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Is Becks more pop star than player?
Sun, March 9, 2008

Pele is not impressed with Becks. The legendary soccer superstar has blasted David Beckham as being "more pop star than player" in his belated season with the L.A. Galaxy, which is scheduled to play Toronto FC at BMO Field on Sunday.

Beckham is nursing a sore ankle and did not accompany the team to Dallas yesterday for a Superliga tournament game against FC Dallas. And he is not likely to play against Toronto.

Pele to Beckham: Grow up


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Hey D the soccer fan, wake up! Americans slam hockey all the time. They have since the beginning. Most hockey fans don't flip out when we hear negative comments about our sport. Whereas soccer fans tend to go balistic when confronted with negative views regarding their "beautiful game". While I respect your opinion that soccer is more exciting to watch than NFL football or NHL hockey, I can assure you with all certainty that your position on this is shared by very few. I can tell just by your silly diatribe that YOU! my friend, are the one who is misinformed. Now, calm down, have a cup of tea,and read your Lady Diana book.
Guy from Ottawa, 2008-03-15 14:05:35


Finally --- thank you for a sensible, well reasoned post. I agree with you that it is not part of north american culture, I can accept that.

But when other people in this forum slam the sport in its entirety from the grass roots up (and not just for what the pro leagues have turned it into at the highest level), they are attacking a cultural icon of millions of people around the world. Picture an American slamming hockey as boring and dirty, and you will know how I felt when I read some of those posts.

D the soccer fan, 2008-03-13 15:38:44

Dwain: I have nothing against the game of hockey (the non NHL type), but it does not deserve to be an olympic sport when only 3-6 countries dominate it every time. Other sports got removed for that reason.

Billy: At least we agree on Beckham and Pele.. But what is so wrong with a sport that is universal to women and children? Oh, I know, it has be up to north american MALE standards to be a real sport i.e. (sarcasm on) Hit someone! Punch someone! Take those steriods! See those half naked cheerleaders! Change the rules around every six months to make the game "more exciting"! That's a real sport --- yeah! And no, NO ONE EVER takes a dive, fakes an injury, fights with other fans or cheap shots an opponent in north american sports (sarcasm off).

Finally Norbit, your post is so misinformed, I dont know where to start criticizing it.

You try to tell me that Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Rooney and Henry are better players than Beckham. Exactly how much credibility does your opinion have when you cannot even watch a full game without "falling asleep"?

Back in his prime (and not counting today --- again, I acknoledge he is over the hill), Beckham had the ability to do things that Ronaldo, Rooney and others do not --- he can cross the ball accurately on a dead run, he has pin point accuracy, he was not a defensive liability, he was one of the best mid-field marshalls (quarterback, for you north americans) in Europe, and is not a diver like other players. Yes, he cashed in on his fame, but it is not his fault he can market himself well!

Then, your disrespectful comment about him "skewering" a Spice Girl. U must have been one of the people who disprespected Janet Gretzky in the same manner when she married Wayne, and moved him to LA. Here is the truth: Beckham is British. He was captain of the English team for years. Know anything about England? They don't just make any stiff with a famous wife their football captain. They are passionate about their sport, they are pickier about their FOOTBALLING talent than we are about who puts on that hockey Canada shirt. An entire country cannot be wrong, but you sir, certainly can be. So put that in YOUR pipe and smoke it.
D the Soccer Fan, 2008-03-13 15:31:35

Canadians and Americans are for the most part, not interested in adult soccer.

It's not part of our culture really, whereas over in Britain and Europe and other parts of the world it is.

The game seems boring unless you are a fan of technical skills like ball handling and such. Not many great chances or shots on net in most games.

I also think that people over here dislike the faking of injuries when a guy gets kicked in the shin. Hockey players are a lot tougher in my opinion.

To me, hockey is the most exciting and fastest team sport.
gordholio, 2008-03-13 13:57:17

Norbit is right. Soccer is not entertaining, which is why the brain-dead idiots who go to games have to drink themselves sick to have fun, which for most soccer fans is fighting in the stands, knocking out what remaining rotten teeth they might have before they spew chunks on their girlfried/sister.

Soccer is a game for women and children which is proved by the male players letting their long greasy hair flow over thier earrings and necklaces. Whenever they get touched they drop to the ground, writhe around and scream like sissies.

Having said that, Beckham was never the most naturally talented player in the world, but he worked his ass off, got paid a ton of money to win trophies (with Man U., not England) married a pop star and is now living the good life. He accomplished the American dream long before he came to America.

Pele on the other hand oozed talent but let his handlers squander any money he ever got, even though he was the trendsetter when it came to retiring in the USA in your 30s.

Even though Pele got the international trophis, he seems a but jealous of what Beckham did for himself.

Billy, 2008-03-12 20:06:14

D the Soccer Fan:

You say: "It has to be dominated by white Americans/Canadians, not by ethnic minorities or international players. No, that does not sound like soccer (but it does describe baseball, football and hockey)."

Uh, have you watched either baseball or football lately? Clearly you haven't, because those sports are pretty much eually dominated by white and non-white people alike. Yes, hockey is mostly caucasians still but that is due mainly to the fact that minorities usually choose to play other sports,(like baseball, football and basketball). What is hockey supposed to do? Beg them to play it? Complexity? lol! Soccer may be the easiest sport to understand that I've ever seen. Football(the north american kind) is far more difficult to learn, even just the rules without even getting into the miles-deep strategy. Hockey is also a lot more complex than soccer, but it actually has a large base in Europe. The violence being a pre-requisite..hmmm, I've witnessed footage of riots, fires and death at soccer matches from the fans, and as for in the game itself, well, does Zizi ring a bell? Or perhaps any of the multitude of vicious, crippling tackles I've seen guys take in the legs? Vinnie Jones? Soccer has plenty of violence, just a cheap more gutless sort. The beer comment...so I suppose people don't drink at soccer matches eh? or when they're watching it at home,or in a pub...lol. On a similar point I suppose next you think that no soccer player has ever taken a performance enhancing drug either..lol. Either you are incredibly naive or just blindly stupid.

I'm not sure how you can claim soccer is exciting in any way, shape or form. As an avid sports fan I gave it more than a fair shake and watched every game from the last 2 World Cups and any Premiership matches I could find. End result? I literally fell asleep in at least a third of those games I witnessed because they were so incredibly boring. Run this way, run that way, stop, run this way etc etc. You know a sport is boring when games end in 0-0 ties and highlights consist of footage from goals ALMOST scored. I don't argue that it is the most popular sport in the world, but thats because it has no competition anywhere(asides from cricket and rugby, I love rugby) and any North American sports that try are usually poo-poohed simply because they are north american.

As for Beckham, he is a tool who was a fair soccer player then gained notoriety because he started skewering a Spice Girl. Rooney is better than Beckham ever was, but Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Henry own them both.

Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it you smug little knothead.
Norbit, 2008-03-12 19:37:53

D the Soccer Fan

I don't know where you got your points from but they are good for a laugh. Are you aware that they play hockey in the olimpics? Did you know that natives play hockey? That means that there are other people than white north americans playing. Are you really just pissed because you can't afford to play hockey?? Where is the violence in curling, and golf? and yes curling is very big in canada.

oh and as a side note if Mario Lemieux came back from retirment to play for the oilers I would cry. There is a reason he retired. But if you want to watch him play they still have the old timers games.

Dwain, 2008-03-12 18:22:39

LOL to those who said he has no talent or athletic ability. Beckham was actually one of the top players in the world in his prime. Yes, he is an over the hill, injury prone player now, and yes, the LA Galaxy thing is all about image and money. So who cares? If Mario Lemieux made a comeback and played on your NHL team tomorrow, you people would crap your pants to get hands on tickets.

Now onto why no one cares about soccer here. Boring? Perhaps, but definitely more exciting than an NFL game. Aside from the one big pass or sack that makes the highlights, the whole game consists of a running back charging into a bunch of linemen play after play. yawn. NHL hockey has never gotten rid of the trap as much as they tried, and baseball will even bore a golf fan to tears.

So why do North Americans not like soccer? North Americans idolize sports that are: 1) ideal only for the rich, where the equipment and league fees are much more expensive, 2) Violence is a necessary part of the game, 3) Steroids/drugs are a pre-requisite at the pro level, 4) It must have the same entertainment value as pro wrestling, 5) Beer has to be consumed to enjoy watching it, and 6) It has to be dominated by white Americans/Canadians, not by ethnic minorities or international players. No, that does not sound like soccer (but it does describe baseball, football and hockey). Sports like basketball and cricket will always take a backseat because of the same reasons.

D the Soccer fan, 2008-03-11 10:10:48

I think there is a little jealousy from Pele. He never got that kind of money. Basic rule in life Pele, if you ain't got nothin nice to say.....
wayne, 2008-03-11 09:15:54

Let's be honest, we're only talking about this Beckham character because his wife was a Spice Girl. Nobody in North America gives a rat's behind about soccer and we never will.

How often do we see Beckham highlights on the morning sports? NEVER. So we aren't talking about him because of what he does on the field. He's no different than a "Big Brother" or "Survivor" cast member.
Tommy, 2008-03-10 20:53:12

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