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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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chris benoit was an icon for this industry.benoit was a cold blooded man who had no sympathy for anyone,but.........THE SHOW MUST GO ON,everyone will have his time.the time that he will meets his dust in his grave ...so i'm not SURPRISED...
kosba, 2007-06-26 20:09:09

From what I've read about what police are dealing with, I never thought I'd be saying this but Chris Benoit looks like a monster. I'm sorry to all the die-hards out there but if these are his final acts, no matter what could have triggered them, are deplorable beyond what I can even comprehend.

One more thing. Several years ago a friend of mine who I lived with at the time decided to take his own life. I remember that when that happened I couldn't go to work for a week. There was too much going on in my head to even try to concentrate on a job. I was a cook at the time. A job nowhere near as dangerous or draining as pro wrestling.

Also, my friend didn't take anyone with him. He didn't strangle his wife. He didn't smother his child. Almost nobody posting here knew him beyond T.V. yet we're all here posting our comments and opinions because we can't quite wrap our heads around what's transpired.

If a bunch of total strangers are this confused and conflicted in our thoughts right now think about what must be going through the minds of every single person in the locker room who worked with and was friends of the man.

I read earlier today that Smackdown and ECW will air as planned. Since Chris Benoit obviously doesn't deserve any more tribute at this point I assume these guys are going to have to go to the ring.

In a way that ticks me off almost as much as the tragedy itself.

toby, 2007-06-26 20:05:17

Benoit was a great wrestler and a good individual. I think that people are disrepecting his memory by making hurtful assumptions. Yes a woman and a child died. Simply tragic. I understand why people don't like Benoit. It's easy to blame an evil man for senselessly murdering his wife, son, and then hanging himself like a coward. The only thing is is Benoit was not an evil man nor a coward. He personified respect. He was a family guy. Yes he had a spat with his wife in 2003, where allegations of domestic abuse were made. Awhile after everything was dropped. If he was really that violent why was the matter resolved and not terminated? This divorce incident proves nothing. I will agree that what happened was hanus but Chris Benoit's motives are still not known. Maybe he was sick with a mental illness. Maybe he lost control of his actions and couldn't stop himself. Maybe the man needed help. I'm not excusing what happened, I'm just saying a good guy doesn't go bad like this for no reason. The fact that Bibles were placed with the bodies indicates that he showed remorse. I believe that Benoit was trapped by some type of psychosis and couldn't stop himself. Benoit's memorial by the WWE was in good taste because Benoit was a popular and respected athlete. VM did the right thing. Benoit's legacy in the ring should always be remembered. I am praying for Chris Benoit, his wife, son, and two other kids. Benoit's behavior clearly indicated the he was possibly mentally ill.
Gerard R in Dayton, OH, 2007-06-26 19:55:29

The tragedy is that there are 3 people dead, one of them an innocent 7 year old boy. All 3 of them did not have to die, but for reasons that none of us will ever understand or know, they did.

That is what people should be thinking of. For all of you who choose to judge Chris and condemn him for what he did, think instead of the tragic loss of life involved here.

I shall always think of Chris Benoit the wrestler, as one of my heroes. If the reports so far turn out to be accurate, I shall always now think of Chris Benoit the man, as a troubled soul facing demons that I pray I will never have to face.

The potential for incredible violence lies in all of us. It is seen everyday on our streets and in our homes.

My deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of Nancy, Daniel, and Chris. May you find some comfort and peace as you try to come to terms with these tragic events.

Sean Peterson, 2007-06-26 19:47:27

I seen Chris Benoit in the ring as tough, rugged so well respected. A man's man so sad to find out Chris Benoit wasn't a man at all but a coward. I'm crushed. I'll pray for him and his family.
Lee, 2007-06-26 19:44:10

In light of Chris Benoits' high profile, it is easy to sensationalize this case and condemn him. There is no rational justification for what he did. But the key word here is rational.

Chris Benoit was one of the best in-ring performers to ever grace a wrestling ring. There are few other wrestlers that ever recieved standing ovations after matches which they lost. By all accounts, he was one of the few "straight arrows" in the wrestling business and he was well respected and liked by his peers.

There were obviously mental illness issues he had to deal with, whatever the cause. The whole incident was not the act of a sane mind. One can never justify the act, but a mentally ill mind can.
Ron, 2007-06-26 19:34:33

there is still no proof that he killed them and everyone just going on hear say and what not let them finish the investigation first befor commentng on something you know nothing about
kingfox, 2007-06-26 19:32:35

i have been watching wrestling since i was a tiny girl at my dad's knee. It seems now like a million years ago. This so painful for me. I'm afraid , as fans we forget to see that these stars are people wieh families and attempting to have lives. Now tragically, this whole family is destroyed. That is a completee horror, i can't describe the sympathy for the pain of their extended families. We all love the entertainment but must remember, above all ekse these are human beings/
Danny, 2007-06-26 19:30:38

It appears this was a battle Chris had with his inner demons that he could not win, regardless of speculation on what drove him to this act(ex. roid rage). It is so sad that the result is as it appears to be. The loss of any life is tragic but that of a seven year old boy is devastating, a person with so much life ahead of him. Three lives were taken through Chris's actions, two of whom most fans had no idea about. What a strange flooding of emotions this brings to me as a true fan of Chris's in-ring talent, one of an elite few in the industry. Sadly Chris wasn't able to get the help that he needed and thus his memory will always be of his breakdown rather then as it should have been of all his triumphs. As many I hope this tragedy brings about a positive change in management's policies in the WWE but also in the industry as a whole. My prayers go out to those family members of both Nancy and Chris who are left to deal with this tragic loss.
Trent, 2007-06-26 19:13:34

all of this is speculation. Unless there was another person in that house this weekend No one will ever know what was going on with Chris Benoit or what caused him to do this. Its not even proven that he did it. There is always the possibility that there was another person or more persons involved. Stop hating him for something that may or may not be proven that he did.
Camz, 2007-06-26 19:12:44

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