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Has Chile tainted the U-20 tourney?
Fri, July 20, 2007

With Chilean tempers already boiling at some questionable officiating in their just-completed 3-0 semi-final loss to rival Argentina, chaos reigned supreme in the area of the Chile team bus, which was parked just outside the stadium.

According to witnesses, police used a stun gun on a member of the Chilean delegation as players were trickling onto the team bus, leading to a rukus featuring broken glass and pepper spray.

The incident is a wart on what to this point had been a successful event.

The big question for FIFA is how the situation last night got out of hand in the first place.

Send us your thoughts on the rukus on and off the pitch.

Chile is seeing red


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I would suppose that you think they should grow up because Canada lost to Chile even though it was playing at home. Chilean players were cheated of the cup you don't have to be good at the sport to notice that. Canada should never host another FIFA tournament again since it has no capacity to do so. I cheer for my team and not against another thats called being a good sport that doesn't ring to some though.
Cristian, 2007-08-31 03:46:55

I say grow up Chilean players. You have a bunch of prima donnas who are used to star treatment whereever they go and then someone actually uses the word NO to them. No, you can not do this, for security reasons. And how do they respond? By trashing a bus and attacking police officers who dared to say no to them. Really mature. Grow up Chilean players. I was sure NOT cheering for you in the Bronze game. Too bad you won. You have definitely tainted the U-20 tournament.
EMP, 2007-07-27 15:53:12

have any of the people who accuse the cops of being racist and evil actually seen the pictures of the "kids" who got "beat" up? they barely have any marks on them, and should be thankful the police reacted in a way that was non lethal which they would not have done in Chile.
mike, 2007-07-22 19:28:52

Bad officiating;immature players;over-reaction & exaggerated comments; all of this is not new to sporting events and is perfectly normal in international soccer in particular. Canada has been the target of this kind of treatment whenever we play in other countries but we generally do not start riots or trash the bus provided by the host country. We accept that the treatment is unfair and move on. This was abundantly shown when the Canadian mens soccer team was the victim of an incorrect referee decision that may have prevented an appearance in the gold medal game at the recent Gold cup tournment in the US. Chile is way off base to be so one sided in thir reaction to this event.
Bob, 2007-07-22 14:33:44

To Wayne

Its obvisous that you are nothing more than someone that likes to disagree with everyone. If someone says something is black you will say its white.

Can you name any names of players that have cheated in the past instead of just saying lots have?

Also stop saying can we prove Bonds is on steroids, you sound like a child that keeps repeating himself with no substance to your point of view other than just playing the devils advocate. I look forward to your answers, that is if you have any which I am not sure you do but time will tell.


Chris, 2007-07-22 13:46:57

To all you people that think the Toronto Police Service were " picking " on the Chilean team are crazy. Yes the police officers on the streets have alot of powers but they also have alot of superiors they have to answer to. Anytime they use any use of force / make arrests they have to write a report. Theses reports can take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours sometimes more depending on the incident. So if you think they went looking for something to do think about all the paperwork involved. That is the most time consuming aspect to any police officers job. I support the Toronto Police 100 % and belive they used whatever force they needed at the time.

Soccer fans can be very rowdy and alot are nothing more than a bunch of hooligans that use the soccer games an excuse to act like a bunch of idiots that they clearly are.

Jimmy, 2007-07-22 13:14:29

In soccer, a penalty is not just for 2 minutes, the player is gone and the team must play the remainder of the game a man down. Now that's a penalty. Players must therefore REALLY think twice before retaliating or objecting to officials. Does anyone remember the horrendous officiating during the Women's GOLD medal hockey game that CANADA WON against the USA in 2002? The difference of course was that we creamed them but the girls never had to play the entire game with just 4 players. A two minute penalty by comparison is child's play.

Please do not add insult to injury. Not only did Chile have to endure poor refereeing on the field but to then subject them post game to equally deaf policing.... Who are we kidding? This is our bad not their's. Before judging the Chileans, read the witness accounts. A simple "sorry" from a security guard after grabbing the injured shoulder of the Chilean star player to move him away from signing an autograph may have pre-empted this entire fiasco. Instead, we apparently bullied the team's interpreter aside at which the other players then came to help. The players had no weapons. No, you are right, I don't think we have the whole story. The police appear to have some 'splainin' to do.
JP, 2007-07-22 13:04:48

I saw a wonderful skilled game by the Chilean and Argentinians the other night. The Chileans showed a tremendous amount of composure throughout the game despite the very misguided lopsided calls by Wolfgang Stark. Stark was and is the only black mark in that game. He ruined it for everyone fans and players alike and should be reprimanded. Chilean players showed more class during this game than many a hockey player. I did not witness any hockey stick being hit over another opponents head or any sucker punches leaving someone unable to play for the rest of their career (Bertuzi). Don't give us that "hockey" crap when diving is an offence in hockey too.

As for the melee after the game, I was not present. BUT the use of "pepper spray" and "tasers" against unarmed elite international players??? DUH??? What were you thinking Toronto Police!!! You were supposed to be protecting these players. Could you not have diffused the situation without force?? I have seen hockey player and soccer player alike needing to VENT. Give them a baton, spray, taser, gun and they will use it against the population. (KENT STATE). Sorry Chile, we are not racist in Canada but we do make some very poor decisions sometimes. I am willing to call this spade a spade. Grow up POLICE.
Lise, 2007-07-22 11:52:47

If the Chileans are planning a protest outside the stadium today with signs like "Chileans have rights too" They are right. They have the right to go home and whine in Chile...and take their version of the BEAUTIFUL GAME with them.

Mark, 2007-07-22 11:26:40

I have three comments. First to B Wilford; I have been involved in Soccer as a coach and manager/coach for kids' teams here in Ontario. If you can equate Soccer with WWE wrestling, then I guess you can make any ridiculous parallel.

Next, if there had been a swarming or even attempted swarming of a referee in the Ontario Soccer League, no matter what the age, the offending players would have been promptly ejected from the tournament. In this regard the Chileans are at obvious fault. Bad reffing in Soccer is like in Hockey; you just have to put up with it and go through the proper channels to make a complaint.

Last, it seems the Toronto Police Services reacted way beyond what was necessary and a share of the blame rests on their shoulders. Blame goes to all involved and hopefully something positive will be learned from this.

Ward Moroz, 2007-07-22 10:45:41

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