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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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Yeah he was a wrestler - he died a coward like all those who kill before him! Why would he have to kill his kid & wife, could he not kill himself and rid the world of coward. You all say he was a gentle guy but who had to live with this guy day in and day out, his family! Blame the business, not but wrestling is not real and people have to understand it's fake! Watching wrestling is like watching a sitcom the out come is already done! You pay million so idiots can take steriods and you all blame the business. If you don't go watch then it will die and guys or gals won't need to get bigger to please you guys! Only one thing to say "Chris Benoit died a murder & a coward" Enough said - he is dead and two innocent people are dead and you can't say anything that will bring them back! He as not a great man he was a coward and die one! Good riddenance and to do a show to honor this coward is nothing more than a draw for money! Vince it's real life not like your story line, no one is going to get up and walk away! WWE I think don't know real life from fake as they have lived in the fake world far too long. Along with a few fans that think wrestling is a sport. Wake up and get over it and say no more about the coward as if your going to kill yourself take your own life and not those around you. Innocent people, they deserve to live life! Coward like most who kill!
David Fitzpatrick, 2007-06-27 19:53:38

He did it in the wrong order. Should have offed himself first, if that's what his thoughts were. The world will be a better place without him. Say a prayer for Nancy and Daniel. How little has been said about them.
Jamie Enns, 2007-06-27 19:52:46

chris benoit was an awesome wrestler, first and foremost. NEVER forget that. i don't believe that he did these terrible things. Until there is absolutely 100 percent proof that he did this, i will not believe it. what man can kill his wife 1 day, put a bible beside her, kill his son the next, put a bible beside him, and then kill himself the day after? and be in the house for 2 days with his beloved? and as well text his wwe friends his address in atlanta and tell them where his dogs were? i fully believe he was calling out for help as something terrible was happening in his house. And his friends let him and his family down. And now, after wwe held a wonderful 3 hour memorial show in chris's behalf, they took everything off of wwe.com site of chris benoit to buy.? how fair is that to chris benoit's true fans?? i don't think very fair. as a true fan of wwe and of chris benoit, i will stand behind him, until the real truth comes out. and i hope wwe will put chris benoit in the wwe hall of fame because no matter what, chris benoit is and was truly a hall of fame wrestler!!
colleen from victoria bc canada, 2007-06-27 19:49:16

Not that I would ever try to defend what happened, but many are asking why, and I have a theory, that may explain what happened, and of course, while pure speculation, may be true in at least a small way. If anyone has been following WWE of late, they know that Benoit was "drafted" to go to ECW a couple of weeks ago. ECW is, sadly, the least accessible of their shows (airs at midnight on weekends here) and if anyone has ever watched the show, it is brutally violent, and even if scripted, these guys can get seriously hurt. It has been suggested that Benoit was to win the ECW title at the PPV on Sunday. Nobody wins that title without a lot of blood and pain. Add to that, as champion, he would be defending the title often, thus ensuring regular beatings - these guys use weapons in ECW, and again, even if scripted, these guys can get seriously hurt. I've seen a guy's back riddled with thumbtacks after being bodyslammed onto a pile of them. And that was one of the tamer matches. Benoit himself was out of action for a year when his neck was broken. Steve Austin had the same thing happen. Bret Hart is out because of a kick to the head gone wrong by Goldberg. These guys can get seriously injured, make no mistake. My guess is that his wife was not liking the prospect of watching her husband risk life and limb on a weekly basis and wasn't supportive of the move to ECW. Speculation, yes, but it would make sense, and Chris may have not been happy about the move either, to go from a much more popular and watched show to a far more violent and less watched one, especially if his son was going to be watching. Anyway, the WWE says two months ago he was clean (steroids). Maybe two months ago he was. Maybe he started up to toughen up for ECW. I don't know. Maybe there was no steroids involved. Either way, there was clearly an altercation with him and his wife, steroid induced or not, he ended up killing her, and definitely it was a horrific thing, intentional or not. My guess is that with regard to the son, as he was found in bed, he was smothered in his sleep, probably to satisfy a few problems Chris now had: If Daniel was asleep when the altercation with Nancy happened, he's going to wake up and find his mother dead, which will traumatize him for life. Chris had possibly already decided to commit suicide at that point, and wouldn't want his boy to see that either, or if he lived, grow up thinking his father was this horrible person. To smother him in his sleep probably seemed, to him, to be the only way to save him those images, and to do it in his sleep suggests that he didn't want the boy to suffer. To place bibles beside the bodies suggests, to me at least, that he wanted them to go to a better place, that he was hoping that those symbols (bibles) were a way to send them to God, in a direct or peaceful (as opposed to horrific, as it turns out to have appeared) I guess. Whatever his state of mind was, he clearly couldn't deal with having killed his family, and ended up taking his own life. I think (again, pure speculation)maybe he meant to rough up Nancy and ended up killing her, and that maybe seeing what he had done took way his will to live, as he did stay in the house for up to a day with the bodies before taking his own life, which suggests to me that he had time to think about what he'd done, and finally knew he couldn't live with himself after what he'd done. Please know I am in no way trying to make it "okay" what he did, but rather try and find a reason why, as people who knew him said this was completely out of character for him. I feel so sorry for the victims, and especially for his surviving children, who must be in a world of hurt right now. He was one of my favorites in the ring, and I have been shocked and saddened deeply to find that in his final few days of life he made the choices that he did. I hope all three of them will be able to find some peace on the other side, as it seems to me that he must have been hurting in a desperate way before he did what he did. May those who have been directly affected by this find their peace as well.
Chris, 2007-06-27 19:34:08

He strangled his wife, suffocated their seven-year-old son and placed a

> Bible beside their bodies before hanging himself . Are these acts worthy of

> a three-hour tribute on WWE's Monday Night Raw . I think not! Atribute to

> all his profession accolades is a slap in the face to all familys dealing

> with domestic violence and to the family of his dear wife and child . Unless

> one has had the unfortunate experience of domestic violence and the fear and

> pain that it causes for not just for people or the person invovled but

> family members as well, one cannot fathom the sheer terror it causes! So for

> all those people who wrote to pay tribute to their beloved athelete as if he

> had died doing a noble task." GET EDUCATED!" and then get real.


> Regards

> Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller, 2007-06-27 19:25:07

what was he thinkin ,how doped up was he too do such a crime ,he not only killed his wife and child ,he leaves 2 kids with the memory of ther dad has a killer
kups, 2007-06-27 19:21:16

what would drive a man too kill his wife and kid ,ther is no excuse for this ,ok the kid had a disorder but was fairly normal ,and his wife wanted a divorce ok ,well fine so be it cris ,the sane thing too do is leave and visit ur child wen ever u can , but the most disturbing thing in all of this ,is he leaves 2 kids with the memory of ther dad killin there step mom and brother in law ,so he never thought about what he was doin befor he did it
kupster, 2007-06-27 19:18:46

I don't think i've cried so much in a long while. i cant believe that chris benoit is actually gone. the man always talked about his family and even bret hart even said that he had never seen benoit angry. there's no way that he could've done all this just on pure train of thoughts. some drug had to be in there someplace. this was chris benoit. i am so shocked at this news and it may take a while to get over this. i have always followed canadian wrestlers, they mean the most to me no matter who they are. my sympathy goes out to the rest of chris's and nancy's family and to the hart family as well since i know at least bret was almost like a brother with chris. i cant believe chris benoit is actually dead....i cant believe this
Joe, 2007-06-27 19:17:52

This coward doesnt deserve the attention he is getting, his family didnt deserve what they got.
John, 2007-06-27 19:09:23

Just a few comments and thoughts after reading many of these comments:

1) In the United States, we still live under the predication that a man, even a deceased one, is innocent until proven guilty. Until the police conclude their investigation and determine by evidence, not by speculation, that Mr. Benoit is guilty of murder, then we must presume he is innocent, until proven otherwise. That's not emotion, that's not hero worship, that's not sympathy. In America, that's the law.

2) We are getting all of the speculation from the media, who have blown the police statement that it "appears to be a murder-suicide" into a forgone conclusion. However, we should not grant to the media the ability to make final judgement. After all, this same news media thinks Paris Hilton getting out of jail is newsworthy.

3) All of us would have faced this tragedy the same way as WWE did. They scrapped a storyline built on a faked death to render grief and sympathy to an employee, at the time, not knowing the "media speculation" which would follow. Remember, the WWE employees who participated in the tribute had worked years with the man, knew him better than any of us, and needed to both have a release of their emotions as well as pay tribute to a man they had called friend. Vince McMahon can be criticized for a lot of things: this isn't one of them. Besides, if he hadn't done a tribute, some of you would have been bashing him for not doing it.

4) Not casting stones, but merely pointing something out. Let's cool it with the rush to judgement. We may never know the truth.

Jeff, 2007-06-27 19:08:24

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