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Do the Sens need to make major changes?
Wed, June 6, 2007

After watching Ottawa's run to the Stanley Cup final do you think the Eastern Conference Champs need to make major changes?

What caused the Sens collapse in the Cup final? Was it coaching, goaltending, defence, or just bad luck?

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I too find it amazing that the fans in Ottawa,only care about the Leafs, if they cared more about winning a Stanley Cup maybe they would have one, I should change my allegiance and go for the Leafs at least they have 13 Stanley Cups.The Sens should bring back Yashin anything would be better than a dirty captain like Alfie, if he spent more time trying to hit the net instead of other players with the puck things might have been diffrent......OH sorry I just woke up I must have been dreaming
Disappointed in Ottawa, 2007-06-07 13:52:05

Here it is in a nutshell, think of the finals as an international event where Anaheim is TEAM CANADA and Ottawa is a EUROPEAN team. Yes on paper the European team (Ottawa) has plenty of talented finesse players, but put them up against a BIG STRONG TALANTED bunch from CANADA and you will see the same results as you see in most international events. Canada does not win them all, but when they have the spark that Anaheim had no one is going to stop them.

Should Ottawa make adjustments? Well, yes if you can make skilled spineless players fearless, if they could assimilate Fisher's drive and ability to show up for EVERY shift of EVERY game then they could raise the cup soon enough! BUT if they are too scared to take a hit then they will have to watch it on TV like the rest of us.

tj, 2007-06-07 13:43:03

Lets recap. Ottawa finished in 4th, and only had "Home Ice Advantage" once. They beat Pittsburg with Crosby and Roberts 4 games to one. They beat the Devils with "unbeatable" Brodeur 4 games to one. Then they beat Buffalo (which has crushed the Sens dreams just as much as Toronto) 4 games to one. In only 15 games, they made it to the show. 12 wins, three losses.

They ended their "never won both Game 1 and 2" curse with Buffalo on the road. Their captain scored 14 goals, the most in the post season. The Spezza - Heatley - Alfredsen line was number 1 in the first three rounds (unfortunately absent in the all important 4th).

The Sens did an amazing job to get this far. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

The Ducks are an amazing team. Incredibly tough. Even when Fisher hits them, they continue to skate with the puck. Some of those guys were taking massive punishing hits, and then continue on. The Sens saw how the Ducks played. They saw what it takes to win it all. They watched the Ducks celebrate. They should watch the tape showing all the Ducks hoisting the cup. Let them all get hungery. Make them want it. Then put them back on the ice for next year.

How do you start tearing apart a team that got that close? Maybe two, three players tops.

As for the Sens haters (which may or may not be Leaf lovers), even if they had won it all, you would still be griping about Alfie. You would still say it doesn't count because we didn't beat the Leafs to get there. You would still say they are whiners and divers. Whatever. Have a great summer.

DaveM, 2007-06-07 13:30:03

Keep Alfredsson...he gave the series to Anaheim by giving them the incentive they needed with his stupid puck-shooting incident...thanks Alfie...Go Leafs GO
don, 2007-06-07 13:29:32

Big changes....Emery is good, but very clearly not a goalie who can steal a Cup for you. Alfredsson has demonstrated year after year he is simply not a true leader and can never lead a team to the Cup. Spezza is simply a waste of space on the ice in a big money game. And Redden was the wrong choice...they should have kept a team, simply unable to play with the big boys when the going gets tough
dave, 2007-06-07 13:22:53

Stanley Cups are all about Goaltending, and once again Ottawa's greatest weakness was exposed. It's evident that the Sens won their first three series with hard work, speed and determination. Goaltending had little to do with it. But in the finals, the Ducks outworked the Sens and exposed Emery. Giguere performed well enough to keep the momentum on Anaheims side. This was evident on all of Ottawa's 5 on 3 powerplays.

If it wasn't for Goaltending issues, Ottawa would have been the next dynasty with at 3 cups by now!!!!!!

JJ, 2007-06-07 13:09:58

Ottawa has learned a lot from this playoffs, their team is a lot younger than Anaheim's and not made up of a bunch of rent a players. I think Murray should move up to the G.M.'s position to continue building on this great team and Sheldon Souray would look great on the blue line.

Emery, Volchenkov, Spezza are still kids, and the basic core isn't much older, they'll benefit greatly from this experience and having been to the show should help them to attract interest from prospective free agents.

As for Leafs....I hear Yashin's looking for some loser team willing to take a chance on him........
jay brown, 2007-06-07 13:09:46

The reason they lost is the two lousy penalties handed out to the Sens at the very beginning of the game, and the first two goals which Emry just looked so amateurist on. If anyone thinks that the referees were not operating on their own agenda you got to be living in "Little BO Peep" land.
Patrick, 2007-06-07 12:58:03

To all you whining Leaf[loser]fans at least the Sens made it to the post season,not to mention the final.Leafs losing steady since 1967.
Geoff, 2007-06-07 12:53:06

who is bringing the Leafs into this? Why do you bring the Leafs into this, you're are right they weren't good enough, but we're not talking about the Leafs(Canada's preferred team) we are talking about the Sens(cbc loses 20% in viewership for the stanley cup finals). we are talking about what they should do, what they were missing.

And in typical fashion, you blame the goalie and the coach, but not the one who is supposed to be the leader.

So keep on topic, and stop using the leafs as an excuse, or leafs fans as an excuse, because we are simply not talking about them, they weren't in the playoffs remember.
Henry Heimlich, 2007-06-07 12:44:38

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