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Is this a good move by Kevin Lowe?
Thu, August 2, 2007

Kevin Lowe believes his only responsibility is making the Edmonton Oilers a better hockey team, not to other general managers.

After adding forward Dustin Penner to his lineup Thursday, he thinks he's done that. Penner officially became a member of the Oilers when the Anaheim Ducks declined to match a US$21.25-million, five-year offer sheet. Even though some like Ducks GM Brian Burke criticized the move, Lowe didn't feel the need to make any apologies.

Ducks part with Penner


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Burke was smart to let Lowe pay an overinflated price to affect the Oiler budget rather than the Ducks. He is not worth 4 mil a year and the Ducks will get the Oilers draft picks. Bad move by Lowe, good move by Burke. He will not do well in Edmonton.
Darryl, 2007-08-02 22:49:52

No one is arguing that giving an offer sheet to an RFA is not within the rules - it's not even a bad idea. What Burke was "whining" about was the amount that was offered to Penner. Not since Bobby Holik has a 45 point player received more than $4 million/yr. On the one hand, Lowe had to offer something big, or Burke certainly would have matched it - so finally Lowe actually managed to get someone, and it's official now too. So that's great for the Oilers. The bad part about this is that it affects all other 29 teams. Now, every 45 point/season player will want $4 million when they go to the bargaining table - that's why people are so upset with Lowe.

The other issue is that while Penner may grow into a great player one day, it's not this season that that's going to happen, so if the Oilers are looking to the future, why would they give up three top draft picks (who could end up being Tavares, or at least someone equal in skill to Penner)to get him???
Richie, 2007-08-02 18:02:54

I could care less what Burke thinks. Lowe had to make a move and, after trying a few tried and true options, he was forced to tender the offer sheets. He's got a team to run and, despite what Burke thinks, Lowe needn't wave the price tag before him first. If Penner doesn't pan out then the Oilers will be up against it. The salary cap still exists and there's only so much money to go around. It isn't a free for all.
Ripley, 2007-08-02 17:45:51

Can you say Joffrey Lupul II? How about Fernando Pisani II? Let's give a young forward more money than he can count after a career season and a good playoff, heap a whole pile of expectations on him, and see how that turns out. This has got bust written all over it.

Lowe a genius? Hardly. Desperate is more like it. If there is a positive to come out of this it's that Edmonton should be in good position to draft high again in 2008.
emile jaunque, 2007-08-02 17:43:53

Has anyone every seen Brian Burke smile? He needs to lighten up.

Bottom line: Kevin Lowe did nothing illegal and everyone has to realize that the NHL is a business first and foremost, and everyone involved is out to make as much money as the possibly can. The notion that hockey is something more than that, and everyone involved is working towards the overall good of a great game, is for the fans to eat up.

So ends my negative rant for the day - don't get me wrong; hockey is my favourite of all sports.

jeffy, 2007-08-02 17:16:59

Oliers have cap room and the used it. For years big market US teams have overpaid to get players out of Canada knowing Edmonton, Ottawa etc. could not afford to match. Love this move.
J White, 2007-08-02 16:58:54

Burke the whiner!

Gotta love this...the Ducks are at about $2M below their cap...and "Bellering Burke" is a little excited because Lowe makes an offer for free agent Penner. What's the prob, Burksie...short on cash? Grow up and get on with it!

Gary, 2007-07-30 13:49:31

Kevin Lowe is a GENIUS!!!!

If the playing field is obvious not level, slope it in your favour. So what if other GM's are crying. K Lowe has been a warrior his entire career. He's been down before, and he's always suceeded. Now every team will be eventually balanced. Mr. Burke will hold a news conference (just like he did in Vancouver) fighting for his job. I bet the $10 dollars I have in my pocket, he'll be thanking K Lowe for having the guts to make things fair.
craig jackson, 2007-07-29 21:14:43

Kevin Lowe is desperate...trying to spin that over paying is OK because Edmonton is a small market...Come on! Why did not just over pay for Ryan Smyth then? Is Sheldon Souray half the player Smyth...sure....I'm Kevin Lowe and I inflate the market cause I am from Edmonton...not New York...give me a break
Jim, 2007-07-29 17:14:44

Brian Burke is notorious for his hot headed responses. They aren't particularly well thought out and often, they get way too personal for most rational humans. I'm guessing he wasn't fun to play with in the sand box as a child. I'm not surprised by his reaction at all. What does surprise me is the reaction of some people to the fact that Edmonton made offers to Vanek and Penner. Both were RFA's. The words "free agent" appear in their official status. If Edmonton is willing to deal with the consequences of the restrictions, while they truly believe they are getting value at the contract price they negotiate, then who are we to question them. Burke kills me by characterizing Kevin Lowe's move as desperate. Anyone who is involved in hockey knows that Kevin and the EIG are looking at extending his deal. Has Kevin been perfect? Of course not. Has Burke? Not even close. The Canucks won how many Stanley Cups under his watch? I think they won only one playoff round at all. That couldn't be the genuis' fault, right? He is the last guy that should be throwing stones. Also in the way that he questions the amount of the offer. Get any GM's in the league (except for Burke) and put Bertuzzi and Penner side by side, both at around 4 million for the next two years and who do you think they would choose? Who would you choose? Beauty of it is, Edmonton will have Penner for another 3 years after Bertuzzi is finally and mercifully washed up and out of hockey. Penner will be great value at 4 million in two years. Give your head a shake Brian. What Edmonton has done in the Penner and the Vanek offers is not "predatory" like Philadelphia was with Kessler (an inflated one year offer). Someone with the schooling and brain power of Brian Burke shouldn't have to sink to the level he does but being from Vancouver, I am used to seeing him do it. If I were him, I would do and say anything to deflect the Bertuzzi signing as well. Why is Burke irate? He says the reasons are clear. Who in this situation is classless? I'll let you decide.........
Dean, 2007-07-28 23:48:10

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