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Should the Preds stay in Nashville?
Tue, August 14, 2007

A local group trying to keep the Predators in Nashville is on the verge of signing a letter of intent.

Owner Craig Leipold has been working with a group of local investors to finalize a bid for the team since flying to New York on July 18 for a meeting with NHL officials.

Leipold has been trying to sell his franchise because he said he has lost $70 million since being awarded the team in June 1997.

This might mean that the team is not moving anywhere for now. Is this good news for the NHL?

Preds staying, for now


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Jimmy you are as insulting as ignorant. Why don't you go back through these responses and see who started with the insults. I didn't start insulting until after three or four of your insulting responses.

Corporations own most of the front row season tickets and all of the corporate boxes. Individuals can't afford $30k a year for each seat. So what does savings have to do with corporate seats.

Are you kidding with the other cities. Detroit "motor City"

Colorado "coors Brewing"

Lo Angeles You must be kidding.

Ya I do notice the empty seats, did you read my previous response.

I have backed up my responses, you haven't.

No they don't buy 18000 seats, I said they buy the expensive ones.

Yes sweaters make up team revenue. Arguement for leafs. Hamilton fans buy leaf sweaters, they would buy less with a team in Hamilton.

Hamilton has been trying for a team forever. Basillie has tried twice and even by offering rediculous money, they won't even look at him. But your right. That team is just around the corner. LMAO
wayne, 2007-08-18 20:18:55

do you even know how many corporate seats there are at the acc ? or how much they generate compared to the other 15 or 16,000 seats ? so if the leafs didnt have them corporate seats they couldnt operate the team ? LOL since the salary cap came into play the leafs have been saving at least $ 10 - 15 million a year.

tell me you know it all, what big corporations help the big cities like detroit, philadelphia, ny, colarado, la ? I can tell you, none!

the only reason that some big corporations buy season tickets is to wine and dine clients, ever notice there are always some empty seats in that area. they are not the die hard hockey fans like that the rest of us are.
Jimmy, 2007-08-18 06:51:57

Yes I am right you cant back up anything you say. Wow you have a short memory, you were the first to start with the insults so dont go crying to mommy when you get back what you started in the first place.

Yea corporations buy 18,000 plus tickets to every home game eh smart boy ? LOL

I guess buying the teams sweaters, player pictures, etc etc doesnt make up revenue either huh ?

Its a matter of time but I will bet you to put your money if you have any where your mouth is that Mr.Basillie will get a team for Hamilton. There are several that are struggling and there arent enough markets in the states for all of them moron.

If you ever back up any of your statements I would be shocked, its just because you say something its fact eh brainiac? LOL

You are clueless and a joke as you ramble on and on yet cant prove a damn thing.

Tell us the site where you have read about the NHL By -Laws if you can remember it, this is a chance for you to put up finally or shut up once and for all!

This should be good if you reply to this challenge but I doubt you will as you havent accepted my challenges in the past either LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-08-17 15:00:37

everything yu say has to have an insult. Well in keeping Moron. Cororations bring in probably half the revenue by buying the high priced season tickets that you see empty down below or the corporate boxes that cost a fortune. They don't just advertise atthe game. they pay for he right to associate their product with your name Einstain. Ypu don't prove anything. You have no clue what stock is. He is in the high tech industry. Apple can develop somrthing and his stock can plummit $185m in a day.

But your a genius, I'm wrong and Hamilton is getting an NHL franchise. Enjoy your games. Hey why don't you sit up front and watch the Zamboni.
wayne, 2007-08-17 05:58:28

How much money do you think ads bring in for a team ? Im sure you think something crazy like what $ 50 - $ 100 million eh einstein ?

Having an arean named after a business makes them around $ 1 million a year, wow thats huge money LOL.

The ads on the boards at the Air Canada Centre go for around $ 100 - $ 150,000 a year LOL. So as you can see that doesnt bring in alot of money so Basillie doesnt need any ads to run his team.

He has more money than even his great great grand children can spend.

Arent you getting tired of me proving you wrong on a daily basis wayne ? LMAO

You are a glutten for punishment as you keep coming back every day for more and more LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 19:18:53

The talk about moving Nashville was because the team was drawing under 13,000 fans a game. That is why there was the talk of relocating it. There is a clause in the lease agreement saying if the team drew under 13,000 fans 2 years in a row they could break the lease. But you know that right because you THINk you know more than you actually do LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 19:07:49

Its 2 billion now Mr.Basillie is worth you clown. he didnt make up the $ 185 million he made in 1 day you tool that is fraud but with your 1 brain cell I know you dont understand the stock market.

Your comments are getting more hilarious the more I aggrivate you by correcting evrything you say!
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 18:47:02

wayne you have to be an nhl owner to have any access to the nhl by-laws, it is NOT made public.

Yes you do make things up and its hilarious the things you create.
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 18:22:11

No he doesnt need any corporate support. Get freaking clue you dumbass!!
Jimmy, 2007-08-16 18:18:32

Just because you are a billionaire doesn't mean you don't need revenue, especially corporate. What do you think the current Nashville owner is, A Trucker?

Toronto cares what Toronto thinks and so does the NHL and the owners. They are all quite happy without a team in Hamilton and lemmings like you just spout off on the internet and still keep the money flowing to them. You just want a team and don't listen to why you won't get one. So LYOA with all your freinds (like you sit together and type, did you notice we are the only two on this one) and drive to buffalo for NHL games.

By the way making $385 million in one day is on paper. He has to sell those shares to actually get the cash. If he sold $385m shares the stock would plummit and he wouldn't get near that. He alo needs permission from the board to sell large sums. When your a billionaire it doesn't mean you have a billion dollars to spend. It means you have asset of that much. But you wouldn't understand that being in the 5th grade and all.
wayne, 2007-08-16 11:25:02

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