so that we can stand as equals, there's too much easy 'benefit's, but nothing to do, no vision from our leaders (or yours), no real guidance just a lot of moaning. And so because too many are on the res with no outlook, no real meaning in life, too many drink, do drugs, too much brutality and violence, divorce and suicide.

Getting off the res is only a start. And oh by the way if someone wants to point fingers about alcoholism and drug abuse look to yourself. Your culture of bars, restaurants, taverns and so on has turned a lot of your brains to pickles too.

So if someone wants to talk, not preach, not wring their hands, I'll talk with you. If someone is going to blow their horn about how wonderful they are, and how pure their white guilt is I'm gonna ignore you completely.

AND I can say from my chair that multiculturalism is to blame for some of the violence and problems in society because when people bring their grudges and hatreds and ancient, tribalistic animosities over, all the do is transplant a poisonous plant in new soil and soon it takes over and chokes the good plants, the good people.

But going back to Nolan, I think those officers are going to be the sacrificial sheep in an attempt to appease the politically correct and in hopes that the problems won't make things worse in places like Caledonia where its' like an armed camp.

Yes there is two worlds, both unequal, two laws, and it's wrong.

You cannot change the past, you can only look forward and make the best of your circumstances. To continually point fingers of 'blame' is to make sure you'll never succeed.
Claudia, 2007-08-22 10:42:26

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