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How do you feel about Bonds hitting No. 756?
Wed, August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds hit No. 756 over the right-centre field wall Tuesday night, and hammered home the point: Like him or not, legitimate or not, he is baseball's new home run king.

How do you feel about Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's record?

Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record


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Roger Clemens 44, Ricky henderson 43, Harold Baines 42, Dave Winfield 43, Phil Neikro 48, is that new enough.

What does the period of when it happened have to do with anything.

I said superstars last longer, thats what makes them superstars. Regardless of the era. It has nothing to do with steroids. That is what the arguement was. You get lost in your own arguements.
wayne, 2007-08-20 08:12:16

I said there are a few exceptions but with your very limited reading skills you get confused very easily LOL. I named a few of the exceptions which I clearly stated they are from time to time, its not a regular thing to have a pro athlete play into his 40's LOL. I guess going back 15 - 20 years is recent to you though LOL.

Lemieux retired at 35 or 36 not in his 40's LOL. Gordie Howe has been retired for at least 20 odd years LOL, Nolan Ryan about the same give or take a few years LOL, Micheal Jordan close to 15, Robert Parris 20 or so as well LOL. Good job naming current or recently retired smart boy LOL.

Wow your memory is really bad as you cant remember my points then go off about another sport LOL. I was talking baseball but you name 2 hockey and 2 basketball players LOL.

Bonds numbers are better than most guys 10 years younger but I know you have a reading disorder so I shouldnt expect you to understand anymore LOL.

We were talking baseball but you go name name 4 players from 2 different sports LOL. Way to go brainiac LMFAO.
Jimmy, 2007-08-19 18:36:16

Lemiux, Howe, Nolan Ryan, Micheal Jordan, Robert parrish. Would you like more 40 plus superstars, thanks for adding a few more yourself though, must have been the roids they all used right.

Arguement was made his numbers are going up. Now it changes. Look back at the posts. You can't even remember what you type.

So what is your point avbout superstars? I don't even think you know what your arguing now.
wayne, 2007-08-18 20:24:25

LOL no you said bonds is still playing because of his age being a super star. Well super stars arent part time players. only reason he has played last few years is because of the home run record. nothing more. the giants wanted him to break the record in there uniform period.

I said his numbers from being past his prime are better than most players at there prime time playing days. His numbers did go up after he passed his prime which isnt normal for pro athletes. as you get older your numbers decline. look at athletes that dont use steriods and there career stats and there stats after reaching there prime LOL.

It took Crosby, Lemieux, Gretzky, Orr and the rocket a few years to become a super star. none were there first year or 2, they were stars but not super stars. there is a difference between a star and a super star but I guess you arent aware of that. LOL did I say Crosby was going to stay 21 forever LOL. You are hilarious with your stupid ways of trying to reason things LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-08-18 07:26:29

thats all you have, 1 player ? LOL so its really commom then eh fool ? you cant name any current or recently retired players you have to go way back to Mr.Aarons playing days ? LOL

Look back to his playing days, how many teams were there ? its the same in hockey, back in the 50's 60's they played into there mid 30's to 40 ish. In todays game they are usually retired by there mid 30's at the latest. There are some exceptions like a Mark Messier, Joe Sakic and Chris Chelios. The game is alot faster today and alot more physical. Lots retired before they should have because of injuries and the way they played the game with Wendel Clark ( back problems )

being a perfect example.

Jimmy, 2007-08-18 07:16:07

Hank Aaron retired at 42

Must have been the roids.
wayne, 2007-08-17 09:25:36

yes jimmy. Once again you have proved me wrong. Superstars never age. How ignorant of me. Sidney will be a superstar all his careeer and stay 21. Gretzky did it, Orr, Lemieu, The Rocket etc. Never got old. How could i be so stupid.

Look at his stats the last 5 six years. They were below his prime and declining to this year were he plays periodically and they are almost his lowest ever. Pull up his stats. He's well below his best years and below his careeer average in all categories.
wayne, 2007-08-17 09:08:06

There are average players, good players, stars and then super stars which are the mvp type of players. A superstar has nothing to do with age you moron. God you are so stupid wayne you make me feel kinda sorry for you LOL.

Look at Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins ( NHL ) he is a superstar and he is only 20 or 21 wayne so as you can see age doesnt matter LOL.

You have to be a kid I am totally convinced of that now. Good luck in grade 3 this year wayne.
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 19:29:13

how many 43 years old are playing baseball this year ? name all of them, I know you cant though because you are clueless in all pro sports.

his stats did go up from when he was in his prime to the last 5 or 6 years but of course wayne the know it all never looks things up he just makes them up in his pea sized brain.
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 19:24:43

A lot of surperstars at the later years have better stats than guys in their primes. Thats why they are superstars. Its always been that way. Also

if they didn't have better stats, they wouldn't be playing. Does that help you. His stats aren't increasing, they are declining, its just still better than a lot of guys. Thats always been possible.
wayne, 2007-08-16 09:43:34

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