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Is Becks more pop star than player?
Sun, March 9, 2008

Pele is not impressed with Becks. The legendary soccer superstar has blasted David Beckham as being "more pop star than player" in his belated season with the L.A. Galaxy, which is scheduled to play Toronto FC at BMO Field on Sunday.

Beckham is nursing a sore ankle and did not accompany the team to Dallas yesterday for a Superliga tournament game against FC Dallas. And he is not likely to play against Toronto.

Pele to Beckham: Grow up


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Viva La Copa

Your a funny guy. It is argued who acually invented hockey. However it did come from a sport that was played in scotland I believe. I have forgotten what it was called but if you do a quick search on the history of hockey it will tell you all about it. Also Basket ball was developed / invented in canada and if you watch that at all (I don't). You will see we don't do really well at that. There's north american football, I don't know you invented that one but we don't do well at that, Baseball I won't even touch. I sure would like to see these sport that we invent and do well at. Could you back your words up with some proof?
Dwain, 2008-04-02 10:54:07

beckham sucks england fan, ur country cant even get into europe copa with him! now u get italian coach to help win games, good. all u need is italian brazilian french portugese & spanish players on team! LOL

stop argue with canadiens about futbal cause they r only good at sports they invent, not sports everyone plays
VIVA LA COPA!, 2008-04-01 10:24:43

Ah poor D, so much under assault yet still trying to be right even when you're clearly wrong. I may have fallen asleep in a great many soccer games I attempted to watch but even I know that pretty much everyone would agree that Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, etc. are in a different class than Beckham ever was. He may be a good mid-field marshall but his talents never really went to far beyond that. As for Britons being picky about their national team, tell me: how many World Cups did England win with Beckham around? When is the last time they won one period? Canada winning World Cups, World Juniors and even Olympic Gold happens regularily, so why does England never win at their national sport? Just a question...

Janet Gretzky never made Wayne go anywhere genius..does Peter Pocklington ring a bell? You're drop-dead wrong there, so I will just leave it at that.

As for us respecting the monarchy I say this: flush out your head-gear you silly little man. the monarchy means almost nothing to almost every Canadian citizen, except that we can be annoyed by ceremonial positions like Governor-General and Lieutenant-Governor eating up our tax dollars. Face it, your precious Queen is a joke over here and this country is run by politicians now...much like merry old England. Now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it slapnuts.
Norbit, 2008-03-25 19:38:01

D the Soccer fan

There was lots of tickets sold for that LA-Vancouver game. However what you were missing is that everyone was calling it Beckham tickets. It was all over the radio. They were giving some away also promoting it as Beckham tickets. They could have just been there to play poker for all everyone cared.

Your referance about only six countries being good at hockey and games being removed from the olimpics for that is ubserd. Look at figure skating, diving, running, skiing. The list goes on and on and on. Countries that don't get snow don't do so well at winter sport and vice versa.
Dwain, 2008-03-25 14:39:45

Guy from Ottawa: No tongue in cheek, I was 100% serious. And I won't respond to your comment about the monarchy, it speaks for itself.

Soccer not needed? Right then. I know a bit about your city, and I think a high profile soccer match could put the empty football stadium on Colonel By Drive to good use. Before you say it wouldn't sell, look how many tickets were sold in Edmonton for the LA-Vancouver (Beckham) friendly. That's no rubbish!
D the Soccer fan, 2008-03-19 14:34:32

D the soccer fan --Oh dea, oh dea. Surely your comments are tongue and cheek D. Regardless, please spare me with your rubbish regarding royalty. Canadians feel insulted when this rich old lady is referred to as our head of state. Tradition aside, they serve no purpose other than travelling the globe, attending ceremonies, cutting ribbons, and flaunting their wealth. I believe they are good people,but like soccer, they are not needed. Pity!
Guy from Ottawa, 2008-03-19 13:04:57

RJ, no, I did not "insalt" myself. That is what I was doing, sipping tea and reading my book on an English legend. I am not ashamed of the British influence, Canada is part of the Commonwealth, the Queen of England is YOUR head of state. I wish there was more respect shown to the motherland here, be it tea or footb.. er, soccer.

And yes, you made the point about the Russians leading the NHL in points. But when I say 'dominate', I refer also to participation numbers (representation).

D the Soccer fan, 2008-03-19 09:57:15

D soccer fan,

You do no you just insalted your self in your comment towards gut from Ottawa.

And my point wasn't about how many North Americans play hockey, its about how many other players from around the world play, you also say white notrth americans dominate it, well look at the top two piont leaders and and goal leaders. the top two in each of those catagories are Russian, i put that in my last comment. The best defenceman in the leauge is Swedish and you still say it is dominated by north americans.

Even with basketball, i gets on the highlight reels, amybe hockey and curling beats it on the CANADIEN stations becyase they are CANADIEN sports. Understand it.

RJ, 2008-03-18 17:46:11

Guy from Ottawa: I respect your opinion too, but you misread us footie fans just a tad. And FYI, I AM sipping my tea, and bollocks, my book is on the Dynamite kid, Diana's book is for the wife).

RJ - I NEVER said baseball and hockey were racist sports. I said these sports were still dominated by white North Americans (look again at your list -- the numbers from Canada/US speak for itself). Is there anything wrong with this? NO. Does this make the sport racist? NO. But I did cite it as one of the reasons north americans love these sports and not true international sports like soccer.

Don't beleive it? Take basketball. Another true international game, even with a North American presence (NBA). Tough athletes, physical, high scoring and fast paced game. Why is it not as popular as NFL, MLB or NHL? Why is it always relegated to highlights behind curling, NASCAR and the Toronto maple leafs (????!!!) on the morning highlites?
D the Soccer fan, 2008-03-17 10:21:30

D soccer fan,

Are you trying to say that hockey and baseball is racist sports! You must be an idiot on drugs, did you do your researchbefore makeing such a stupid comment! there is one goalie from Japan, the top two leaders in scoring are Russian! One player is from Slovenia! Here is a list of all the contries and how many players there are from it:

Auistia: 1 Belarus: 3

Brazil: 1 Canada: 377

Switzerland: 3

Czech Republic: 51

Finland: 30 France: 1

Germany: 8 Kazakhstan:1

Latvia: 3 Norway: 1

Russia: 29 Slovakia:18

Slovenia: 1 Sweden: 46

UN: 1 Ukraine: 3

US: 153 Lithuania: 1

How is that, that is a list of all the active nhl players.

As for Baseball, you look that one up because there is almost as many as hockey.
RJ, 2008-03-16 08:13:11

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