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How do you feel about Bonds hitting No. 756?
Wed, August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds hit No. 756 over the right-centre field wall Tuesday night, and hammered home the point: Like him or not, legitimate or not, he is baseball's new home run king.

How do you feel about Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's record?

Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record


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Any users that are caught should have their names wiped out of the record books. Using may not have been against MLB rules but anyone with any common sense knows its wrong. They are getting an unfair advantage over there opponents. It also is a bad example as they are role models for kids and kids do what pro athletes do.

I hope someone breaks Bonds record asap!
Pete, 2007-09-15 10:39:24


I understand your points of view. Playing hockey at the NHL level at Chelios age is an accomplishment but he isnt someone the team depends on to create offence like a Lindstrom.

Playing at the NHL level with the pace of the game being so fast that it takes younger players to play in the AHL for a year or two to get adjusted to the pro game.

Dont forget to factor in the travel at the NHL level with the road team heading straight to the airport after the game, arrive in the next city around 2 or 3 AM, commute to the hotel and get checked in and not getting to bed alot of times not until 3:30 or 4 AM then get up around 10 or 10:30 for there game day skate at 11:00.

Not to mention that NHL teams play on average 3 - 4 times a week. Then there are the injuries that hockey players often play with from the crashing and banging in the corners and the front of the nets.

So to compare baseball to hockey isnt really fair.

Baseball players play 3 or 4 game series in the same city and then have an off day to travel to there next city where as hockey players travel during the late night / early morning hours only to play again that night.

Hockey players lose a step or 2 as they age so its hard to keep up with the younger, faster, stronger

players. The pace of the NHL is always getting faster with the players coming to camps already in game shape not like in the past where the players used the camp to get into game shape.

I see what you mean but hockey is alot harder to play these days for players to play into there mid to late 30's or early 40's.

Jimmy, 2007-09-06 14:01:31


No contest that hockey is a more physical game than baseball, but one might make a case that it is in some ways easier to play hockey effectively later in life than baseball. Strength, reflexes and (I have noticed) eyesight go down as you approach 40, as well as your ability to recover from injuries. As a hitter in baseball you need at least good enough eyesight and reflexes enough to hit the ball. Strength helps if you're a power hitter but doesn't matter if you don't have the first two. Hockey, on the other hand, is a sport where experience and ability to read the play counts a lot. So guys like Gordie and Chellie show that you can play late in life. You may not hit as much as you did earlier in life trying to avoid those nagging injuries, but you can still contribute. Guys like Gretzky and Lemieux retired not because they weren't effective, it's because by their standards they weren't as significant a part of the game (and Lemieux's bad back was no doubt a factor in his case). I'm sure Gretz could still get 80 points a year if he had a sniper at his side and didn't have to go to the front of the net himself. Most other players would be happy with this output but they chose to hang em up.

My point is that I think at 45 a guy like Chelios who doesn't score 10+ goals anymore but is defensively sound is more valuable late in life than a 45 year old ballplayer who is not fast enough to play the field, whose power is gone and a diminishing batting average to boot.
Rick W., 2007-09-05 12:32:33

no wayne I have said all along that Bonds is a user.

I have never said hockey players use steriods. I said there are a few athletes that are exceptions to the rules, I have said that many times as well. Bonds is a part time player wayne, all he does is hit, he isnt playing in the outfield and hasnt in a few years now.

By being a part time player he is extending his career wayne.

Are you going to say baseball is a physical sport like hockey and football and than baseball players suffer serious injuries like hockey and football players do ?

Come on get real. My point is that baseball isnt a contact sport so your career is longer than football and hockey players because there bodies dont take the pounding.

Jimmy, 2007-08-31 10:48:15

so its exceptional that a hockey player plays into his 40's because its physical. Its not as exceptional if a baseball player plays into his 40's because its not as physical. So its not that big a deal that bonds is 40 and playing then. You don't need roids to do non exceptional things.

Jimmy your caught here. If you say bonds is 40 and playing he must be on roids to do it. you must then say that a hocket player to play in his 40's must be too.

but you will deny it and call me stupid as usual.
wayne, 2007-08-30 12:52:36

Right jimmy

So playing into your 40's isn't proof your on steroids. Glad you agree

Yes Steroids allow you to work out longer and harder. But you body may not be capable of that so it breaks. Thats called a side effect. My 350 chevy engine will last about 500,000 miles stock. If I supercharge it and add nitro it will probably last 100,000 miles.

wayne, 2007-08-30 12:48:43

wayne here is another fact you may not be aware of, steriods give the user more energy so they can work out longer and harder.
Jimmy, 2007-08-30 09:14:41

wayne I didnt say all players that play into there 40's are on steriods LMAO. I said Bonds is on steriods only, not all players LOL.

Its not everyday an athelete plays into the 40's, its rare actually and there are a few excerptions to the rule as there always is LOL.

Jimmy, 2007-08-28 18:54:44

wayne like always you are off the track. I said most athletes are long retired before there 40's but there are the few exceptions LMAO. Baseball is an easier sport than a contact sports like football and hockey LOL. Baseball players arent as likely to sustain any serious season ending or career ending injuries like football and hockey players are subject to.

Contact sports take a toll on the human body and there careers are shorter than baseball players or golfers LOL. Take Wendel Clark as an example, when he retired he was in his early to mid 30's, but his injuries cut his career short because of the way he played the game, physical every time he stepped on the ice plus the fights he got into with bigger and heavier players. His back was shot and wouldnt let him play anymore.
Jimmy, 2007-08-28 18:44:01

Chad You are correct.

Steroids though are a drug. when prescribed by a doctor and directions followed, they heal.

when they are not (as in an athletes case) and you don't cycle (which many athletes don't do because when you are off them your performance greatly decreases) they actually cause injury and shorten careers.
wayne, 2007-08-28 17:34:46

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