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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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People need to not rush to judgement just yet. NOBODY not even the police know exactly what happened for sure. Everything is pure speculation as of now.

They want to call it a murder-suicide. But WHAT IF they have it WRONG? What if Chris flew home as stated because of family sickness, and when he got home his wife was dying, and son was sick and he went to take care of them. And when both passed away, Chris was filled with sorrow and grief so much that he took his own life to be with them?

Ive never met him, but from all accounts from people who did, he just does not seem like the person who would do such a cold hearted dispicable thing like this.

This is a tragedy any way you look at it. 3 lives gone, 3 families (Chris had children from a previous relationship) forever changed and thrusted into grief. My heart goes out to them all.
Bob, 2007-06-26 11:35:46

ROID RAGE? That's pretty ignorant. Not to defend what might end up being a murder-suicide, but give me a break. You think he might have done this because he had 'roid rage'? Give me a break.
andy, 2007-06-26 11:07:31

Tragic indeed. Surprise, no. I would be that this will prove to be linked to steroid use, which is obviously used like candy in professional wrestling. There is a reason it is called "roid rage", and I think this will be shown to be the case here.
Glen, 2007-06-26 10:55:22

Its hard to know what to say or even think when "WE" the fans lose someone so influential. But as an up-comming pro wrestler, its upsetting to know that I'll never get the chance to work with or even meet him. Even so, I am proud to have learned what a great man he was and always will be.

When my career becomes difficult or complicated, I'll simply chant three word to remind me that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Those three words................

F. Maurice "MOE" Bressette, 2007-06-26 10:39:06

I would like to send my deepest symapthies.To the Benoit family.I dont belive that someone of he,s standing could do such a thing.But I know first hand how it could happen.I have a family member.Who came home one night,from his boxing match.He just came home and snapped.On his wife and baby.He was barred from the ring for life.Thank god they are just fine now.And still together.but it was just one of those things.It was blamed on the boxing.He was just so hyped up.There was no drugs or alchol involded.I would also like to know where is other 2 kids were at the time.And I hope they didnt find them that way.RIP and God bless them all
Kathy, 2007-06-26 08:14:59

I found out this tragic news about Chris Benoit and his family last night when I happened to click on near the end of Raw program. I don't watch wrestling like I used to but every now and then I'll click on there to see what's going on. So turn to the USA network with about 12 minutes remaining on the program and I see on the bottom saying Vince McMahon Memorial Service. And I'm saying what in the world is going on. At first I thought it was Vince McMahon. I was puzzled. They have the wrestlemania match from 2004 featuring Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. Still nothing clicked. I was enjoying this great match and then all of a sudden a insert somes up on my television saying remembering Chris Benoit and Nancy and their son. And my heart just dropped. I'm saying you got to be kidding me. I was speechless. Then I'm wondering how this happened. The first thing I thought was were they killed in automobile accident and something just shot my mind saying I hope he didn't kill his family and commit suicide. It hits home because he was the same age as I am. It was late, so I said when I get up tomorrow I'm going on the internet to see exactly how the deaths occur. And my worsest fear was revealed. A murder-suicide. That's what they're investigating it as. I pray that it's not true. Of all the deaths in this business this one by far is the most tragic. The death of Owen before Chris' death was the most tragic. And I guess you can put Kerry VonErich, Renegade, Mike Awesome on that list as well. All of those deaths were suicide. But this one tops it because not only is he gone, but his wife and child. I couldn't see anything that would make me take my life and my family. But you just don't know what people's mindset is and what they're going through behind close doors. Sadly another wrestler in his 40s gone. I pray that his family gets through these trying times.
Kevin, 2007-06-26 08:09:23

Such a terrible loss of life. Why must children pay

for the problems their parents have.

Bill Ficioris, 2007-06-26 08:01:48

Whether double murder/suicide or not...this is a very sad day. He was truly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I hope WWE decides to finally take better care of "our" superstars (ie: more time off, better physical/psychological exams, etc) so that we can have our favorite "sports entertainers" around to enjoy past their 30th or 40th birthdays. I was at the show when Eddie Guerrero passed away...all too sad. God bless family/friends/fans.
Jason, 2007-06-26 08:01:08

This is so very, very sad. My nine year old son,who worships the WWE Pro's, who woke up this morning for school and I had to brake the news to him that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and his little boy Danial, were all found dead. My son Jordan, found this very difficult to understand and at first he thought it was another VM stunt, because Jordan is only nine and really thought that VM was dead. You should be ashamed VM and before you pull another VM stunt, think about the repercussions this may have on all the young impressionable minds that love WWE. But I told my son, I'm so sorry Jordan but this time it is no joke son and this is no stunt, they have all died. I then had to send my nine year old son to school, in shock. He is nine and he does not understand, I dont understand, so what chance does a nine year old have to make any sense of this tragedy. Jordan and myself have enjoyed watching CB and all the other WWE Pro's that make up the WWE frat. If the investigation turns out to be true, I myself will also be in shock. I did not have the pleasure to know CB and his familly on a personal level, but when Chris was in the ring, the emotion he conveyed to everyone watching, children and adults alike, was so true and orthentic, I find it very, very hard to believe that he was capable of such a thing as Murder/Suicide. I cannot imagine what his poor familly must be going through, who have been left behind to cope with all this. All i can say is, this is the most tragic personal situation my son has had to deal with, to date. He loves the WWE so much, I would not be surprised if he went into the wrestling world himself after leaving school. I do not know what i will say to him when he arrives home from school. I have not told him that CB is suspected of double murder/suicide, because he will not understand. How on earth can I tell Jordan that one of his all time Heroe's has killed his seven year old son and killed his mummy to. I so very much hope that Chris Benoit is inocent and the blame lies with some horrible monster, that cut short this young famillies life. Because i'm so scared how this will effect my son. Jordan lives for WWE and all the top wrestlers have been Jordan's favourite at one time or another, but he has always been a fan of CB's, even though he is only nine, Jordan can see the respect that CB got in and out of the ring, from fans and all the other Pro wrestlers. Jordan has loved WWE since he could walk and knows every move that each wrestler specialises in. He is like dictionary of WWE, but now i'm not so sure this has been healthy for my son, when his young mind is so imperessionable. WWE should take a back seat before praising CB on live TV, as VM did on monday night RAW, dedicating a three hour show to the memory of CB. What if it turns out that CB is responsible for this. VM should not be praising him at this time. Please Vince let the police do there work and find the facts before our children start to think that CB is inocent(which I hope he is), only for him to be found guilty. Because how on earth can we praise some one who took the lives of his wife and baby son. This is so very sad. I was going to take Jordan to WWE, when they come to the UK in October, I'm not so sure anymore that Jordan should even be watching WWE, never mind taking him to watch a live performance, in light of recent events. My heart goes out to the familly and close freinds of Chris, Nancy and poor little Danial. I hope that if there were tragic circumstances, they have now found the peace which they could not find in life. God Bless you Danial, you did not deserve this. God Bless.
Kevin Jones, 2007-06-26 07:26:56

Terrible thing but why the heck is it a Sports Story?
Thomas, 2007-06-26 07:06:44

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