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Has Chile tainted the U-20 tourney?
Fri, July 20, 2007

With Chilean tempers already boiling at some questionable officiating in their just-completed 3-0 semi-final loss to rival Argentina, chaos reigned supreme in the area of the Chile team bus, which was parked just outside the stadium.

According to witnesses, police used a stun gun on a member of the Chilean delegation as players were trickling onto the team bus, leading to a rukus featuring broken glass and pepper spray.

The incident is a wart on what to this point had been a successful event.

The big question for FIFA is how the situation last night got out of hand in the first place.

Send us your thoughts on the rukus on and off the pitch.

Chile is seeing red


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Once again South American soccer players have shown their true colours. Having watched and followed soccer for nearly 50 years it has always been the same with any team from - Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and even Brazil. Intimidation and poor acting has always been the way with these countries. Does anyone remember the World cup game in 1962 between Chile and the czechoslovakia (as it was)

and then there was David Beckham sent off for a so called retaliation against an Argentine player in the World cup in France (the Argentinian player has since admitted he play-acted) -and not to be outdone Latino Europeans such as Portugul and Italy do their fair share as well (ask Wayne Rooney.) Must be the hot-bloodedness and passion they have for the game but it all boils down to one word "cheating".

Incidentally I found it interesting the Craig Forrest could not stop complaining about the Chilean tactics when they thrashed Canada but last night they were his obvious favourites. The best team won - I just thank goodness it is not a Chile V Czech Republic final some of the chileans grandfathers might have asked the players to settle some old scores ??

JOHN HASTE, 2007-07-20 14:16:12

I'm ashamed. Ashamed of the Chilean players. Ashamed of Argentinian players. Ashamed of the public at the stadium and even more ashamed of the comments posted here.

It's supoused to be a game betwen two teams, people. With rules and regulations dictated by a referee.

Until modern sportmans learn to shut up, do their jobs and stop beign spoiled brats, all sports will be lame.

And doesn't matter if you are the king or a peon, if the rules says you are not allowed to do something you wan't to... well too bad. You won't be allowed to do it.

sports fan, 2007-07-20 14:15:48

When you are in a foreign land, you should act in such a conservative manner as not to have a confrontation with those in authority. These kids and their delegation can stay at home if they can't learn to keep their aggression in control. I'm sick of seeing the police get the blame for their over/under-enforcement actions when it's nearly always in response to other people's lawless disrespectful actions.
Roger, 2007-07-20 14:12:57

I hear the reports from the chilean reporters in the place of the brawl and the word is that a member of the team try to sign a few autographs to the fans wich were in a fence about fifteen meters away from the bus, and a police officer knock him off with a teaser (because that was not allowed, and the indiference of the player to his order maybe was a crime in Canada, at least for foreigners, can anyone say xenophobia?), when the rest of the team see this they try to descend the bus to help his mate (yes they where ALREADY inside the bus) and the security staff try to avoid that with sticks and pepper sprays, in this moment some brilliant knuckle-dragger police think that this is a great opportunity to test his gas grenade inside the bus, wich added to the confusion of the team.

In another part of this Toronto Joke, another player of the team was coming to the bus after the dopping test, and was ordered something (probably to identify himself) by some rocket science Police, the problem is that this player didnt know how to speak english (he plays in Italy by the way) and since he didnt do what he was told he was knocked down to the floor by not one, not two, not three but FOUR POLICE OFFICERS, and the reports state that they kick the living s... out of him, all this in front of the president of the delegation and he only saved himself of having the same "Toronto PD Stress Treatment" by a canadian staffer.

The funny thing is that I cannot believe that a bunch a kids has the nerve to create a fist fight with a regiment of Police officers, Christ, have you seen some of that fellows? one of them weight more than two chilean players ... If they think that we gonna buy that they were physically "assaulted" by a few kids worn out after a stressful match and they only "stand their ground" with teasers, gas grenades and pepper spray .. well, think again, I just hope that the chilean soccer federation take the necessary steps to file a law suit against this Police.

Maybe they have been at home working for the secret police of Pinochet.
Marcelo, 2007-07-20 13:43:21

Please do not put in the same bag all countries beyond the "río Grande"
ivan, 2007-07-20 13:39:46

well send chile packing! They dont deserve to play for bronze after that crap they put on
Gary, 2007-07-20 13:16:38

Watching last night's game was a joke. I thought before hand that I'd be watching the true final, as both of these teams have proven that they deserve to be champions. But the game was anything but that. In the past I have always cheered for Argentina because of the skills their teams have displayed, however after watching the countless dives yesterday I have lost a lot of respect for them. I understand that a lot of teams take dives, however they took it to another level. I applause that the Chilean players were able to keep their cool during the game towards the ref and even protect him from an angered fan. For all those hockey fans out there criticizing the Chilean players and requested to send them home, if I'm not mistaken wasn't it Phil Esposito in 72 that charged the Russian Ref with his stick ready to hit him when the games were not called fair in Russia? However that event is portrayed as patriotic during movies about the summit series.

It was also sad that the Toronto Police decided to display their authority in such a way. To hit 19 year olds for wanting to sign an autograph is a joke, you all should be ashamed for abusing your power.
Mike, 2007-07-20 13:05:16

The police reacted in a fair and required method in restraining unruly players.

The police was not trying to prevent players from trying to get close to fans for the purpose of signing autographs. "As the players walked to their bus at the side of the stadium, police prevented them from reaching a large fence that separated them from hundreds of angry, chanting fans."

The players took their aggression out on the police. It was the players that began throwing fists at the police. Even other players could not prevent a few of their fellow hotheads from attacking the police.

Yes the police used force. Words were not going to work with these riled up teenagers.

In addition FIFA is looking into what actions they will take against the Chilian players and it's delegates.

It doe not make a good story if the media reports that angry, unsportsmanlike players had to be restrained. It makes a much better story to report that police tazered and used force against poor young men trying to sign autograpghs.

Get the facts straight folks. These players were a matter what the outcome of the game was.
AJ, 2007-07-20 13:04:33

Very tipical from a CHILEAN team, FIFA should punished them for the next soccer events (bane them)

Antonio, 2007-07-20 13:01:25

Hey Drew Duarte, your comment isn't bad, but you lose all credibility by calling Maradona great, honest, and open. This is the same Maradona who punched the ball into the net against England in the 1986 World Cup and then called it the hand of God?
ian stewart, 2007-07-20 12:57:08

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