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Who's to blame for Canada's poor showing?
Mon, July 9, 2007

With a 2-0 loss to Congo, Canada became the first country to be held off the scoresheet in three separate tournaments (1985, 2001, 2007).

The country that made it to one World Cup (and didn't win a game or score a goal in that one, either) brought the humiliation home as host of the biggest soccer event in Canadian history.

No wins, no goals scored


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easy fix. NO MORE BRITISH-TRAINED COACHES. NO MORE 60'S STYLE "KICK AND RUN SOCCER". its dead. bury it. move on and hire some forward thinking coaches not trained in the English style.
rob, 2007-07-10 20:33:29

No we shouldnt be embarrassed, disappointed that we didnt score any goals maybe. We are ranked near the bottom of the world rankings. Anyone that thinks we should have made it to the second round is fooling themselves.

Our sport is and always will be HOCKEY. Im sure they gave 100 % but unfortunately we dont have the depth the other countries have or the skill.
Jimmy, 2007-07-09 23:13:59

I have read a few of the comments and must say and agree we were humiliated.

The faulty coaching methods, the lack of cohesion on the field made me cry.

What er need is a complete change at the top of the CSA plus a much better coach. Remember how nice results came out of the hiring of a good coach the way it turned for the South Koreans a few years ago.

No good coaching results in the kind of playmaking we did see this past tournament.
Leo VanLeeuwen, 2007-07-09 23:00:55

Does everyone forget when Canada became the only host country not to win an Olympic Gold Medal...1976 Summer Games. Canada has a great track record for things like this.
William p Smith, 2007-07-09 22:48:34

It was very embarrasing to watch so many unskilled players play in an elite group of players. We looked bad, period. But the next time I hope we will have learned our lesson. Do not go out and play with the Big boys until you learn how not to play like Squirts.
gordon, 2007-07-09 19:24:12

The players should not be embarassed, they did their best - it is not their fault that the CSA and our coached are pitiful. The Canadian Soccer Assoc. should be ashamed of themselves for the quality and caliber of soccer we still play on the world stage. The problem is in our style and the teaching methods from an early age. The coaching techniques have not improved in 35 years, since I was playing minor soccer in Canada. It is pathetic that we have strikers on a national team who can't hit the net with a shot or a header from the 6 yeard box - absolutely no excuse for that. Out of hundreds of thousands of registered players in Canada, your telling me we couldn't find a striker or a midfielder with any technical skills to hit the net - bull! Problem lies in the style of player we promote to the higher levels. The CSA should be embarassed!
Dino, 2007-07-09 16:54:17

How can you say that we should be embarrassed and then say that the results were predictable? It's one or the other, my friend. I for one am embarrassed as I honestly did believe that this team had what it took to do some damage at this tournament, especially on home soil. This of course was until I realized the incompetent nature of our head coach, Dale Mitchell.

I also am going to have to question this assumption that nobody thought Canada would advance. Although I had no delusions of a title, I for one am very surprised we didn't make it out of the group stage. In fact, everything I read and every result leading up to the tournament suggested that Canada should have had little difficulty advancing to at least the 2nd round.

Ryan Gray, 2007-07-09 16:37:15

The idea that we should be embarassed as a nation suggests that winning or loosing at a sport is a moral failing of a whole nation. Sports are games and while it is wonderful to see a game well played, poor performance is not a moral failing. Improvement will not come from an inappropriate and unrealistic emotional response--there was nothing ultimately wrong or right with Canada's behaviour during the games. To improve at a sport requires an increase in skills and a level of confidence only eroded by the emotionally unrealistic and destructive idea of "embarassment". If we want to have a winning soccer team, what we need are the skills, training and emotional development of confidence in each other as a team that can accept performance good or bad as part of the game and experienced as calling for acceptance and learning. Suggesting we should be embarassed or emotionally upset simply wastes emotional and psychic energy on something irrelevant to improving performance and/or enjoying the game. Why play if you don't enjoy the game? Why play if you are told that loosing means you should be embarassed? The question itself was inappropriate and not useful. Why waste psychic energy on things that will not help us improve or give us joy? The question indicates the unhealthy and psychologically inappropriate thinking enouraged too often in sports and in life. Play and learn, find joy in the game and in the trying and confidence and skill will follow. Remain embarassed and discouraged and you will be unable to grow in confidence or skill. I am suggesting that to improve is simply to be realistic and live well. Why ask a destructive and unhelpful question except to reinforce an already unhealthy and destructive emotional state? Sorry, but the question indicates the disease of the asker and of those who get pleasure out of embarassing themselves or others. If we care about the game and playing it well then a healthier response is required than either that of those who crafted the question and most of those who gave a response. No need for embarassment, just for a growth in confidence and skill.
Daniel, 2007-07-09 16:35:41

Canada should absolutely be embarrassed by its showing at the U-20's. I say this not only because yet again our great nation broke records of futility on home soil; but also because of the fact that it appears that the brain (or lack there of) behind this disaster is going to be the same behind our attempt to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

Call me naive, optimistic, whatever you want but I fully believe that the talent is there, at the senior level to lay waste to pretty much every CONCACAF team outside of Mexico and the United States. What Stephen Hart did with our men at the Gold Cup (and the games leading up to it) was by far the most encouraging thing I've seen from a Canadian men's team at any level. However, with Dale Mitchell at the helm, I am afraid that we will revert back to the days of 0-0 draws (or worse) at home and 4-0 defeats on the road.

I suppose we can only hope that either Soccer Canada or Dale Mitchell himself are embarrassed enough by this dismal performance that they do Something to prevent themselves from giving up the best chance Canada has seen in over 20 years of qualifying for the World Cup.
Ryan Gray, 2007-07-09 16:21:13

The CSA needs to be completely revamped: first, a new logo - market the CSA and make owning a Canada shirt cool like Italy and Brazil; terminate ALL sr execs of the CSA; move away from English-style football - 1966 was a long time ago; hire a coach with south american and/or european experience; get better scouts - can can't tell me that we can't field a decent squad with an immigrant from virtually every part of the world. The u20 was a complete and utter embarassment!
Ryan, 2007-07-09 16:20:36

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