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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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Calling Benoit a "great wrestler" is like calling Tom Cruise a great spy, or Harrison Ford a great adventurer. It's an act, people. Get your heads out of the sand. And for those of you who said this guy was a hero to your 10 year old or whatever, maybe you need to turn the TV off and be the hero your kid truly needs, not leaving that role in the hands of some doped-up double murderer.
Ted Richards, 2007-07-13 12:38:58

i was shock this happen

i like benolt what is this world coming to
tan, 2007-07-10 13:36:39

i dont think that chris did it.he loved his family alot and wouldnt do something like that.plus the story dosnt add up ....
jennie, 2007-07-09 17:59:55

It was very sad they way these three lives ended.I did know chris when he was with stampede wrestling,he was now and then a great performer and very nice person.Wrestling has put so much pressure on those boys over the years that the stress has to be very high with them all.Way too many lives have been lost in this sport.Everyone wants to know why,well the only one Chris has to answer to know is God,yes i believe that is where he is in the hands of our maker.You all call him a monster,but think about what you are doing he was someones son as well,none of us condon taking anothers life.but what about the surviors of this story,the peole that are keeping this going are the monsters you think nothing of the other children of chris's they still have to mourn their dad no matter what happened,do you think it is fair for them to grow up thinking of him as nothing more than a murderer,that is so unfair.I had a son in law commit suicide and left two small children and they just recently learnt what happened and they were devastated by it so how do you think these two children of chris's will feel with everyone saying their dad was a murderer.Chris was a great person we will never know what happened so PLEASE let the families of Chris and Nancy deal with the loss of their loved ones.Shame on the WWE for turning there backs on one of its own no matter what he did,he was one of the best.My prayers and thoughts go out to the families of Chris and Nancy.Rest In Peace Whatever your problems were are over know you are home.
very saddened, 2007-07-08 14:59:41

This is a very sad end of a great career,Chris was a fantastic entertainer.No matter why it happened it did.People have to let this drop and remember that other family members from both sides are still alive and grieving and will never be able to try to move on if people do not stop.Remember Chris as the great man that he was,not what happened,yes it is very tragic,but noone knows what went on so it is unfair of all to come up with your own conclusions in this.Three lives are gone in tragic ways,but family still lives on.I could only hope that the other children of chris see their dad as whom they knew him as and not the monster that people are making him out to be,these children have to go on and people do not stop to think of what this will do to them knowing what he done,let them remember him as the dad.You will never know why this happened you just have to go on.The people say chris had a problem with leaving his character behind when not in the ring,well you have to do the same remember him as a great wrestler not as someone that ended the lives of his wife and child.Let his family and the family of nancy grieve their losses.
Sharon, 2007-07-08 14:06:20

ive met chris many times and i just cant believe this is something he would do. Chris loved his wife and son, i dont care what was said i dont believe this ive partied with chris and he is so sweet and gentle that i believe it had to be something or someone else, god whats going on whos next rey first eddie then chris i love you chris and you will be sadley missed. And to those who judged him without knowing him and his family it comes back 360. To the family members of the wwe and benoits we all know this wasnt chris and i will keep his memory alive.
sheree, 2007-07-08 03:23:33

How many more people are going to have to die before someone step's up and look's deeper into the WWF and their so called drug testing, what happen to this man and his family should be a real wake up call for other's, Benoit had a job for life with WWF, But so did Bret Hart and we know the story behind that, As I see it once they are done with you they are done and there is no real concern for the wrestler's or their family's if they can no longer make Vince richer!!!
Tara, 2007-07-07 23:48:50

I'm like some of the fans out there, how can you jump to something without find out what really happen. There was no note or anything like that, If anybody was going to kill there family they would leave a note to let them know why they did it. In my heart I don't believe Chris could have done this I believe somebody did this to him and his family, because if you stop and think if he killed his son what about the other children why didn't he killed them.
Mary, 2007-07-06 17:46:06

What can be said about a murderer,he didn`t have the guts to end his own life without killing his wife and son,that is the worst thing,a young boy who did nothing wrong is dead,i thought besides Brett Hart,benoit was one of the best in the business,but now we have to question every single person in the business,there needs to be strict controls over these people,first and formost,the man is a killer,he deserves no sympathy,his wife and child do,there is no excuse for murder
Davey boy, 2007-07-05 06:22:28

I have to say that I think Kevin Sullivan should be questioned about it! First it was Sherri Martel who had some kind of contact with Kevin Sullivan and now his ex-wife her new husband and there son all dead!! I dont think so I think they were all murdered if not by Kevin it has to be connected with.
Michele, 2007-07-03 22:34:25

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