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Thu, September 13, 2007

Canadian Pro wrestler Chris Benoit suffered brain damage from his years in the ring that could help explain why he killed his wife, son and himself, a doctor who studied Benoit’s brain said Wednesday.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Benoit suffered brain damage


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Benoit sent his address repeatedly in his last text messages to co-workers. My theory is he WANTED to be caught in his own home. The cops never came, so he hung himself with overwhelming guilt and helplessness.
So sad, 2007-06-28 23:20:15

Why don't we all make something positive come out of this and donate to a Fragile X charity in memory of Daniel Benoit, donate to a domestic abuse charity in memory of Nancy Benoit and donate to a mental health charity in memory of Chris Benoit. Something good can come of this.
Mark Smith, 2007-06-28 23:11:48

I'm a lifelong Benoit fan and there is no way steroids could make you snap like that.
ron, 2007-06-28 23:06:02

The wikipedia news is really weird? Someone knew he was dead before the police knew? And this person also posted it on wikipedia? That is really suspicious.
todd, 2007-06-28 21:46:34

I believe that the police should dig a little deeper into Chris's movements of the last week or so; who did he talk to? did he have a change in behavior? they should also look into investigating further his personal doctor who was treating him for low testorone levels since perscription anabolic steroids were found in his home.
melinda, 2007-06-28 21:20:56

I am confused about why Chris would do this. I do not think that Chris was capable of harming anyone to the extent of taking their life, especially his own wife and son. After everything has setteled down I hope that Chris will still be remembered for who he was;a professional wrestler and not a man who is violent enough to take a human life. I believe that something was wrong posibly depression.
melinda, 2007-06-28 21:17:01

I sincerely hope that Chris Benoits' other children have been shielded enough from the "news" reports. This is a terrible tragedy for them to have to deal with and the finger pointing that will follow whether steroids were a factor or not.

Chris was a fantastic wrestler and hopefully when people start to move on from this tragic weekend, this will be remembered. No one can truly understand what transpired at that house; not police investigators, not the WWE, not even the "news" reporters who are covering these events.

God bless Chris, Nancy, and Daniel and my prayers go out to their respective surviving family members.

Jason Thompson, 2007-06-28 20:02:20

Have you all not been seeing the news lately? This isn't the only case of an entire family being wiped out by their loved one. It just so happens that is was Benoit and that brought attention to it. I feel for the surviving members of his family and I pray that his children find some level of peace after all of this.

I too find many things to be odd about Benoit's actions. One in particular is that he tied his wife up, bound her feet and strangled her. Why would he do that? If it were rage he would have just strangled her. There wouldv'e been no need to bind her. As for his son, if he put that child in a choke hold he wouldv'e broken his neck. One report said it was a plastic bag placed over his head. If the child had medical problems the marks on his arm could be from blood draws or from insect bites as they had animals.

His death is odd to. Just how do you hang yourself on a weight bench? Was he capable of killing his family? Did someone stage the whole thing? No one knows, the people who do are gone and this kind of thing is becomming an everday occurance.

As a society we need to start working on prevention. Everyone today is in the see no evil, hear no evil mode. Fear of retaliation and angering friends and loved ones prevents us from asking questions and doing whats needed to help someone.

If you think someone is being abused ask them. They will probably deny it maybe even get mad. But thats okay because you are putting them on notice that you are seeing things that you don't like. I leave a standing invitation:

Call me anytime,anywhere for any reason and I will help you. But you have to be ready to take the step. That goes for men and women.

Benoit was a great wrestler as was his wife. His actions were beyond all comprehension. But it can't erase his career or achievments. Again I wish the family of the Benoits find peace.
Lisa, 2007-06-28 19:37:38

I know that we have been hearing stories left and right about Benoit and his family. Heard stories that steroids could be the cause. Or Brain Trauma could have made him snap. One thing that has to be talked about. Why are we still talking about this? I know that this is a shock and everyone will have an opinion. But Mr. Benoit is gone. Nancy is gone. Daniel is gone. Time to let them rest in peace. I am just like the rest of the world and really want to know why. But I just want it to end. This is almost as sad as constant air play of Paris Hilton or that idiot in Ohio. Chris Benoit was one helluva wrestler. We just have to pray that Nancy and Daniel are in a better place. And pray that no more downfall comes from this....Thank You..Rest in Peace Crippler(where ever you may be. Just hope your happy again.....
Jesse P, 2007-06-28 19:27:45

First off I would like to say I was floored when monday came around and I watched the memorial that was done on Chris's life as a wrestler. As a huge fan of wrestling it upset me greatly to hear what had happened. Then later to find out his wife and child were dead by his own hands made me feel even worse. From what i know of Chris he was a good man nothing would lead you to believe he would actually plan out and go through with something like this. This entire story is bad enough without the media playing it as a Rage killing and saying that basicly he was beating his wife and druging his child. We are slowly finding out more and more,but before any of the details came out the media was already using the Steroid angle blamming it all on that.Some reporters even blamming Nancy for not leaving him.We don't know everything right now we don't even know what if any drugs were in Chris's system. When this is over and the story dies out as they all do eventually,people should just look at the facts of the case. We will never actually know what went on with his wife or in his mind.He didn't really leave any clues to let us know.It's a very awful thing that shouldn't of happened. In my opinion i think the owner of the WWE instead of booking these events one right after the other and not giving the wrestlers time to heal from injuries should focus less on the damn money side of it and look at how many of his wrestlers have died. He should care more about the people that work for him instead of how FAT his pocket book is.Chris was a good man and a great wrestler. Someone should have stepped in to help. This shouldn't have happened.I feel for the remaining children and family of Nancy and Chris.
Denise, 2007-06-28 18:43:42

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