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Should the Preds stay in Nashville?
Tue, August 14, 2007

A local group trying to keep the Predators in Nashville is on the verge of signing a letter of intent.

Owner Craig Leipold has been working with a group of local investors to finalize a bid for the team since flying to New York on July 18 for a meeting with NHL officials.

Leipold has been trying to sell his franchise because he said he has lost $70 million since being awarded the team in June 1997.

This might mean that the team is not moving anywhere for now. Is this good news for the NHL?

Preds staying, for now


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what the heck are you talking revenue sharing now. What does that have to do with billionaires and players salaries. Can you even keep an arguement straight. Do you know what you are argueing now.

More US teams give to the revenue sharing based on attendance than Canadian teams, is that where you are going.

30 teams

6 Canadian

in the top 10 of attendance 3 are canadian.

Thats pretty convincing that there are more us hockey fans. They pay most of the money. But sure prove (like you never do, just say your opinion is fact) to me Canada supports the league. Prove that billionaires pay salaries out of their own pockets. Prove you have a clue.

Actually state a real fact. PLEASE.
wayne, 2007-08-21 11:38:27

yes wayne I am more clued in than you but thats nothing new LOL.

The revenue sharing plan is from ticket sales and ticket sales alone. It doesn matter if the americans have more fans overall ( they should since they are 10 times the size of Canada LOL ). Its the average attendance per team that matters. Not selling ads, merchandice etc. Get real for once and say something that is factual for a change instead of something you make up and think its true because you say so LMFAO.
Jimmy, 2007-08-21 09:36:09

Gordon, its easy to sell to people who want your product. People get big bucks coming up with ways to get other people to buy their product. Growth doesn't come from people who already like and watch hockey. Why do you like hockey? Do you think some one else can't for the same reason. You were exposed to it. If they expose other people to it and sell it in an exciting way, you might get some new fans, new money

and make more. Thats marketing.
wayne, 2007-08-21 08:53:39

There are two costs to a business (NHL team).

Buying the team, and operating the team.

Buying comes from your pocket and costs a lot.

Operating comes from revenue and you hope it costs you nothing and actually makes money to pay you back your purchase price.

Do you think billionaires make all that money to pay for you to watch hockey?
wayne, 2007-08-21 08:26:27

To Wayne

Jimmy is right about the Pittsburgh Penguins and Basillie. Basillie withdrew his application when he heard through the grapevine that one of the 2 lottery deals would go through and the Penguins would get a new arena so Basillie wouldnt be able to relocate the team.

Wayne you did make me laugh out loud with your comment that the owner didnt provide the revenue for the team. Of course the owner does that is why it takes a while for the board to makes its decision on accepting someones offer. They look into his finances to make sure he can operate in this case an NHL team without going broke in a year or two and will be there for the long run.

As far the Buffalo veto vote, I to saw Jim Kelly on primetime sports and he did say that Buffalo is outside the 50 mile radius. If anyone would know that it would be him as he is a Buffalo area resident. He did say on the record he used his car to measure the distance himself on his way to Toronto to do the sports show.

That comment you made Wayne about using the piece of string and a pin also made me laugh out loud. Believe it or not, that is not how you measure distance from point A to point B. These type of comments by you are nothing more than outrageous and couldnt be further from the truth. They make you look childish.

I have been watching you and Jimmy go back and forth for a while now but couldnt help but comment on these last few postings any longer. As much as Jimmy is insulting to you, he is accurate about the things he says alot more than you are.
Tim, 2007-08-21 07:22:50

Wayne :

Jimmy is right about Basillie withdrawing his application to purchase the Penguins. Do you remember Mario getting mad at Basillie, he called a press conference saying if things didnt work out with the lottery sales tax plan he would move the team and wouldnt give Basillie a second chance to buy the team.

Jimmy is also right about the attendance, that is where the revenue sharing gets the money to divide amongst the teams that werent selling out but had to have at least 14,000 average for every home game to be eligible for the program.

Jimmy, you shouldnt be so mean to Wayne, he is probably just a kid saying things opposite of what you say just to bother you and its working. I know alot of what he says is the farthest thing from the truth but that doesnt give you the right to bash him wether he deserves it or not.

Allan, 2007-08-21 07:01:05

wayne, Mr. Basillie withdrew his application for buying the Penguins!!!!!

It became clear to him that a lottery sales tax program was going to fund the building of a new arena therefore he wouldn't be able to move it to Hamilton!!

Get a freaking clue before you type something.
Jimmy, 2007-08-21 06:49:47

wayne aka brainiac

I know more about the NHL than you can ever hope to. Every Canadian team sells out every game. Its not even close to every American team selling out, thats where the revenue comes from the ticket sales!!!

You are useless and hopeless about business and sports so go play with your maps and crayons lil boy LMFAO.
Jimmy, 2007-08-21 06:45:09

Jimmy, do you have anu clue about business.

Revenue from a team comes from sales. ut of that is paid all expenses. If revenue is greater than espenses, that is profit. They buy it to make profit. The last thing they want to do is pay expenses out of their own pocket. And you insult my intelligence. LMAO

Jimmy go on the NHL website for hockey league attendance and get the facts before you spout off.
wayne, 2007-08-21 05:04:29

The Nashville team will probably be moved to Kansas City or some outpost in the US. It will do well at first, but after 3 or 4 years, attendance will shrink and it will be in the same shape as Phoenix or Nashville was.

Problem is Bettman thinking that the whole US is a potential hockey market - it's not. There are a few areas for interest in hockey in the States - nothing more.
Gordon S., 2007-08-20 18:47:02

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