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Share your memories of John Ferguson
Sun, July 15, 2007

Hockey has lost one of its most colourful characters.

John Ferguson died Saturday of prostate cancer. He was 68.

How will you remember him?

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John Ferguson passes on


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John Ferguson may have been the main reason Montreal won all those cups in the 60s. His well timed fights turned around 3 Stanley Cup series that the Canadiens went on to win. He was a class guy and will be missed. I do take exception to the ignorant statement by Keith (made several days ago). Ferguson NEVER broke Bobby Hull's jaw. I have the newspaper articles from both Montreal & Chicago regarding the 2 Hull / Ferguson battles (early dec of 1968 and early jan of 1969). Fergy himself states in his book "Thunder & Lightning" that he had NOTHING to do with Hull's broken jaw, and he NEVER rebroke it. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't make a comment. Pick up Fergy's book and educate yourself!
Bill, 2007-08-11 23:23:34

I had to good fortune of getting to know John Ferguson late in his career as special assistant to San Jose's general manager -- first Dean Lombardi and second Doug Wilson. I'll never forget one night, after covering a Sharks game on Long Island about 4-5 years ago, Fergie insisted on my traveling collegue and I to join him for a nightcap at the team hotel. Two things happened that night that lend a little insight into Fergie. First, then-San Jose GM Dean Lombardi was telling a story, and in the process of getting a bit animated, as is Lombardi's nature when telling stories, he accidentally bumped a fellow patron's drink, which spilled on a nearby woman. The woman's male companion over-reacted and while Dean was completely and appropriately apologetic, the male wasn't taking the apology as well as he could. Even after Dean offered to replace the drink, the male remained outwardly surly. At this point, and having not said a word, Fergie spoke up, saying in a calm yet matter-of-fact tone, "Hey, the man apologized. What else do you want?" That settled that. And later, Fergie was telling a story of his own, a funny story, and as he delivered the punch line, he delivered it literally, too, by playfully thrusting his right into my chest. Good thing a wall was behind me to support my sudden off-balance posture. Fergie was laughing, as was everyone else, at the story. And I suddenly had a better understanding of just how strong this man is!
Ross McKeon, 2007-07-24 01:42:01

At the age of 5 watching Hockey Night in Canada he was one of the reasons I became a life long Hab fan. His passion for the game and his dedication to the team.
gene, 2007-07-16 21:45:33

The stories I have had the pleasure of hearing about this larger than life gentleman...will stay with me forever. But the oportunities I have had to be in his company... and the company of his family, have helped me be a better friend, a better brother,a better father and a better man. God bless.
Dave P., 2007-07-16 19:36:22

I remember the best fight I ever saw between Fergie and Bobby Hull. They went toe to toe just throwing haymakers at each other but neither would fall. Eventually they both stopped very bloody. What a great battle between two of the greatest.
Steve Villeneuve, 2007-07-16 18:42:50

Fergie was the ultimate hockey player, not only did he change the face of hockey by introducing the role of "policeman" to the game, he was also a great leader on and off the ice.

As Jean Beliveau said; John Ferguson was one of the main reasons the Habs of the 1960's were one of the greatest (and most forgotten)dynasties in hockey history, 5 cups in 7 years.

John Hutchings, 2007-07-16 16:40:36

A tough gentleman who was able to score important goals for the Canadians in the Original Six. Mr Ferguson was a classy gentleman off the ice. I'm sad to hear of his passing. R.I.P. Mr Ferguson.
Rene, 2007-07-16 16:23:43

I met Mr. Freguson when he was GM of the Jets. I was working in a Deli in Winnipeg which Mrs. Fergusson would visit on a weekly basis. I will never forget the day that Mr. Ferguson walked in. Being a hugh Hab fan I was awestruck. He shook my hand (I think) and I was in heaven. I do remember that he did have huge hands and reminded me of one of my father's comments "that he had huge MITTS". In fact Mr. Ferguson invited me to the Jets game that night. I went and sat with Mrs. Freguson that evening. They were both great people who treated everybody with respect.
Gerard, 2007-07-16 15:53:14

I remember growing up in Southern Ontario and living with all that is "Leafs" country. I lived for my Habs. My all time two favourites have always been Jean Beliveau and John Ferguson. I was so very sad to hear of his death this morning. My thoughts and prayers will be with all the Ferguson family. John, rest in peace.
John C, 2007-07-16 13:43:30

July 16, 2007

Dear John

Hearing about your situation publicly @ the draft, I feel a need to write how I feel about a special man, one who has shown me unconditional love and respect since we first met. I've met a lot of great people throughout my career and consider myself fortunate. I really treasure the relationship we enjoyed over the years. My only regret is we never got to work together. My blessing is my son, Roby, got to work with you. You have always treated our family with unconditional respect and we are all grateful. I will always remember our conversations and the impact you had on Roby.

You certainly paid your dues in the game and have been an inspiration and loyal to so many others. We work our way through life and consider ourselves fortunate when we have the opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with special and unique human beings. John Ferguson possesses the old-fashioned value system found only in those old timers with a solid upbringing and you took the time to pass it on to others, including John Jr.

I am convinced your positive approach to everyday life has been passed on to your son and that will get you, him and all of your family through this tough time. The record shows that you performed and were successful in whatever you chose to do and your relationship with everyone in the game is evidence of the professionalism. You have always made me feel good when I was in your presence and I've never forgotten this. Our latest relationship, if only by email has been special. We have a relationship the late Vince Lombardi called LOVE!

The world of hockey has been the beneficiary because of your involvement. Your attitude, skills and swagger in your walk is time tested with me. You are a very special and unique individual; something we all strive for. I am fortunate to be part of a scouting fraternity with you. Your Curiosity, Compassion, Composure, Confidence, Courage, Charisma, Character and Class of a Champion who Competes in a Critical moment are well documented.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you, John!

Chuck Grillo

Pittsburgh Penguins

"The scouting fraternity; a special group of guys I will always remember!"
Chuck Grillo, 2007-07-16 11:52:02

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