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Has Chile tainted the U-20 tourney?
Fri, July 20, 2007

With Chilean tempers already boiling at some questionable officiating in their just-completed 3-0 semi-final loss to rival Argentina, chaos reigned supreme in the area of the Chile team bus, which was parked just outside the stadium.

According to witnesses, police used a stun gun on a member of the Chilean delegation as players were trickling onto the team bus, leading to a rukus featuring broken glass and pepper spray.

The incident is a wart on what to this point had been a successful event.

The big question for FIFA is how the situation last night got out of hand in the first place.

Send us your thoughts on the rukus on and off the pitch.

Chile is seeing red


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Anyone who has seen games or footage from overseas should know how quickly a situation can turn ugly and even deadly when fans and players turn thier blind aggression whereever they can direct it. The job of the police is to maintain the peace, and if it escalates return the peace in a quick and safe manner. If this incident was to have happened in Chile I am certain there would have been more violence and and greater injuries than one individual that got tazered. These officers placed thier safety in between two groups bent on getting at each other regardless of the outcome. It seems to me that the officers quicky took control once things got out of hand and restored order. That they didn t charge anyone shows that they were compassionate enough to let cooler heads prevail. The Chilean players should count thier lucky stars that it was Toronto Police that stepped in and not some crazed fans.
Harry, 2007-07-21 09:50:11

I thought the referee seemed unable to see properly. He could not tell that players were putting on an act. There were no offsetting calls to help ease the situation that was building. Naturally Chile players were already very emotional about the loss-It would take special handling by police rather than clubs and pepper spray to dissolve the potential international situation. Were they instructed how to handle such a possibility? They were handled the same way a bar brawl would have been handled it looks like.
L Jones, 2007-07-21 08:50:51

If we had behaved so badly in another Host Country, there likely would have been some broken bones. Are we such "A Nice Country" that the world thinks that they can come and pee in our front yard and have us do nothing? If the "Ref" situation was so bad the score would have been 1-0 or 2-1.... but please, 3-0.... you have problems beyond the quality of officiating. If this is what International football brings, let's go play at their house.
André, 2007-07-21 08:14:47

Well the scene was not great, lets not call 20 year olds kids. How many "kids" are killing and robbing around the World.

However my comments on His Holyship Mayor Miller are far more severe.

He is a disrace to the great city of Toronto.

This is not the first time that he has taken a run at the police.

And I believe what the head of FIFA said about Millers remarks, and not his dumb sort of retraction.

He is an embarrasment to the city and should be booted out at the next election.

If he was not there he should have kept his mouth shut.

By the way this nice gentle sport of Soccer leaves people dead or injuried around the world in the name of sport. Some sport.

BRG, 2007-07-21 07:35:02

Again, it's obvious you have to be a moron to play or follow this game. Do the players and mob fans have to have an idiot chip inserted in their heads before they're ready to go?

I think the "lads" should strap on the the skates-get P' off, duke it out for 30 seconds and play the game.

The worlds game? Yeah, right! Beckham & his spice girl will be in a care home before soccer flys in the the U.S. and even with all the Brits we have here, its going to take forever, if ever.

Take me out to the ballgame!
Philo, 2007-07-21 03:18:40

We will never know who started all this, but who ever did is the one responsible for all this. If the Chilean players didn't follow orders the cops are justify to use force in this case, remember just because they are professional players they shouldn't be allow to go beyond the law. At the same time if the Cops started this for not reason at all, then the Chilean players are justify to attack the cops and throw stuff at them to deffend their teammates.

But since we will never know who started all this. This will be my sentence as a jurisdictional judge.......

The cops who didn't follow proper procedures will be suspended.

The Chilean players who didn't listen to the authorities will be suspended by the FIFA for future games.

And as a Soccer fan I will say the referee should be suspended by the FIFA also.

Joe, 2007-07-21 01:23:30

All right

I get that the game was poorly reffed, in some peoples eyes.

I get the Chileans were upset.

The missing piece, and hopefully it gets cleared up, is why was the Chilean delegate tazed?

Why is this being left out?

The police could clear this up by releasing this information. I don't like to think he would be tazed for no good reason.

I would like to say that it was the Chileans who instigated this then, like on the field, took a dive and complained about their poor treatment and bad reffing, somehow this absolves them of their responsibility. Is there a pattern here? May be in Chili the players are used to getting away with stuff because they are soccer players and expected the same here.

However until I hear why he was tazed I will reserve my judgement, because you never know.
Kirk, 2007-07-20 23:00:12

Wow what a sad outcome of last night game, for soccer, I LOVE SOCCER THE BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD! What happened last night does not reflect the qualities of this beautiful sport. The chilean team and chilean fans lost control of their emotions, and that resulted in all the outcome of last night. I think that FIFA should ban Chile from any coming international soccer tournaments. For the world cup qualifiying games in 1994 CHILE was suspended, for a similar insident when they played against Brazil. Also FIFA should consider to have a table of 3 or 4 jury people to review plays so that they can help the refery on the field, like in Hockey.


Antonio, 2007-07-20 22:27:20

After this disaster in Toronto .. well Canadians shouldn't be suprised if foreign sports teams start arriving with diplimatic passports and a team off special forces well armed troops to protect them (not so far fetched the law has been changed and armed "police" from foreign countires are now allowed to pass border control with their weapons). *chuckle* I would truly like to see the meathead boys in blue try it again under those circumstances then we could file a complaint about the treatment they recieved :<))
wolf, 2007-07-20 21:45:02

The type of soccer play we saw yesterday between Chile and Argentina is nothing new in South American soccer (or soccer in general around the world). The dives, the lack of dicipline and violence is seen weekly anywere on that continent.

Seeing fans running onto the field to confront a ref in nothing new. You would be surprised how many times ref's have to get Police excorts out of a field because his life in in danger.

Now for fans (of any nation) in this country to act in such a way as yesterday is unacceptable. You want to act like this then go do it in your respected home countries.

As for blaming the Police..please give me a break. If you actually belive that poor innocent Chliean players got beat up by Toronto Police for no reason is a joke. They say they got beat half to death by our police but all will be fit to play on Sunday shows the lies coming out of the Chilean team. What is disgraceful is being the guest of a country and then attacking the police force of that country because you are mad. The Chilian team should be glad this did not happen in the USA, because they would be on a plane home as we speak.

Peter, 2007-07-20 21:26:24

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