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Do the Sens need to make major changes?
Wed, June 6, 2007

After watching Ottawa's run to the Stanley Cup final do you think the Eastern Conference Champs need to make major changes?

What caused the Sens collapse in the Cup final? Was it coaching, goaltending, defence, or just bad luck?

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JamesEs---Little info for you about your sens. since 92-93 season to 97-98 season the sens were 116 wins 293 lossses and 53 ties. They made the playoffs each year from 96- 2007.four of these years they lost to the leafs, once to the lonely captials. I guess what i,m saying is sucess is based on what you do in the playoffs,not what happens in regular season. by the way can you tell me how many rings alfie is wearing, or anybody else on the sens team? how about all the hardwear that the sens have won over these years, please e-mail me the pics of your senators holding the cup. Yes i am a proud leafs fan,and i can live with the fact that everytime we meet you in the playoffs we will win,but it as to be pretty tuff for you guys knowing that no matter how good your team is, and how bad my team is, my team will always come out on top.
angus peddle, 2007-06-08 16:54:55

Surely some have a bookclub or some such cerebral meeting tonight, don't stay out too late.

But for the 'average' hockey fan it seems clear that the size and strength of Chara would have made a world of difference in the final. The Sens got knocked around like kids playing with men. You can make all the excuses in the world, but if this team does not change then the results will be the same next year, bring in some big, strong, skilled players like Anaheim did!
r-u-kidding, 2007-06-08 16:03:58

Before Leafs nation is told to stop wasting CANOE space with their nonsense comments, perhaps those who keep mentioning the Leafs instead of paying attention to the fact that the Sens made it to the Stanley Cup finals should be the ones to stop wasting CANOE space. This is a forum about the Sens, and talking about how the Leafs haven't won a Cup since '67 or made the playoffs, or have made some dumb moves is the waste of CANOE space, and just as hypocritical as the Sens whining about missed calls and goonery of the Ducks when they have Chris Neil. Just give more fodder to my view that the Sens need to change their fan base to a group who cares more about what they've accomplished than what the Leafs haven't. True fans have their own identity that's not based on the "we did better than they did" line.
chris, 2007-06-08 15:36:17

When is the team coming to Kitchener?
Mohammed Chan, 2007-06-08 14:53:36

Funny how the Leafs fans view the whole league through their myopic understanding of hockey. "The Sens don't have character", "the Sens fans are uncouth louts", "the Sens are too focussed on what Toronto management is doing with their team"... Try to make a comment that has nothing to do with a comparison to the Leafs and an imagined superior characteristic of their players. Guess what, Alfredsson has more playoff goals and points than your demigod Sundin, how's that for choking?

Anyhow, I'm a Habs fan and have no problem saying that the Sens were the best Canadian team this year. If their management had been capable of holding onto Chara and Hasek from last year, it should have been the Sens holding a parade right about now. Emery is getting better every year but he's just not Stanley Cup calibre yet. If they could shore up in net then I'd really consider it.
Rick W., 2007-06-08 14:36:22

The sens will not win the cup with Alfredson as captain, give the "c" to fisher and get some players that aren't weak and coast through the finals because they have "sore ribs"
mike mccormick, 2007-06-08 14:25:11

I think they need to get rid of Emery. Ottawa needs to have a solid goalie who doesn't give up the weak goals and huge rebounds. The only reason Ottawa made it past NJ was that the Devils didn't have anyone to capitalize on Emery's mistakes.

Dave, 2007-06-08 13:36:34

No I dont think so, maybe tinker with role players but I think the Sens are good enough to win it all. The 9 day layoff was more of a factor than anything. Lets not forget that the Sens wrapped up every series in 5 games so they had breaks between every series. I think it finally caught up to them and there conditioning wasnt what it was for the Sabres series.

The Sens had a great season after starting slowly, from Christmas on they had the best record till the end of the year I believe, never losing 2 games in a row.

There arent many teams that win the Stanley Cup the first time they make it there.
Jimmy, 2007-06-08 12:35:32

Reading through some of these posts (and ignoring the usual vitriolic Leaf-fan comments] one thing becomes clear: many fans are simply not in tune with the ramifications of the cap system.

No, I don't believe wholesale changes are in order to take them to the final level. But at the same time, I don't think sentimentality has any place in the game anymore either. If JFJ wants to take that route by tying up over $7 million of his cap space by inking Antropov and Sundin to new deals, well then, he'll have to live with the consequences.

But in Ottawa's case I hope there is some pragmatic approach to the coming season. After this year, Redden becomes a UFA - again - so if they can deal him for a good 2nd line offesnive forward and perhaps a draft pick, they should, thereby freeing up $6.5 million. Getting rid of Gerber would also make $3.5 available, and that $10 mil combined would enable them to re-sign Preissing and also bring in a couple of decent forwards who know where the net is located, as well as a true back-up goalie who's not costing them the price of a goal-scoring forward.

Whoever the coach is also has to be told that he will have to either play McGrattan full-time next year on the 4th line - or deal him. They can't be paying out $750,000 for a scratch. Personally, I'd keep and play him.

Schubert should start the season at D and let him find a comfort zone at one position. His natural one.

Players who could be included in a deal to bring in a decent 5th/6th D are Kelly and Eaves, as I think we'll see Foligno making the jump next year direct from Junior. Hennessy will also merit a close look at training camp.

Gone will be Comrie, Saprykin, and Nycholat.
George O'Leary, 2007-06-08 12:28:51

Hi, I am not a Senatorsneither those who play on ice or those who play on a Parliament Hill!!)

HOWEVER, the Sens have to get over their childlike ways. When Pronger got suspended, instead of keeping their "yaps" shut and begin concentrating on the fact that the Ducks defense was down a man, guys like "Neil" was using it to advocate for an acting career. They simply gave the Ducks more momentum when Pronger was suspended by their stupid comments and actions.

They got to grow up as men.

Then they'll probably get the cup next time.

Ducks reign!!!
hardychippett, 2007-06-08 12:01:07

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