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Is this a good move by Kevin Lowe?
Thu, August 2, 2007

Kevin Lowe believes his only responsibility is making the Edmonton Oilers a better hockey team, not to other general managers.

After adding forward Dustin Penner to his lineup Thursday, he thinks he's done that. Penner officially became a member of the Oilers when the Anaheim Ducks declined to match a US$21.25-million, five-year offer sheet. Even though some like Ducks GM Brian Burke criticized the move, Lowe didn't feel the need to make any apologies.

Ducks part with Penner


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Yes I agree with you. all I was saying was that I thought Zach Parise or Mike Cammelleri ( LA Kings ) may have been a better fit than Penner.

You are right that Lowe should only be concerned with making his team better and not worry what the other gm's think or say. If they like what he does good, if they dont thats too bad for them. It is Lowe's neck on the line if the team doesnt make the playoffs not the other gm's.

I hope the Oilers bounce back and make the playoffs this year and many years to come along with all the other Canadian teams. The more Canadian teams in the playoffs then that means less american teams which I like.
Jimmy, 2007-08-08 22:40:33

I think its good Edmonton has done to The Ducks what big market american teams use to do to small market Canadian teams. Canadian teams use to be like a feeder system for the big american based teams to come along and take away there prize assets just as they were becoming stars.

Burke your a whiner that cries like a baby when things dont go his away. Burke ever heard of the saying, whats goes around comes around ?

I can see Burke having a cow next summer when Getzlaf and Perry become restricted free agents. This hissy fit Burke went off on is nothing to what he will do next summer when Getzlaf or Perry get a huge offer sheet and I hope its from a Canadian team!
James, 2007-08-08 08:09:03

We're in agreement, Jimmy. Penner is probably a risk at that salary, but I also know that Lowe has to be creative in his market. Players have shown by their actions and words that Edmonton is not a desirable city for many NHLers. This saddens me, as I have been to the city several times, and while Detroit calls itself Hockeytown, Edmonton is the real thing. Unfortunately, many young players are more concerned with the climate and their wive's wishes than playing in a true hockeytown.

My biggest point of contention is with people who say that Lowe is somehow causing problems for other teams. SO WHAT? Isn't that exactly what he SHOULD be doing?

With the salary cap in place, things will stabalize themselves in the future. Sather will not be in the running for Sidney Crosby in 5 years if he continues signing guys like Gomez to 10 million dollar contracts. He'll be forced to do exactly what Lowe has done, and be creative. I think it's great that Lowe went for the jugular on Anaheim, it shows he's still interested in being competative, not buddy-buddy with the other colluding GMs.
Ted Richards, 2007-08-07 14:53:11


All I was saying was that I thought there were a few younger better players available that Lowe could have signed to an offer sheet.

I agree with you that Lowe should be doing whats best for his team and not worry about what the other GM'S think of what he is doing. The Oilers have great fans and deserve a better team than what they had last year.

I want every Canadian team to make the playoffs every year if that happens then there are 2 or 3 fewer American teams in.

Jimmy, 2007-08-06 22:33:47

Jeez, you guys. The way some of you talk you act like they just threw down ten million for Lindros (like Sather did a few years back). Do you realize the Oilers are in danger of not meeting the low end of the cap? Penner is a decent risk. Overpaid, probably, but oh well. I'd rather pay him 4 million than pay Yashin 8 million like the Islanders did a couple years back. I think it's funny how some of these GMs act all offended by it. Aren't these guys supposed to be competitors, not colluding pals? What good is an RFA system if there is an unwritten rule by GMs not to touch other team's RFA players? That's not only ridiculous, but illegal. I commend Lowe for shaking things up and not worrying about the Ducks. He's trying to beat them, after all, not help them win another cup.
Ted Richards, 2007-08-06 00:49:04

Let's forget about Ryan Smyth. He has already sign with the Avs. Lowe admitted that it was a mistake not signing Smyth but hey, the Oilers have received 3 first round picks in exchange.

I believe Penner is over paid but it is the ONLY way to get a RFA key player off from another team. If Lowe make an offer of $2M/season, Burke can simply match the offer.

Given the situation the Oilers is having - lots of room in salary cap and draft picks, Lowe has made a right and logical decision to go for a player he thinks can improve the team this season. Let's hope Penner can become the clear cut first line LW that can play with Hemsky.
EL, 2007-08-04 07:29:26

I know that Lowe is trying to put a good product on the ice for the loyal Oilers fans for this coming year. Yes they the fans deserve that. But giving Penner that has played one full year in the NHL, scored 29 goals, had 16 assists and 45 points is not worth 4 plus million a year. There were better players unsigned this summer before he signed Penner to the offer sheet. How would Zach Parise look flying around The Rexall Centre in an Oilers uniform have looked ? Or Mike Cammelleri ? Or even wait till next summer and go after Spezza or Heatley ? Anyone of them four is a huge upgrade than Penner. No offence to Penner but he is hardly a first line winger that has established himself as an top three forward. I give Lowe an A for effort but a D for his poor choice to waste that kind of money on a player that just completed one year in the NHL.

Time will tell how good of a signing this really was, if it doesnt work out Lowe should step down next summer and let someone else sign free agents.
James, 2007-08-03 14:54:12

I think he's over paid and so did Brian Burke. I think we would have been better off with the draft picks. Lowe will just give him away next year like he did to every other good player on the team. Once Penner finds out how dirty this city is he will be begging to be traded just like Pronger. I know the rumor around town is that he got it on with the reporter but he probably got tired of picking garbage out of his flowers.
Dwain, 2007-08-03 14:34:18

It is obvisous that the owners mislead the players and the players union about how bad the money part of the NHL was. The salary cap has gone up twice now and the general managers are giving out contracts just like they were before the lockout. The big markets will keep spending and the little markets will continue to keep there heads above water. So we lost a year of hockey and a stanley cup winner for what ? Nothing has changed, the big stars are still getting the huge contracts, only the average players are getting less. Way to go Bettman your plan to control the players saleries has worked really well.
James, 2007-08-03 14:32:01

If, as Brian Burke insists, every other GM thinks this salary is crazy, then how could it be inflationary. If every other team is not willing to pay a player of his stature that kind of money, they other players can demand that kind of money all they want, they won't get (except for Edmonton). Inflation ownly occurs when demand outstrips supply Brian, and if the demand isn't there, no inflation.

Pretty low class comments by him as well... In fact, I almost detect that he believes collusion exists between the GM's? Is this right Brian? I'm sure the US gov't would like to know more about that.

G Moore, 2007-08-03 13:55:39

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