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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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This guy is a cold blooded killer. It sickens me to see some of you pretending that this is just another one of your silly little story lines. Wake up and get a life. He murdered his wife and defenseless handicapped child. I dont care how good of a actor this guy was. He should be remembered as nothing more than the coward that he was. Anyone defending his actions or pointing to his scripted career should be ashamed of themselves. A innocent woman and child were MURDERED by this monster.
ChaseMichael, 2007-06-30 14:06:21

In looking at the whole reported double murder and the different information provided there seems to be some questions. Why was Nancy bound and blood by her head if she was strangled? Why was she covered up? Was he going to dispose of the body and then had second thoughts and decided to end the whole situation by killing his son and then himself? We will never know the answers to what was going on his head....

For those of you who don't believe he did it or that it was an intruder or some other larger conspiracy... give year heads a shake. Chris was a great wrestler; there is no doubt; but it's time to wake up and start asking some serious questions about the WWE and how they treat their "talent". It's the talent that makes the product entertaining. WWE needs to take care of them; there is far too much of this happening. Lives and families are being destroyed in the name of entertainment and profit for the WWE empire.

Chris Benoit was a great wrestler and will be remembered by some as that; but not as a great person.
billy bob t, 2007-06-30 13:55:49

Everyone thinks that it's roid rage and no one really knows (in the past he had neck issue's) you need some help getting back to normal to support your family. The other thing is that no one really knows anybody and they think they do but you don't (your just fooling yourself). I would like to say in closing that everyone should stop giving your input and leave it to the professionals (the police). It's a sad time but don't think you (the media) have all the answers cause you don't.

Thanks for listening.

JAY, 2007-06-30 13:17:05

I don't understand why it happened but what i do know is that everybody is not perfect.. A lot of people say that it is not in his character for him to do something like this... Did he do it?? No one will ever know the real truth except Chris and he is gone... And blaming Vince personally i don't like his charater but it is all entertainment... That's really i have to say... R.I.P Chris, Nancy and Daniel... and to all their families...
Confused, 2007-06-30 12:18:47

If he wanted out of this world he didn't have to take two innocent people with him.

He took the cowards way out.

We can spectulate and try to blame it on steroids, but, it still comes down to the fact Benoit committed a crime. With all the information and knowledge today about the effects of steroids there is no excuse for what he did to his family.

As we all know our innocent Canadian Soldiers are being killed while trying to make the world a peaceful place for everyone.

Benoit's death is getting more media attention than is required. Our Canadian Soldiers received media attention for the amount of time it took to bring their bodies back to their families to bury them. They now have to live with the lost of burying their children. Parents are not suppose to bury their children.

The only people that deserve attention are the families of his wife and son.

The media should drop this. It's disgusting.
B, 2007-06-30 11:30:47

i have always watched chris wrestle, and with out a doubt he was one of the best and i'm going to miss him so much. The moment that i heard that chris had done that i was into a state of shock i was shocked as much as when i heard about eddie guererro's death.The one curious thing that is going to haunt me is that why did he do that. first of all my heart goes out to his family and that i will miss him so much now that i am saying this i have lost 2 of my favourite wrestlers one of them eddie guererro and the other chris benoit and i would hate to say that if any other of my favourite wrestlers die what would i do then but i am very shocked and frusrated about this situation. My dream of seeing my two favourite wrestlers live are now all shattered. But my heart really goes out to his family. i will always miss and love chirs til the last day and to learn that i will never ever see him again. luv and gonna miss chris in action.
Paramjeet chahal, 2007-06-30 11:16:36

There is something that has been nagging at me all week in this case. I am going to toss it out here and see what comes back.

I am starting to wonder if the murder timeline is off and if it was the little boy who was killed first.

According to some reports, Benoit received a phone call from Nancy on Friday urging him to come home ASAP.

As has been reported, Benoit and Nancy were at odds over the level of care for their specials needs son. Ok, bear with me:

Chris gets home to find that Nancy, in desperation, has killed the child. Now, hold up on the shouting, hear me out.

This would not be the first case of a Mother so beset with desperation for her handicapped child that in their muddled state, they do what they at the time consider to be a kindness, by killing them.

Also the manner in which it is alledged that they child was killed, by suffocation is consistant with the way most women carry out infanticide.

Benoit comes home, finds what has happened. He freaks. Nancy's death was violent and very personal. The level of rage against her was quite high.

I have read reports where Nancy's remains were found to be wrapped in a blanket, hands and feet bound.

It is summer now. I have no idea if the AC was on in the house but, given the heat factor and that the remains were in a blanket, this could explain how the level of decomp for her is beyond that of the son. This could easily throw off investigators.

I am not saying this in order to "clear" Benoit, I am simply putting it out there as it has been on my mind all week and perhaps,this angle needs to be looked at.

As a funeral director and mortician, I have seen about everything and will no doubt see a lot more.

Either way, this incident leaves behind a lot of hurt and tears. I am deeply sorry for both sets of families.
Trocaria, 2007-06-30 11:00:00

I have always loved watching Chris Benoit wrestle. I didn't know him personally, but from what I have read and heard from other wrestlers that knew him well, this is something that he wouldn't/couldn't do! He loved the wrestling business, he lived for it, and he loved his family. So then why would someone that loved this business, and family, kill them and kill themselves at this time in his life? He was just going to go to a Pay-per-view event for a chance at the ECW world heavy weight title. SO then WHY?????? I'm sorry I just don't see it. I think that someone killed them. As stated his son was ill, and had to be on steriods/medications for the illness. R.I.P. The Benoit Family. My heart & prayers go out to the extended family.
Jill, 2007-06-30 03:11:52

at this time i like to say how sorry i am to his father an mother to me chris was the best it is a sad day for all my hart go out to all the family an friends at this time thank you chris for your caring hart you will be missed by all fr ken
kewnneth robar, 2007-06-30 02:34:17

First of all I want to say that my heart goes out to the families of Chris and Nancy Benoit. I have been a big fan of Chris' and will always be. I didn't know him personally but from what I have seen and read from people who knew him this was completely uncharacteristic of Chris. It is unfortunate that this will be his legacy. Chris Benoit deserves better that that. I believe we will never know why he did what he did. You never know what is in someone else's mind. Something snapped that is for sure. The WWE wants to sweep this under the rug as it puts a bad light on them and possibly on the business as a whole. I do not know if steroids played a part. Maybe it did, may be it didn't. I believe that something made Chris snap and it most likely was something chemical that he took. This does not excuse it but may help to explain it. Either way Chris was one of the best wrestlers ever and that is how he should be remembered. I pray that Chris, Nancy, and Daniel will rest in peace.
Andy, 2007-06-30 01:14:40

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