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Was Pronger fairly punished?
Sat, June 2, 2007

This was not a playoff game Chris Pronger will want to remember.

The Anaheim Ducks stalwart defenceman kicked a puck into his own net and failed to block a centering pass that led to another goal. And then there was the play in which Pronger raised the ire of the Senators, when he hit Dean McAmmond in the head and knocked the Ottawa forward woozy.

Was Pronger fairly punished for his hit on Dean McAmmond?


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Are you kidding me!! Pronger admitted that he was punished because he was a repeat offender. Well in society if we are a repeat offender for an offence we don't get another slap on the wrist we serve serious time. Pronger is a 7 time offender (suspensions) and he only gets 1 game- that's a joke. This sends a horrible message to kids and athletes. Furthermore, the league saying that if Mccammond hadn't been hurt on the play, Pronger wouldn't have even been suspended is shameful. Stoudamire in basketball got 1 game suspension for leaving the bench and putting one foot on the floor. Yet nearly taking someone's head off receives the same punishment. Wake up NHL before someone dies.
Frank, 2007-06-04 13:31:10

Chris Pronger 6'6"

Dean McAmmond 5'11"

Pronger reached out for the hit because he was caught standing still. McAmmond had just released a shot and tried to avoid Pronger. The combination of the shot release and trying to avoid Pronger low, he got caught. I've seen far worse and more deliberate (Alfie's check from behind on Tallinder in semi's) been let go this year. It's called do whatever you can to help ottawa win. Chris Neil leaves his feet on 95% of his bodychecks, how often do you see him get called? The sens are a bunch of (Soprano character)ies and cannot win unless given preferential treatment.
Brad, 2007-06-04 13:21:50

What is the old saying screw me once shame on you do it twice shame on ME...

Well the message that I see is that Chris can potentially destroy 2 careers in the space of a month but he is allowed to play... Yeah that Karma bill on that one is going to be pretty damn big if you ask me.

He is playing dirty oldtime hockey and someone should re-educate him!!!

oh yeah I am a Sens fan so I am biased on this!
Tim, 2007-06-04 12:53:07

As one commenter noted, there are too many fans throwing in their biased spin on this subject. It's one thing to support your favored team, but to ramble off excuses for cheap shots is not worth the time reading. My favored team did not even make the playoff this year, but playoff hockey is worth watching regardless of which teams are playing. As for Pronger's elbow...he deserves the suspension. He's shown through the playoffs that when his team is down, his style turns from talent to poor sportmanship. This appears to be the general attitude of many of the Duck players. It's one thing to be aggressive and determined, but it does hockey a great disservice when teams turn to cheap, unsportsmanlike behaviour when they are loosing. For this year's playoffs, Anaheim is a clear leader in the cheap, unsportsmanlike play when they are being outplayed or heading toward a loss. Sure, there have been many missed penalty calls, hits from behind, or questionable plays, but they have occured fairly equally between the teams. Using them as excuses for Anaheim's or Pronger's cheap shots is unjustified.

Personally and for the good of hockey, I would prefer to see a team like Ottawa take the cup. Anaheim needs to demonstrate alot more discipline and sportsmanship. As for the Alfredson goal...excellent call by the off ice officials.
Tom, 2007-06-04 12:30:33

you can bet if it was mcgratten, peters,larocke and so on they would of got the book tossed at them..campbell is a wimp and afraid to send a i said in my earlier comments it will take someone to get killed before they smarten up..
parney, 2007-06-04 12:10:10

Pronger shouls have had at least 2 games. What are they waiting for? another Bertuzi incident? Of course Burke will stand by Pronger...He stood by the Bull bertuzi so we know where he stands on illegal hits....
Claire Aubrey, 2007-06-04 11:22:45

What a shame!!! A shame that people have to stoop to such low standards and say that this is the only way the Senators can win the cup, or that they are a "dive" team when they are hit!!! Come on guys, that is BS and you know it! I suppose the hit to Tomas Holmstrom was just another slight touch by Pronger, and off course Dean McHammond isn't hurt at all. Did you even watch the replay???? Chris Pronger is one of the dirtiest defencemen in the NHL, he is known for this type of stupidity on the ice. I am not a Senator fan, nor am I an Anaheim fan, Chris Pronger should be gone for the rest of the playoffs at the very least, does it take him breaking someone neck, or permanently injuring someone for the league to get their act together and get rid of the head shots???? Chris Pronger is a danger to the NHL...get him out of there.
Heather, 2007-06-04 11:10:32

The officiating in the NHL has become a JOKE!! Either call the penalties or change the rules.

If someone is injured by an illegal play, the person committing the penalty should be suspended for the same number of games that the injured player misses.
Brian McA, 2007-06-04 11:01:25

Pronger should be punished. One game in finals is sufficient. Blows to the head are uncalled for. If the NHL comes down on these cheap shots, Pronger and Chris Neil will be suspended again and again.

What was rationale not to punish Neil for Drury and/or McDonald hit to the head? Both were intentional to the head, just like Pronger - Drury was laid out on the ice like McAmmond. Where do you draw the line, or is it movable when it includes Ottawa players - Schaefer on Tim Connolly and Neil on Drury. NHL has to do it right or don't do it at all.
Leo, 2007-06-04 10:52:08

Never mind the suspension to Chris Pronger, but will the on-ice officials who missed this obvious infraction also receive some form of disciplinary action for their mistake? Probably not! It seems that the only penalties they know how to call nowadays are marginal hookings (phantom penalties).
Mike, 2007-06-04 10:49:22

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