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Do the Sens need to make major changes?
Wed, June 6, 2007

After watching Ottawa's run to the Stanley Cup final do you think the Eastern Conference Champs need to make major changes?

What caused the Sens collapse in the Cup final? Was it coaching, goaltending, defence, or just bad luck?

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Should Ottawa make major changes? Perhaps in the departments of blaming - certainly Murray has a right to be displeased but this was the last game of the season and is showing a lack of class instead of looking at the big picture and himself - , whining (Murray was at it again in the 3rd, just waiting for more Ottawa comments on how poor the officiating was against them when they had an easy ride in earlier series) when they have the nerve to snicker at other teams when they do the same thing, and cutting out the cheap shots and sticking to playing hockey. That might just do it. I do have to comments on a couple of other posts though - not unexpectedly, but some things never change, somehow some of the Sens fans have to make a reference to the Leafs where it doesn't belong. Your team made it to the finals, and you're thinking about the Leafs? Just another reason why I and other die-hard fans cannot garner any respect for Sens fans and their team.
chris, 2007-06-07 10:38:47

You people are all reacting to hashly towards our captain. Alfie was and is the best guy out there on every night.

You want to win against the Ducks, Add 20% more muscle mass. Get the players to workout like crazy in the gym and get bigger and tougher.

that is it. You don't need to bring on board big defencemen; although seing Chara back in the lineup would be fun. I'm certain he would have made a big difference in the game

Good run guys. Now you know what it feels like to loose your groove the last dance. take that pain and do something positive with it.
Mike, 2007-06-07 10:38:15

No, I don't think so. The Sens did extremely well and have alot to be proud of. Remember this team didn't exist for 60 odd years so for them to make it to the Stanley Cup is a victory in itself. Anaheim beat Ottawa fair and square. I have eyes and I watched all the games...they are bigger and stronger and there is little that Ottawa could have done. Something i notice was Phliips not performing particular well and he last to live with that embarrassing goal on our team. That's what he can think about this summer and that a blunder like that could cost him his job. Alfie performed beyond my expectations this year as well as Emery. Those two guys are keepers for sure. Oh and to the people bitch about Alfie and cheap shots...Like nobody else does this? Please...Don Cherry is full of crap. Pronger hurt McMahon intentionally with that elbow to the head. His second game misconduct in the playoffs that I am aware of. He should have been kicked off the team for the rest of the playoffs. When you're that big on the ice, you don't need to pull stupid things like that. Murray in general should be proud of his team and likewise for the players...Thanks for the good go at it guys!
Gerry Madden, 2007-06-07 10:30:00

beaten by a better team...simple...Emery is not a Stanley Cup goaltender!
craig, 2007-06-07 10:27:17

Congrats to the DUCKS for their first Stanley Cup Championship. Ottawa is a good skilled team, what was lacking was grit and a reliance on one line of Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson and a few Sens who showed up for every game. What happened to the rest of the team? The DUCKS are a well rounded team, played their system well and had a distinct advantage. They checked extremely well and how many times were they able to strip the puck off Senators players and either score or set up good scoring chances. Where was OPttawas speed. Ottawa will be a better team next year if they can add some grit on all four lines. The so called trap used by Anaheim wasn't boring at all as the forwards raced in and bumped the Sens off the puck and again created numerous offensive chances. Alfredsson is a good player and it seemed his linemates couldn't adapt to being hit and were tenative when near the puck. In this series they never had time to set up. Lady luck seemed to be on the Ducks side and they got the bounces at the right time where Ottawa often missed certain scoring opportunities, especially open nets. The DUCKS defense with an extra effort stopped with their sticks what appeared sure goals. These opportunities seem to deflate the Sens. If Ottawa can get rid of some players who didn't perform and get a few good players with size and speed they copuld win it all. Congratulations to both teanms for a great exciting series and it was nice to see Teemu Selanne win a Stanley Cup. A few bounces Ottawa's way and perhaps the Cup would be brought back to Canada. Looking forward to next season.
patrick, 2007-06-07 10:09:17

get rid of Krusty! Phillips always gives it away when it starts getting tense....always. Let me tell you, when the first European captain wins a Stanley Cup, it'll be Mats Sundin
Wayne, 2007-06-07 10:07:54

Well done, Brad. Spoken like a true Laffs fan. Bless it and release it and worry your own club, you Bozo!
canclassic, 2007-06-07 09:47:04

The comments in here are just down right sick.

Our Sens are awesome to get to the final. Yes some changes have to be made ie. Redden.

But I have to think how many of these comments are from Leaf fans who did not make the playoffs and need I remind you not winning the cup since 67 and excuse me when was the last time the Leafs made it to the final. So suck it up and take a look in the mirror.

Tim, 2007-06-07 09:23:37

The Sens lost in the finals. Any other team in the league would have given it all for a chance at the cup. It amazes me how fickle everyone is. It is ridiculous to make any changes. I think Muckler will look to add some grit at forward and perhaps an extra defenseman. Alfredsson played admirably; he was the best player on the ice and is very deserving of the C. Hockey is a game of emotion and sitting at home on the couch criticizing is easy, sure he was wrong to shoot the puck at Niedermayer but I saw many things done that were far worse. Get over it. After all the puck is still made of rubber. The city of Ottawa really showed what they were made of too. It was a great 2 months and too bad Stanley is in California. We'll see in they can rebound and make another run again. I for one will be cheering loud all the way, not just when things are going well.
Ryan, 2007-06-07 09:16:24

The only thing the Senators had going for them this year was the good fortune of The N.Y. Islanders squeaking in the playoffs and not having to lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a fifth straight time. Everyone knows that sens fans hate the leafs because they can't beat them when it really counts!
ibleaf11, 2007-06-07 09:02:38

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