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Is poker a sport?
Tue, July 10, 2007

Poker is one sport where strategy, technique and an ability to bluff can outweigh a lack of experience. As Pittsburgh Penguins' forward Maxime Talbot is fast learning, luck often plays a big role in poker - much like an NHL game can be decided by a puck that accidentally deflects off a skate or takes a tricky bounce.

Talbot hopes to call a few bluffs


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NO! poker is not a sport but it looks like a forum like this could turn into one(L) and in this corner weighing in at a soaking wet 98 pounds MikeD and his opponent heiling from Iownyourmomma and know everything weighing a svelte 294 pounds and nothing but beer gut...Terry Terry {{{TERRYYYYYY}}}}Tonight's referee in charge of the fight will be none other than jimmy ok guys let's have a clean fight and if need be punch the referee a few times (L)Get real already it's a forum (L) good for a giggle.

P.S Terry guess my weight (L) and I'm not 5'2 and 75 pounds I can't hit a golf ball worth a damn, I flunked out in baseball, I played basketball but was always scoring on my own team (L) I did find my true calling though...care to find out big guy what it was
Mark, 2007-07-20 18:27:29

mikey lil boy

Do you even know the difference between skill and luck ? I doubt it by your insane comments. Luck is being fortunate in getting good cards. Skill is all about your performance. Learn the difference before you spout off about how easy it is to be a baseball, hockey, football player or a golfer. If it was as easy as you think to seem it is we all would be playing professionaly making millions of dollars a year. Unfortunately only the top players in there sport make it to the big time, the odds are actually against you. Take hockey as an example, the odds of making it to the NHL are somewhere around 1 in 400,000 for Canadian kids. I assume to you those are good odds lol. The odds of making as a pro athlete arent that far off from winning the lottery so that should tell you something you know it all. Get a life you punk you know very little. Next time to open your big mouth think about what you are saying and proof read it before you send it, then maybe you wont look as stupid as you do with them insane comments you lil mama's boy.

Jimmy, 2007-07-20 16:56:32

Hey Mike

Why dont you take your own advice and grow up. You tell Jimmy to act like a man but you started out attacking him. Thats being 2 faced telling 1 person not to do something then you go and do it. I guess you dont have summer school this year so you will try to be a man and act tough insulting people on the net. Im impressed tough guy lol. First thing Mikey, men dont wear panties, you might but then you arent a man. Second to imply that poker takes more skill to play than hockey,baseball,golf and basketball is laughable. Whats wrong boy? Didnt your mommy and daddy let you play sports growing up because they thought hockey and football were to rough and you would get hurt ? Awwww poor lil boy, get over it and move on to something you might have knowledge about like baking 101 or gardening 101. Dont knock other people's comments when you dont have a clue what its like to play at a competitive level like even high school. You wouldnt even be able to hit a baseball thrown from a pitching coach for batting practice never mind play outfield and catch a fly ball from a pro ball player. If being a pro athlete is as easy as you seem to think it is why arent you playing for the Leafs,Blue Jays, Raptors or Argos ? We all know the Leafs and Blue Jays could use an all star like you Mikey lol. You must be friends with Wayne or related to him because you both ramble on and on making lil or no sense what so ever. Time to get off the lazy boy recliner and go try hitting golf balls at a driving range or to a batting cage and see how hard it really. I would be very surprised if you get drive a golf ball 200 yards and keep in on the fairway or hit a baseball in the air to the outfield because I think you are a scrawny 5'6, 98 pound weakling that still gets sand kicked in his face at the beach lol. Mikey I hear your mommy calling you time for your nap lil boy lol.


The odds of making it to the NHL for a Canadian is somewhere in the ball park of 1 in 300,000, so yes I guess thats having a little bit of expertise Mikey boy. Those are good odss right Mikey, almost like the chance of winning the lottery lol.
Terry, 2007-07-20 11:24:36

Jimmy's panties seem to be all in a knot. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on here. Your's being futile and nothing more than an attack on another person. I agree that poker is not a sport, but let's take a look at sports in general. Basketball..dribbling a round sphere and putting it through a net..golf..hitting a ball for distance and then sinking it in a hole...baseball...hitting a ball with a wooden stick and running to a base...hockey...smacking around a rubber disk and trying to put it in a net...I can hear you now Jimmy...you're saying that all these sports and I agree that they are sports..take some degree of expertise to become professional players.Poker although not a sport still takes some degree of expertise to be able to actually make a living doing it. These guys have to know odds on when to call/ raise/ fold. I have yet to hear of a pro sports figure who in 36 hours had an income of 12 million dollars. Sure it's not a sport. Who cares? get over it jimmy. Grow up little man. Act like an adult.
MikeD, 2007-07-19 18:15:28

I believe the definition of sport is some sort of PHYSICAL confrontation between 2 combatants (either teams or individuals) resulting in a declared winner by some sort of point system. Since poker is in no way "physical" and involves luck of the draw, it therefore can NOT be considered a sport
John Perrott, 2007-07-18 17:29:25

Thanks Rob you made me laugh at your idiotic comments. First hockey players were playing poker for charity, they didnt get anything out of it but good pr. Second just because a poker players dad may have played in the NBA that makes the son out to be an athlete ? We know nothing but you know it all LOL. What althetic albility do you need to play poker ? None that I know of but with you being a know it all I am sure you can tell us LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-07-18 03:08:19

*laffin at the posted comments* hmmmm hockey season starts ina few months boys. No I agree that poker is not a sport but then again watching the NHL on TSN does not make you an authority on hockey.Suck it up buttercups. Why are hockey players turning up on TV playing in uhmmmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmm poker tournaments.Todd Brunson may not miss many meals but he must have some athletic ability in him. Doyle, his father was supposed to have played pro basketball for the lakers back in his day. Plus he needs to keep his strength up to haul off all the cash he seems to win. Not a bad job, at least in my opinion. Sit on your behind, play cards and take home big paydays. Beats the hell out of my job that's for sure.
Rob, 2007-07-17 19:54:51

Poker is not a sport and your website covering it undermines your credibility. Please leave it to others to report and stick to what you do well. Don't make me look elswhere for my sports coverage just as I look elswhere when I see it on TV.
TB, 2007-07-17 19:24:53

Well...in as much as I intend to go pro for colouring, I suppose you could consider it a sport. Since when is it a sport when you are encouraged NOT to move around? Puh-leeeeeze. At least in Spelling Bees they have to stand up.
Bob Loblaw, 2007-07-17 12:40:10

No, poker is not a sport. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch poker on television. Obviously someone is watching it (19 to 30 year old guys getting hooked on gambling, mostly) or they would not have it on TSN and Sportsnet five times a day, but I have only one response when I see it's on...I turn the channel. I'm not going to contribute to what is obviously a way to get more people to lose more money in the casinos.
Ted Richards, 2007-07-16 18:04:11

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