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How do you feel about Bonds hitting No. 756?
Wed, August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds hit No. 756 over the right-centre field wall Tuesday night, and hammered home the point: Like him or not, legitimate or not, he is baseball's new home run king.

How do you feel about Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's record?

Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record


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You are living in a dream world if you think the FEDS dont have anything on Bonds LMFAO. They have plenty, they will get as much as possible to make to show eveyone what a lying cheat Bonds really is. They dont have to rush there case, they take as mush time as they need to get a conviction. Do you think when somone commits a crime the police have to have them in court the next day ? LMAO. You really dont have a clue.

We are laughing AT you not with you lol.
Jimmy, 2007-08-02 10:57:31

Selig refused to say whether he'd be at the historical event while attending yesterday's Baseball Writers Association of America meeting prior to the 78th annual All-Star Game.

"I have made no decision on the Barry Bonds situation," Selig said.

"I have repeated, ad nauseam, that I will make the decision at the appropriate time. I'm not there yet."

That was 1 week before the all star game which is in July. So Selig hadnt made up his mind yet.

It isnt assuming Bonds the jerk is using its known by many with any brain cells BUT you.

Hank Aaron doesnt want to be associated with a cheater like Bonds. Mr.Aaron is a class act that has morals and ethics which neither you or Bonds has or will ever have!

You are crazy if you think the Feds will give up until they catch Bonds AND all the other cheaters. You just keep spewing the same garbage with no new points.

Bonds cheats everyone with any brain cells knows it but you!

Jimmy, 2007-08-02 10:27:12

Oh and the hank Aaron thing. Could be his belief of roids. Or MAYBE ITS BECAUSE BONDS IS A BIT OF A JERK TOO. Willy Mays has a relationship with him. OH so does A-Rod. Must be

they do roids, Roids people only talk to roids people right?
wayne, 2007-08-01 10:25:31

Didn't say anyone would remeber me. I don't beleive I control any of this like you guys do. I know the record will be broken this year and Selig will be there. You can speculate all you want on why he delayed but you are not him so it doesn't make you right.

Ya Feds have a wonderful history of convicting people. Their current proof is zero, thats why nothing has happened. Their only hope is failure of a drug test. Do ya think thats going to happen? LMAO. Ya feds are going to spend tax payers money to target bonds for the next few years after the record to make you happy. LMAO. Even if convicted the stats and record wouldn't be erased. They don't do that, they just let it disappear. Just so you know PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS WERE LEGAL IN BASEBALL FOR MOST OF BONDS CAREER. I don't assume

my word is law. I just pointed out the current state. He is playing. His records and stats still stand. Selig is going to be there. Thats not law ITS A FACT. You guys live in the dream world of speculation. Don't recognize it. Its your choice. ITS A GAME. LMAO
wayne, 2007-08-01 09:36:29

Wow who is this guy Wayne ? Like he says the record will stand ? I assume he is God and his word is law.

Jimmy stop trying to get through to him, he is obvisously just a teenager that doesn't know jack. You are just wasting your time and energy by even responding to his knowing what the Federal Investigation will ultimately end up doing which is nothing according to him.

Terry, 2007-07-31 19:15:39

LMFAO who is going to remember you wayne ? NO ONE ! And no one cares a care about you either lol. Selig doesnt want to be there he has to as the commissioner if he did he would have made his plans known along time ago not a week before you. This issue of steriods isnt going away any time soon, in case you forgot the FEDS are involved, you cant sweep this under the carpet. Lots of players will be caught when this issue is finally resolved. It could be a few years but the cheaters like BONDS will be caught along with all the others.

Like I said the record wont stand in the future that Bonds that cheater broke. The Feds will make sure of that. Who wants their children idolizing a cheat like Bonds, I sure dont and any person with ethics or morals doesnt either.

I will say it once again, the record will be wiped out somewhere down the road or at the very least there will be an asterick beside Bonds the cheat name.

Tell me wayne since you know everything, why isnt Hank Aaron wanting anything to do with Bonds ? He knows to that Bonds cheated and thats the only way Bonds will get the record by using steroids!

hey wayne I have some swamp land for sale cheap, interested ? lol.

Jimmy, 2007-07-31 15:20:50

Wayne my 8 year old nephew is smarter and has more common sense then you. Give up you look worse and worse everytime you try to defend yourself lol. Yes that trainer was Bonds personal trainer so he does work for him. Thats why the trainer is in prison but you cant figure that out I am not surprised anymore lol. I have corrected you on how many issues now ? Quite a few.

First you called Basillie a con man and thief for taking deposits on season tickets and said he would keep the money lol. Then you were wrong about the TiCats attendence figures saying they were averaging under 25,000 when it was over 25,000 and closer to 28,000 lol, and then you said Bonds trainer wasnt in prison, I told you he is then you finally looked something up and new the right facts lol. Keep making stupid statements and I will keep correcting you lol. You are hilarious LMFAO at you.
Jimmy, 2007-07-31 14:11:23

Jimmy, I never asked you to prove it. You chose to yourself. Never did do it. Just came up with weight gain, ex girl friends and personal trainers (personal doesn't mean his very own, it means they work one on one as opposed to a group, he works with others too). People don't have to prove they aren't dis honest except to you. And you think your Smart? LMAO
wayne, 2007-07-31 09:43:40

Like I said. The record is standing. Selig said he is going. Apperently you know selig and his thoughts. No you don't have to prove innocense in north america, only guilt. Thats REALITY. You guys can believe what you want. You can recognize it or not, its your choice. Baseball recognizes barry bonds. In 100 years they still will, you will be dead and know one will know who you are. Barry will be in the record books and any controversy will be forgotten, just like all the greats of the past.
wayne, 2007-07-31 07:55:55

All them times you tell me to prove Bonds uses steriods then I say prove he hasnt and what do you say, you dont have to lol lol lol lol lol. Give your head a good hard shake, you are cluesless and dont have any common sense wayne. good comeback, you dont have to thats hilarious as only something you can say lol.
Jimmy, 2007-07-30 17:06:03

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