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Has Chile tainted the U-20 tourney?
Fri, July 20, 2007

With Chilean tempers already boiling at some questionable officiating in their just-completed 3-0 semi-final loss to rival Argentina, chaos reigned supreme in the area of the Chile team bus, which was parked just outside the stadium.

According to witnesses, police used a stun gun on a member of the Chilean delegation as players were trickling onto the team bus, leading to a rukus featuring broken glass and pepper spray.

The incident is a wart on what to this point had been a successful event.

The big question for FIFA is how the situation last night got out of hand in the first place.

Send us your thoughts on the rukus on and off the pitch.

Chile is seeing red


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Please.. the Canadian police don't do anything (to get off their butts)unless there is good reason. Canada isn't in Central or South America and does not have the level of corrupt/overzealous police.

Yes the game wasn't officiated that well, but the same could be said for most of the games. Only Chile and Uruguay seemed to be aggressive about it after their games. ALot of teams got screwed by officiating in this tourney.

It is dissapointing as I went to the Group A games and Chile was by far the most entertaining team to watch in Edmonton, and had the most colorful fans but the players ruined it with their behaviour.

As a Canadian who has attended other sports before I was shocked to see the amount of diving, unsportsmanlike behavour, and the odd ignorant/agressive fan. It was an ok event to attend, but it could have been so much more if the sport were alot cleaner.
Dan, 2007-07-20 12:53:48

This tournament was tainted already by about 50 per cent of the players who dive, fake, and cheat their way through a game and then top it all off by showing their manliness by crying. Soccer's going to keep on going downhill until FIFA has the guts to give the sport a complete overhaul, not just a tuneup, but a complete revamping. If you want to see how soccer should be played, wait a couple of months and watch the Women's World Cup.
ian stewart, 2007-07-20 12:53:22

I am surprised at the reaction to the officiating in these comments. I was at the game as well, and there will always be bad calls, but last night there was nothing to indicate Argentinean favouritism. I was disappointed in the aggressive behaviour of the Chilean fans that I sat around with in the stands, and the undisciplined behaviour of some of the Chilean players on the field. Referees will not typically support provocative soccer players, regardless of nation ... so if it seemed the Chileans were at a disadvantage, it is only because their game needs some adjustment towards a more disciplined system, and a less provocative approach. I truly didn't have a preconceived notion as to which nation to cheer for ... but it was clear during the game which team was better and that Chileans players and fans need to adopt a more disciplined and respectful behaviour to elevate their game, professionally and culturally. If my comments appear critical of the Chileans, it is only from the behaviour of the players and obvious Chilean supporters that formed this opinion that I have chosen during yesterday's game.
steve, 2007-07-20 12:50:54

That's too bad for Chile. Controversy and scandal at the Copa America by the existing stars and this by the future stars at the Under 20.
Chuck, 2007-07-20 12:31:54

I was there at the game and saw the scuffle, the Chilean players are not to blame, they were simply saluting their fans, sure they were not happy with their loss and they showed it and verbalized it during and after the game on the field. But to blame them for this scuffle? That's ludicrous, get your information straight before giving your opinions based on nothing but judgement.

Mary, 2007-07-20 12:25:27

this is fifa and it's corrupted organization at it's best anybody who has followed soccer is used to this kind of crap and it's already known which countries have the most pull in fifa I was disappointed but not surprised it's fifa just look at the ref in the opening match it's funny how that ref is still in the tournament it's time that the so called every 4 year soccer fans wake up and smell the coffee , Maradona is still the greatest player to ever play the game and he's quite honest and open about fifa the are a mafia it's funny fifa dosen't want anything to do with maradona why's that ???? good luck to both teams on sunday and congrats to all the others who made this a great tournament to watch
drew Duarte, 2007-07-20 12:09:40

I think the incidents take part in two places: First on the field and those are sad. It is true the ref did a horrible job, but sadly the Chilean team lost their cool.

I think the worst part of this happened in the parking lot when Canadian police attacked these young players.

Some of the people here made reference to the Canadian team’s dignity, well their police force showed a really ugly face. Hope this is not and example of the way Canadians in general treat foreigners.

Antonio, 2007-07-20 12:08:42

It is clear that Chile did well under extremely trying conditions. While the post-game rukus is regrettable and casts a shadow on what is otherwise a great competition, it is also understandable why their tempers flared. Being a goal down at the beginning of the game was one thing but being vastly outnumbered by 12 to 9 is quite another. The consistant bad refereeing by Stark (the extra man playing for Argentina) spoiled what should have been the best match of the series. Stark should be red-carded himself.

To all the myopic individuals who criticise Soccer...it is not referred to the world over as The Beautiful Game for nothing.

Gridiron 'Football' by comparison is just a brawl and the fighting at hockey games is not only encouraged by coaches but sadly condoned by authorities. One would never ever see a Policeman on the ice while two toothless morons duke it out in the name of sport.

It seems to please the knuckle-draggers though who pay to see that kind of violence.
Kevin Blaine, 2007-07-20 12:02:37

The underlying cause is the poor sportsmanship that has been allowed to creep into the game. Any minute bit of contact (or not) leads to players flopping as if they'd been shot by a sniper from the stands. The solution to this is simple: Prior to handing out a red, card, a penalty, or a goal the play is reviewed on video to make sure the correct decision is given. If a yellow card is to be awarded the guilty team may challenge the call at the expense of one of their substitutions should the ruling stand. Any player that is found to deliberately flop to the ground under any of the above conditions should be sent off, and given a suspension.
Billy, 2007-07-20 11:53:50

I don't believe that those members of the Chilean team which assaulted Toronto police officers should be allowed to play in the third place game. In my opinion, regardless of what happened on the field, they are guests of our country and should have their visas revoked immediately, for assaulting a peace officer. This hooliganish behaviour should not be tolerated under any circumstances, besides soccer players fight like little girls.
James Bremner, 2007-07-20 11:49:36

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