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Do the Sens need to make major changes?
Wed, June 6, 2007

After watching Ottawa's run to the Stanley Cup final do you think the Eastern Conference Champs need to make major changes?

What caused the Sens collapse in the Cup final? Was it coaching, goaltending, defence, or just bad luck?

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Well I am from Ottawa. I would have loved it if they won. However I would like to say that I never ever had any confidence in them though. If I was a betting man, thru out the playoffs I would have bet againest them. I do believe Ottawa must make changes. Which changes? Well get rid of Muckler, and put Murray in charge as GM, perhaps coach GM for Murray. Another persons or person that must leave is Spezza. Yes he is a great talent but c'mon he has never shown any heart and is a defensive liability. AS for Alfie, he is the only one that showed up besides Fisher. Give Heatley another chance and if he flops get rid of him before his value drops. As for Redden, sorry but u did not earn your paycheck actually the only people that really earned their pays this series were Fisher, Alfie and Emery. Yes he had a bad game in 4 and 5 but who was in front of him seriously. I honestly feel that this is the closest the team will come in some time. I would be very surprised if we see the sens in the final again before 2050. SENS EQUAL DISSAPOINTMENT. ENOUGH SAID
Dude, 2007-06-07 12:35:11

Yes, they should take the "C" away from Alfie and give it to Fisher. He's the only one with a heart. And take Spezza off the 1st line and put him on the 2nd or 3th. He will create less problems there. And when he cuts the stupid plays then he can go back on the 1st line.

It is too funny the all the Hens fans are still talking about the Leafs! :-) This is just shows what a sad bunch they are. They want to be real hockey fans, cheering for a real team but just can't get over the fact that nobody cares about the Hens outside of Ottawa. :-) Hey, everybody can jump off the bandwagon safely now, nodody's watching! :-))
Peter, 2007-06-07 12:24:52

The Sens played a great season. They played very well in the playoffs. There is no blame. We have an awsome team that came very close. With some luck they will be back very soon!!! Awesome year guys!!!
Mike, 2007-06-07 12:02:24

Can you feel the love in this room???...Good lord!!...I don't know how some of those "comments" make it on this forum..Give it a rest already!!!

I really feel sorry for Murray..he did a very good job all year!!..The only negative thing i've gotta say about him is:he should've played McGratten..He might've given some of the sens a "boost",because,it was clear that some of them were scared out of their wits!!Heatley.Spezza,just to name a few..

Also looks like Muckler made the wrong choice in keeping Redden instead of Chara.

The only other improvement they really NEED,is to get a consistent goalie!!..Although Emery looked "sharp" at times,he cannot be depended on,probably why his defencemen felt they had to block some many shots..

All said and done....They simply ran out of "heart".O don't think there's "trade" to be made in that department..Have a good summer,and thanks for the opportunity...
Mitchell, 2007-06-07 12:01:56

Get out of here with the out class comments. They were not out classed but out muscled. Any idiotic leaf's fan think they were out classed needs to get a reality check. The SENS didnt play the leafs is simple, the Leafs WEREN'T good enough this year to go into the playoffs.
shut up already, 2007-06-07 11:25:20

That group of fans out there who vent their frustration with their own team's mediocrity by bashing Alfredsson and calling the Sens chokers have moved beyond annoying to just plain sad and pathetic. Their comments aren't even worth discussion. The Sens completely out-classed the East in the playoffs before being justly beaten by a better Anaheim team and Alfredsson was one of few players in recent years to actually be discussed as a possible Conn Smythe recipient despite being on the losing squad.

In terms of what Ottawa has to do for another Cup run... Murray finally got the Sens to play a style that took them to the finals and should stay. I don't think any of the big names should be dealt. Hopefully this loss will hit Spezza, Heatley, Emery, etc. hard like it did some of the Ducks 3 years ago and they will come back hungrier next time. However, the Ducks weren't just lucky to get all those deflections, own goals(!), etc. They used their size & strength to keep more possession and constantly pressure the Sens, who always looked hurried. While big enough for the East, the Sens weren't big enough for the Ducks. They need to bring in a couple of young players with size and strength. As much as I like Mike Comrie, he didn't exactly light it up for the Sens and is an example of where they could replace a small player with a big one. I think tinkering is the answer, not major changes. Finally... it's hard to argue with Alfredsson when he leads the playoffs in scoring (including the Sens' biggest goals) but it's also hard to argue with the fact that a European has never captained a Stanley Cup team. Would Alfredsson feel less pressure and perform even better with an 'A' on his shirt?? Any thoughts?
Kevin, 2007-06-07 11:20:46

So you disagree canclassless? You don't think Fisher would make a better captain? You don't think that although Alfi played better, he still didn't pepare the TEAM for what it takes to win and compete. He did an okay job preparing himself, he atleast played 3 or 4 periods during the 5 games.

Alas, i don't expect you see that, after all you are a Sens fan, let the excuses start, blame the goalie again, or the coach, or th gm. don't look at the real problem.
Brad, 2007-06-07 11:19:22

get rid of heatley and spezza the two guttless chickens afraid to takeor give a hit.. both these guys could have had eggs in there equipment in the series and not broke one..send them packing and give me a couple more mike fishers..everytime either one of them had the puck they got rid of it just a fast because they didnt want to get hit.. both you clowns should join a mens no contact league...
parney, 2007-06-07 11:14:38

Yes the Sens need changes BIG TIME.. Like getting rid of D. Alfredsson as Capt.( NO HEART)and Place The "C" on Haley Wickenheiser, and getting new uniforms... Tutu's and figure skates...
David T., 2007-06-07 11:09:18

I think they should add a couple of players ( bigger mobile defence) Alfie led his team, as much as I like Spezza and Heatly the just didn't show up or should I say the Ducks defence did show up. Congrats to the Ducks and congrats to the Sens, and hey leaf fans maybe Antropov can lead you to the finals with that nice 2 million a season haha. Hey I hear Lindros might be available for a couple Million too!! And there asking if the Sens should rebuild????
George, 2007-06-07 11:07:59

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