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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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for all of you poeple who think that benoit killed his family. maybe you should think again know all of the information before you judge
angie, 2007-06-27 02:20:34

i always thought chris benoit had a crazy look on his face.he gave off a bad aura or vibe that i picked up when watching him on feelings turned out to be correct,he was a crazed killer.steroids don't give off a bad aura,it came from his negative energy within that he gave off.he had deeper demons inside him,that were not connected to many others used steroids and didn't murder their family.
fred, 2007-06-27 02:04:38

As a wrestling fan from Texas, i have seen my fair share of tragedies in this business with the Von Erich Family, and over the past 10 years many deaths of wrestlers have affected us all as fans...But nothing can compare to the tragedy that befell us these past two days with the deaths of Nancy, Daniel, and Chris Benoit..In my mind i want to believe that this is just all a bad dream, and that Chris couldn't have done these horrible things, but the evidence so far although it's preliminary points in his direction..My heart and my prayers go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy. And if one good thing can come out of all of this, let it be that the WWE and all other wrestling organizations construct a better policy for there talent when it comes to the rampant and out of control drug issue.
andre, 2007-06-27 01:33:49

The whole situation is shocking. I've been a wrestling fan all my life and have enjoyed watching Benoit in particular. He was a great performer and well respected by his peers and the fans. He was generally regarded as being a hard worker and a good person, and the fans loved him because he was a real person...not a silly marketing gimmick (like Boogeyman).

The whole situation just smells too damn fishy. Just think about it....he has a long history of being a reliable hard worker and dedicated to performing. Why would he suddenly bail on the live event and the PPV (where he was slotted to win a world title no less) and stay home to kill his wife and child? It doesn't make any sense!

A number of other people here have indicated they believe that his family was murdered before he arrived home; that he was also a victim of murder. I think that suggestion is a valid one.

The details are just too strange. There's no suicide note...most suicide victims will leave a note explaining their actions. Also, Chris Benoit was not a 'born again Christian' like Shawn Michaels, so the placement of bibles doesn't fit. Neither does the text messages. Check out this link...

Why would Chris have used his wife's cell phone to send text messages? And according to the timeline WWE has posted, he must've been able to push those tiny buttons really quickly. Check out the text of the first two messages, both sent in the same minute. Then he typed basically the same messages into his wife's phone in the minutes following. Must be more user friendly phones than my Samsung...

The investigation is still ongoing and it is early days; I hope the authorities are pursuing every possible angle in this case. I'm not saying he did or didn't do it, I'm saying this just doesn't seem right. There are too many oddities and in my own opinion, there's a lot more to it than a murder-suicide. This could have been orchestrated by some religious cult who equates pro wrestling with the devil for all we know.

Steve, 2007-06-27 01:24:13

All of us who love wrestling and love Chris Benoit will struggle with trying to understand what happened over this past weekend. It pains me that my son has lost a hero - a man he once adored he now despises. My adult mind cannot understand this tragedy, therefore, all of the young WWE fans certainly cannot fathom what has happened here.

Personally, I do not think the WWE should regret airing a tribute to Chris, I also do not think they should have removed him from the website, as though he never existed. Chris was so respected in the world of professional wrestling. He was talented and he had an impact on every wrestling fan I know, including myself.

None of us know for sure what happened over the weekend. None of us know what snapped in Chris' head. Obviously, for a man who we have all seen on TV dote upon his children and wife, to take these three precious lives - something that we can't understand went terribly wrong in Chris' mind. Was it steriods? Who knows? Should WWE perform evaluations on their entertainers to monitor their mental states? They do maintain grueling schedules, with a great deal of time spent away from their families. They suffer through a tremendous amount of physical pain to keep us entertained, therefore, they all (I assume) take a great deal of pain medications. Maybe a combination of medications triggered something in Chris.

At any rate, I believe in my heart that Chris was suffering. I cannot wrap my mind around Chris being hateful and evil to the two people that he loved.

I feel so much sympathy for that little boy, whose last images in his life were those of his father taking away his breaths. I feel sympathy for that wife, whose last images were those of her husband taking the life out of her. But I also feel sympathy for Chris. For whatever came over him, he was obviously a very sick man, and part of the tragedy is that no one was able to help him before it was too late.

We should all try to remember Chris for the Crossface and for the leaps off the top rope and for the hug and tears we saw when Eddie embraced him with so much pride when he won that title!!! There is only one true judge in this world, and Chris will be judged by HIM. I choose to not judge Chris or the WWE. I choose to continue watching WWE and pray that the families of Chris and Nancy may find the peace and forgivenss they'll need to go on with their lives.
susan, 2007-06-27 00:57:27

For those who don't like the WWE bashing,I must say you are forgetting that this business/company doesn't face regulations unionized professional sports have under recent American congress pressures.

I don't know specifically if Vince is under such pressure to "truly" test his athletes,but I'm guessing GW Bush will now.

Maybe some good will come from the Benoit tragedy after all.

There sems to be a lot of drug related deaths in the WWE of late(and to be fair,all of professional sport)

The sooner we can elimate this performance dehabilitating cancer,the better of we will all be.

As stated,it's too early to say for sure steroids are solely responsible for Benoit's madness,but I'm guessing(and kind of hoping) it was responsible in large part.
oatie, 2007-06-27 00:36:23

The WWE should take steroid use more seriously. They say they are but I don't believe they are testing with independent testers. Where would they be without big muscular wrestlers? Of course they aren't serious about stopping the use of what is proven to be a lethal drug and a drug which causes not only bigger muscles but aggresion. I think they would try to cover this whole thing up if homicide wasn't in the equation. What did we ever hear about Curt Henig and Eddie Guevero and all the other previous dead wrestlers as to the cause of death? There was never any follow up and no one knows the true results. Nor will they because to the WWE steroids are good for business.

As for the wife, her weakness to stand up to this monster cost not only her life but the life of her son. She should have gone through with the divorce the first time she filed, now everyone is dead. He had a history of abuse, did she think he was going to change? It's just so tragic and was so preventable. And to think millions of kids look up to these guys like they're some kind of heroes. I am ashamed that Benoit was from my hometown and a Canadian. I wonder if those wrestlers who spoke so kindly of him last night, before they knew the facts, would have had such nice things to say today?
rox, 2007-06-27 00:18:00

In the final analysis, Chris Benoit is a killer, and a cowardly one to boot.

Enough said about him, I feel very sorry for his murdered wife and child.
Dan, 2007-06-27 00:14:44

I grew up in a wrestling family & didn't see my dad a lot of the time. When he was home he would sometimes be angry but would have never hurt us the way Benoit did his family. We will never know why he did what he did if he did it at all. It's a tragedy. I watched Raw last night & Benoit's "tribute". You have to remember that at the time that the tribute was aired, the WWE had no idea that he had supposedly murdered his family. If you go on to the WWE's website today (June 26)you'll be able to watch a video with Vince McMahon commenting on last nights tribute show. They have also removed all images & merchandise from their website concerning Chris Benoit.

While he was a great wrestler, something overcame him & we will never know what happened in that home that fateful night.

One more thing, please stop with the WWE bashing.
Jeff Freeman, 2007-06-27 00:09:17

I have watched wcw,wwe,ecw, all of them all my life. I don't care what anyone says I think Chris Benoit is One Of the Greats.I will miss him and the show will not be the same without him. My heart goes out to all the families. but lets not judge anyone. I am 51,,I been watching a long time..I will still watch.So please STOP judging Chris. Good Night.. MR> WALTER WATTS JR.
walter watts jr', 2007-06-27 00:01:51

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